The "Reach the Canyon Rim" and also "Reach study Site Gamma" objectives have the right to be completed in any type of order, although we suggest complying with this guide to make your life easier.

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Reach the Canyon Rim

Next to the Crossroads manage Point, shoot with the crystals impede a tunnel and then release the loot container top top the various other side before continuing forward to obtain the Hotline - becoming Director message from Marshall. You have the right to now proceed through the tunnel till you reach a dead finish with a loot container, which you"ll need to levitate to reach, together the facility of the floor will certainly collapse.


On the following platform, you"ll encounter a variety of Astral Copies and a solitary Hiss Warped. Avoid beating the Hiss Warped, as this will an outcome in the countless Astral Copies transforming their attention toward Jesse, and also instead dwindle the number of enemies prior to finishing off their party.

Once the area is cleared, ruin the crystals come drop both pieces of the Astral aircraft blocking the holes because that the gold blocks and then start them right into place come raise the eastern tower. You have the right to now make your means around the tower, damaging the crystals come proceed additional upward, till you with the Astral platform PE control Point.

Upon getting to the following section of the tower, you"ll conference an Astral Mimic for the very first time. Similar to the Astral Copies, these adversaries behave identically to the Hiss Elevated, so quickly defeat it and then check the area for a loot container and also the post - Green.

Continue up the tower come reach one more area v Astral copies facing off versus two Hiss Elevated and assist either side and also then turn your attention to the two Astral Mimics that spawn in the center of the fight.

Once the area is cleared, collection the booty container on the ground and also listen come the Multimedia - log 6: Departure recording near the Astral Tower PE Control point and then Levitate to the highest part of the area to find a concealed location v the Multimedia - rejected Episode.


After cleansing the regulate Point, the western section of the Astral Collision will raise in the distance, which you deserve to Levitate under to rather of having actually to backtrack.

West Section:

On the western side of the Astral Collision, address the Hiss Sharpened and Astral Copies and then clear the crystals in bespeak to location both golden blocks right into position. Levitate to the next platform and also shoot the crystals on the soil to quickly drop the Astral Copies, since they have actually a ton that health, and then start the gold block right into the column to continue.

After removed the Hiss Elevated and also Astral copies on the next platform, start both blocks into the top of the pillars and then clean the crystals impede their route to the bottom. You deserve to now Levitate up the tower until you find an additional block and clear the crystals from the nearby wall in order come Launch the block right into position.

Continue make your means up the tower, cleansing the Astral platform PW Control allude along the way, till you reach the optimal of the west tower and encounter an ext enemies.

Focus on attack the Hiss Warped and/or take the Astral Mimics and also then rotate your attention to the His Sharpened and Hiss Elevated that appear. As soon as the area is clear, open up the booty container on one of the upper platforms and then inspect the floor level to discover the research study & records - America Overnight Fatality document.


Once you"ve cleared both political parties of the Astral Collision, a brand-new section will appear between the 2 towers.

Carefully Levitate down to the brand-new area and focus on handling the Hiss Sharpened, utilizing Seize to produce some extr allies, and then revolve your attention to the Hiss Warped. As soon as defeated, deal with another wave of Hiss Sharpened and also a Hiss Elevated to clean the area.

In the center of the area, there is a section of crystals top top the ground the hides a ledge with a golden block. Take this block to the area behind the etching, where there"s another collection of crystals producing a bridge across a gap, and then damage the crystals to reveal the place for the block. You can now Levitate come the new platform and collect the Maneki-Neko the appears.

Interact through the etching to carry Jessie come another component of the Astral airplane and then shoot all the crystals roughly the main orb to cost-free the an initial "lock".

Reach study Site Gamma

Fast travel to the cave System Control suggest and complimentary the booty container near the locked door and then backtrack south toward the structure entrance to reach the research study Site Gamma.

Complete the ritual in the Deep Cavern

Blast v the adjacent crystals and also proceed forward to gain the Hotline - finish of the World message from Marshall and also then monitor the i to an area through an Astral Spike.

Immediately Levitate approximately the left and enter the passage close to the "Research website Delta" authorize to collect the booty container, Correspondence - Adventure Accepted document, and Multimedia - log 4: ID recording and then proceed through the tunnel to open the shortcut to the cave System control Point.

