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"Butterfly" is a track by American lab rock tape Crazy Town. It gained mainstream popularity after gift released in November 2000 as the third solitary from your debut album The Gift of Game. The song got to number one in 15 countries, including the band"s aboriginal United States. The track is based upon a sample of "Pretty little Ditty" native the Red hot Chili Peppers" 1989 album Mother"s Milk.

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Come mine lady, come come mine lady. You"re my butterfly, street baby. Come mine lady, you"re mine pretty baby. I"ll make your legs shake, you do me go crazy. Such a sexy,sexy pretty small thingFierce nipple pierce you acquired me sprung through your tongue ring and also I ain"t gonna lie cause your loving gets me highSo to store you by my side there"s naught that i won"t tryButterflies in her eyes and also looks come killTime is passing I"m asking might this be realCause ns can"t sleep ns can"t host stillThe just thing i really know is she acquired sex appealI deserve to feel too much is never enoughYou"re constantly there to lift me upWhen these times get rough i was lost Now I"m discovered Ever because you"ve to be aroundYou"re the females that I desire So yo, I"m putting it down. I don"t deserve you unless it"s some kind of covert message to show me life is preciousThen i guess it"s trueTo tell truth, i really never ever knew Till ns met you i was lost and also confusedTwisted and also used upKnew a much better life existed yet thought that i missed itMy way of life is wild i was living choose a wild childTrapped top top a short leash paroled the police filesAnd yo. What" s continue now? I check out the sun breaking shining v dark clouds and a vision of friend standing the end in a crowd. Hey sugar momma, come and dance through meThe smartest thing you ever before did was take a chance with meSo, what ever before tickles your fancyGirl it"s you choose Sid and also NancySo sexy, almost evilTalkin" about butterflies in my headI offered to think happy endings were only in the books I read but you make me feel alive once I was almost deadYou filled the empty an are with the love I provided to chase and as far as I deserve to see the don"t get much better than thisSo butterfly, below is a song and also it"s sealed with a kiss and also a give thanks to you miss.

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Crazy city Crazy city (also recognized as CxT) is a rap steel band developed in Los Angeles in 1995 by Bret Mazur and also Seth Binzer. The tape is finest known for your 2001 single, "Butterfly", which reached number one ~ above the united state Billboard hot 100 chart. As a group, they have actually released two studio albums, The Gift that Game and Darkhorse. Much more »

Written by: Anthony Kiedis, Brett Mazur, Chad Smith, Michael "Flea" Balzary, john Frusciante, Seth Binzer