In increase Of The dig Raider, you"ve obtained plenty that clothing choices for Lara Croft. Yet you have to unlock lock first.

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Rise that The dig Raider Screenshot of Lara Croft Outfits Featured Image
transparent the years, Lara Croft has actually donned plenty of outfits throughout her adventures. From brief shorts come scuba equipment to winter coats, the protagonist has actually tried a range of styles. And in Rise the the dig Raider, it's approximately you what she wears.

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Simply walk to the weapons section at a basic camp and also head come the apparel tab to move Lara's outfit. However, when you very first reach that page, you can not have a many options. After all, the video game doesn't simply hand you every set of clothing straight away. You have to earn lock first, and here's just how to do it.

Story Outfits

These room the 6 outfits that you instantly acquire by proceeding through the game's story.

Rise of the tomb Raider Screenshot Of leather Jacket Outfit
Lara dons this collection of casual garments in a flashback. And when the an initial opportunity to change outfits arrives, it'll it is in an option.

Desert Tank Top

Rise the the dig Raider Screenshot the Lara In Desert Tank peak Outfit
During the protagonist's time in Syria, she attempts come beat the heat in this tank top. It becomes obtainable early in the game.

Expedition Jacket

Rise the the dig Raider Screenshot the Lara In exploration Jacket Outfit
This huge jacket is the an initial outfit Lara wears in the whole story. She provides it in Siberia, which is additionally when friend unlock it.

Gray Henley

Rise of the dig Raider Screenshot that Lara In Gray Henley Outfit
On the surface, the Gray Henley doesn't look prefer the warmest gear, however it's in reality a heat shirt. The outfit unlocks during the Soviet surroundings section, as this is the shirt Lara is wearing when captured.

Remnant Jacket

After meeting Jacob and also escaping indigenous Trinity's clutches in the Soviet Installation, your new friend provides you this jacket. In ~ least, it seems to it is in a gift indigenous Jacob together Lara is suddenly wearing the in the morning.

Unlockable Outfits

There are numerous outfits in the video game that you must unlock. And also each one to reduce the delay before your health regenerates. Here are those sets of clothing:

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The Huntress outfit is a reward because that completing the A Hearty enjoy the meal side mission. However, to unlock that mission, you need to do the monitoring Disruption one first. The two pursuits are given by the very same person, who's situated in the Geothermal valley area. For monitoring Disruption, you need to lug down adjacent drones, and also for A love Meal, you must gather mushrooms and Boar meet.

Sacra Umbra

To unlock the Sacra Umbra attire, you must do the Ancient tricks optional mission in the Geothermal Valley. The pursuit isn't a quick one together it needs you to finish all that the challenge tombs in the game.

You don't need to complete any missions come unlock this outfit. Instead, you need to purchase the attire from the supply Shack in the Soviet environment region. This transaction will price you 50 oriental coins.


The Infiltrator outfit serves as a reward for completing the optional mission known as The unlucky Ones. In it, you have to rescue remnant prisoners. First, you'll need to do the Communications malfunction quest.

Battle Worn

There's a man in the Geothermal sink that offers you the defensive Strategy quest. As soon as you complete the side mission, you unlock the fight Worn outfit.

community Rewards

At one point, climb of the dig Raider had two community difficulties running. Castle have because been completed and everyone now has access to these two outfits.

Blue Henley

Originally, the neighborhood has to collectively raid 2 million tombs. Now, friend receive the Blue Henley automatically.

For this jacket, the community needed to collectively find 100 million collectibles. You can now find the outfit at her base camp.

DLC Outfits

Many the the costumes in the video game are can be downloaded content. In most cases, you simply need to DLC load to acquire them, yet sometimes you have to do extr things. Every one of them and the bonuses they give you space here:

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As you'd suppose from the name, this outfit is a part of the Sparrowhawk pack. If wearing it, non-predatory pets don't scare together easily, which makes them much easier to hunt.


To gain the Nightshade outfit, you need to have the Wilderness Survivor pack. Once equipped, you acquire the opportunity to loot exotic pet resources from regular animals.

With the Apex Predator DLC, you acquire this cool-looking attire. And also it reduce the damages you take it from predatory animals.

Hope's Bastion

The Hope's Bastion pack gives you with this set of clothing. Any archers may want come equip this one together it enables you to sometimes fire arrows without reducing her ammo.

Ancient Vanguard

This outfit indigenous the Ancient Vanguard DLC looks really protective. And it does boost your defense by to reduce the delay before her health begins to regenerate.


Shadowrunner is a collection of clothes that's obtainable as a component of the Tactical Survivor DLC. Through it, you occasionally won't alleviate your ammo count while shooting your guns.

Spirit Weaver

The Remnant Resistance pack consists of several things, such together the heart Weaver attire. When you wear it, there's a opportunity you deserve to heal there is no using any resources.

If you've acquired the Endurance mode DLC, you have the right to equip the Pioneer outfit. It renders you deal an ext melee damage.

Immortal Guardian

The sturdy Immortal Guardian costume is part of the Prophet's legacy DLC. But you require two bear hide, ten chromite ore, and also 35 rescue to handmade the piece. As soon as you do, you deserve to put that on and receive reduced damages from Greek fire.

Siberian Ranger

With the Siberian Ranger development downloaded, you deserve to craft this getup using 5 boar fat, 15 technological parts, and also 35 cloths. While wearing the outfit, you obtain an increased carrying volume for your one-of-a-kind ammunition.


Baba Yaga is one of the most compelling story DLCs in climb Of The dig Raider. And also once you beat it, you unlock the Wraithskin costume, which boosts the duration of her poison arrowhead cloud.

To get this one, you should rescue 15 prisoners in the Cold Darkness Awakened DLC. Through the attire equipped, you take it less damages from melee attacks.

Valiant Explorer

Originally, the Valiant explorer attire was a giveaway. However, now you can buy the separately. If girlfriend wear it, your explosive arrows have a bigger impact radius.

Reimagined Antarctica

This outfit is a tribute to an attire Lara wore in dig Raider 3. It's instantly at her base camp if you've obtained the 20 Year celebration event Pack.

Classic Outfits

The 20 Year celebration Pack includes a arsenal of standard outfits from previous tomb Raider titles. They're automatically at your base camp after you've to win the main story.

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