Backtrack to the Astral Spike and cross to the various other side of the cavern to create the figure of some Hiss Sharpened and also a Hiss Sniper and also quickly focus on the Hiss Sharpened, as the Sniper is normally on the ground level and also is targetted by the Astral Spike. As soon as you"ve eliminated the very first group, one more wave through a Hiss Elevated will spawn, so resolve them as well.

Destroy the crystals and exit right into the area above the excavation site and then Levitate throughout to the various other side to discover a loot container, and also the cave Bridge regulate Point.

The Deep Cavern entrance is situated on the 2nd "bridge", the an initial one that runs the whole length that the area, however instead the heading there, Levitate come the critical bridge and enter the left-hand next to uncover a hidden location with a loot container.

On opposing side, blast through the crystals close to the "Crossroads" sign and open the loot container top top the various other side and also then monitor the i to one more loot container. If you Levitate under this tunnel, you"ll find yourself in the cave system, near the toxicity geysers. From here, cave a appropriate toward the Astal Bleed and also then watch for some crystals ~ above the right-hand next of the tunnel, prevent a route to two loot containers.

Make your way back to any kind of Control allude and quick Travel come the cavern Bridge and also then take note of the black block near the cavern entrance. Over there are four of this on the upper level that you must collect and Launch under to the excavation website below:

The one right next to the manage PointThe one ~ above the opposite side of the area, indigenous the control PointThe one on the second bridge, the opposite the Deep Cavern entranceThe one in the surprise location, the opposite the Crossroads entrance

Once you"ve launched all 4 down to the excavation site, drop down and blast the crystals turn off the prey container nearby and then head southern through the passage, towards the cave System regulate Point, to find the last black block top top the left. You have the right to now return to the excavation site and also place a black block in every of the squares comprise paw prints to find a Maneki-Neko.

It"s now time to head to the Deep Cavern!

Fast Travel earlier up come the cavern Bridge and blast through the crystals prevent the entrance to the Deep Cavern and then communicate with the old radio comms to contact a Ranger to aid you.

In the following room, you"ll conference a variety of Hiss Sharpened, a Hiss Warped, 2 Hiss Snipers, and a Hiss Cluster. In addition, a couple of Astral Mimic will certainly appear and also complicate matters, so make sure to effectively use the Shield capability as girlfriend move roughly the room and also target the different enemies.

Once the area is clear, blast v the crystals and also carefully prevent the toxic geysers as you do your means forward and also then head left at the split to uncover a dead-end with two prey containers. Proceed through the tunnel come find one more etching and also interact v it to be transported to the Astral airplane and then damage the crystals surrounding it to relax the "lock".

Former will currently transport Jessie earlier to the Astral Plane, where you can ultimately grab the 2nd ability that you didn"t choose earlier - Shape; if you"ve been following this guide.

Make your way through the tutorial ar of the Astral Plane, using shape to create platforms because that Jessie to Levitate to and from, and also then use shape to death the invulnerable enemies and also proceed come the exit. You deserve to now head come the finish of the communication to speak through Former prior to interacting with the suggest to return to the area listed below the Crossroads.

Once again, the "Reach the Warehouse Path" and "Reach the basic Camp" objectives deserve to be perfect in any order, although we suggest adhering to this guide to make your life easier.

From the Crossroads, head to the northwest edge of the area to situate some crystals that can be manipulated and then Levitate increase to with a tunnel.

Follow the tunnel till you reach the Warehouse Path and then head to the right to uncover some crystals that deserve to be ruined to collect a booty container behind them. You deserve to now return to the cavern and also approach the power main point in the fenced area and also then break with the wooden planks to unlock the surrounding gate.

Complete the routine in the Warehouse

Once you"ve reached the Warehouse, cleanse the Warhouse Control point near the entrance and also then inspect the mobile laboratories for the research & documents - background of the earliest House document and a booty container in the very first building, and also the Research & documents - Pyramidic Geometry document, a prey container, and a Bureau ID in the 3rd building.

Make your way to the top level and enter one more mobile laboratory to discover a second Bureau ID and then head behind the elevator column to find the 3rd Bureau ID on a platform.

After speaking v Emily, head to the formerly locked door in ~ the base of the elevator obelisk to uncover a fourth Bureau ID and also then look within the wheelbarrow near the table with a bunch of maintenance devices to read the Correspondence - Ash: inquiry Denied document.

On the top level the the opposite side of the Warehouse, over the mobile labs, blast through the crystals to find a prey container and also then exit and also hang a left to reach part scaffolding. Native here, use shape to manipulate the crystals top top the wall of the cavern and also trigger the figure of some Hiss Elevated.

Once the area is clear, Levitate across the crystals follow me the wall surface three times and then rotate toward the elevator tower to clues an opening. You deserve to now Levitate right into the obelisk to collection the Case papers - Meteor Hill Summary record and the final Bureau ID and then press the elevator speak to button.

Now the you"ve cleared the end the outside section of the Warehouse, head within the elevator column to listen to the Multimedia - log in 3: Work recording and also then collection the booty container before pressing the elevator call button. Unfortunately, without more power, the elevator will be unable to continue to the top floors.

Enter the elevator and insert the power core into the back wall surface and climate head upstairs to the "Power core Storage" level. While there space a number of cores on this floor, you"ll require to find one the the it is provided ones in the mass of depleted cores in stimulate to strength the elevator. You deserve to now collection the Research & records - strength Cores in the elevator before heading as much as the "Tunnel Access" level.

Exit the elevator and also melee the wall near the barred-off area v the forklift to damage it and collect the booty container ~ above the various other side and also then hear to the Multimedia - log in 5: Pyramids record beneath the ramp. You have the right to now head come the opening near the scaffolding and also Levitate across to the tunnel exterior to continue.

Follow the tunnel, damaging some crystals top top the left to find a prey container, and also then clean the Warehouse Tunnel Control point before clearing some more crystals adjacent to collect the prey container behind them. You can now continue through the tunnel until you reach an open cavern come encounter some Hiss Sharpened and also a Hiss Sniper.

Proceed with the next tunnel, searching for some much more crystals top top the ideal to find a loot container behind them, till you with the key chamber and also then Levitate across to the opened in the elevator shaft to find the Case papers - Meteor Hill Supplement record and a booty container.

Levitate earlier to the tunnel entrance and also check the wall surface on the left - facing the tunnel - to find some crystals you can manipulate come continue and then monitor the tunnel and cleanse the Warehouse Rise control Point.

In the next cavern, focus on the seizing the Hiss Ranger as the other Hiss hit the Astral Copies and also don"t be afraid to manipulate the crystals on the floor. When the area is clear, Levitate across to the elevator pillar to find the Research & records - structure Etchings paper and two loot containers and then return to the tunnel.

Instead of proceeding forward, revolve around and look down the elevator shaft to spot an opening much lower and also then closely Levitate down to the to go into the concealed location v the Correspondence - Northmoor: clinical Results document.

Make your method back as much as the Warehouse increase control point and then proceed through the tunnel once again to with the key cavern. Manipulate the crystals top top the wall surface to the right to with a higher ledge and also then Levitate come the elevator tower once again.

There space three Hiss Nodes the area preventing you from accessing the power core needed for the elevator; the one ~ above the wall outside the obelisk that can be shot from the opening you Levitated through, and also the 2 inside the elevator shaft. You can now press the elevator call button and Launch the core right into the socket ~ above the back wall, but prior to leaving, melee the wall on the ideal side the the elevator, where the Hiss Node was located, to find a prey container.

Between levels 5 and 6 there are 4 Hiss Nodes situated on the walls of the elevator that you have the right to melee as you ride upward. Law this will certainly take some exercise to figure out your location and timing, but if you regulate to ruin all four before reaching the top Warehouse, you"ll attain a Maneki-Neko. Tip: A simple means to damage the Hiss Nodes is to prevent the elevator utilizing the manage panel automatically as the red glow appears.

Once you"ve got to the top Warehouse, open up the booty container adjacent and then destroy the back wall surface to uncover a covert location with the upper Warehouse manage Point. You can now communicate with the etching to create a fight v some Hiss Sharpened and a Hiss Distorted and also then connect with the etching as soon as again to complete the ritual.

Reach the base Camp

Return come the Crossroads and also make your method toward the chasm edge v the "Base Camp" sign and also then manipulate the crystals along the wall to reach the tunnel top forward.

Continue till you encounter part Astral Mimics fighting a Hiss Ranger and clear out the area and then manipulate the crystals in the tunnel halfway down the path to reach a loot container. You deserve to now follow the route until you reach another large cavern, where you"ll need to attend to some Hiss Elevated and a Hiss Trooper.

Once you"ve clearing the area, head down the path from the enntrance gate to find some crystals that have the right to be damaged to collect a loot container ~ above the other side and then Levitate come the height of the astral aircraft structure, whereby the Trooper to be located, come find another loot container encased in crystals.

Exit v the tunnel top top the other side of the cavern and quickly manipulate the crystals top top the floor to kill the Hiss Sharpened that busts with the glass and then grab the power main point inside and use it to open up the defense gate come the broke down Department.

Complete the routine in the collapsed Department

In the Firebreak, clean the 3 Hiss Nodes to clear the barrier blocking the crystals follow me the wall and climate Levitate across the gap and manipulate the crystals come Levitate as much as the following level. You have the right to now departure the Firebreak and also cleanse the fell down Department regulate Point.

The security gate to the Data Entry and also Filing area is closed, therefore break with the glass the the control room above and grab the correspondence - change Account Pt. 1 on the submit cabinet and also then head downstairs.

On the various other side of the security checkpoint, collection the Case documents - Kyiv Summary document, booty container, and also press the button to open the protection gate and then usage the old radio in the hallway to speak to for a Ranger prior to entering the Data Entry and also Filing room.

There room a number of Hiss in this multi-level area, so emphasis on eliminating the adversaries on the top levels while the Ranger handles the persons below, and also don"t be fear to grab a few for some additional allies. After taking care of the early stage enemies, 3 Hiss Elevated will certainly appear, complied with by an ext Hiss Rangers and Snipers.

Once the area is cleared, return to ground level and face the entrance and also then enter the left corner office and also attack the back wall to find a concealed location through a booty container. Before leaving the hidden location, melee the wall to the right to find an additional room v a Maneki-Neko and also then go back to the entrance.

From the entrance, encountering away from the doors, head come the right corner office on the third floor to discover the Multimedia - America Overnight Ep. 367 recording and also then Levitate throughout the area to discover an office ~ above the 4th floor with another destructible wall that leads to a concealed location v a prey container.

You deserve to now leave the Data Entry and Filing room via the uppermost room and also then get in the men"s toilet to find a ar of the Astral Plane.

Astral Plumbing: discover the Astral aircraft restroom.
/ 15 G

If you previously, released one of the gold blocks into the left restroom stall close to the Maneki-Neko Procedures, that block will appear here.

After taking care of the Astral Mimic, collect the Correspondence - computer system Program record floating in the center of the room and the loot container adjacent and then grab the golden block and also Launch it right into the gold-marked next of the communication in the center to generate a Maneki-Neko close to the entrance.

Continue across the Firebreak and also then check the men"s restroom and storage room ~ above the various other side for some loot containers prior to continuing with the defense checkpoint.

After cleansing the Transit accessibility Control point on the other side, unlock the surrounding door to with the other half of the defense checkpoint, wherein you"ll find a loot container and the Case documents - Kyiv Supplement document on the converyor belt, and also then head into the nearby room to find the Multimedia - America Overnight Ep. 382 record on the floor.

Return come the control point and examine the sanctuary for a prey container and also then head increase the stairs toward the evaluation Hall to find the Correspondence - transition Account Pt. 2 ~ above the manage panel come the right.

You can now push the button on the control panel come raise the heavy security door and then cave a ideal toward Transit Control. Instead of acquisition the lift up to Transit Control, press the button and quickly ago off that to disclose a concealed location listed below with a booty container and also then contact the lift earlier down and also ride it approximately reach Transit Control.

Since the crane doesn"t have any type of power, head across the walkway come the Transit Engine room and also then shoot the panels wherein it says "Power Cores" to gain access to the cores. You can now shoot off the panels in ~ the optimal of the three columns ~ above the generator and Launch a power core right into each to regain power to the control room.

Head earlier to the control room and press the switch to lower the altered Item and then backtrack come the hefty security doors and press the switch to open the 2nd door.

Inside the Transit Access, quickly resolve the Hiss charged that charge you and also then ago up a little to protect against being hit on all sides by the Hiss Sharpened the appear. Once you"ve dealt with the much more mobile enemies, re-enter the Transit accessibility room and finish turn off the Hiss Trooper that remains.

In order come continue, Levitate up to the top of the walkways between the Transit Control and Transit Engine rooms and then blast with the glass ~ above the back wall. You deserve to now head with the door on the left to destroy some crystals encasing a booty container near the door leading to the Transit Engine.

The stairs marked "Transit Access" bring about an elevator and the Side search - Jesse Faden certification in "Swift Platform", which deserve to be completed at this time.

Continue with the double doors towards Sector Lobby C and also press the elevator call switch to defeat a Mold adversary guarding a hidden location v a booty container and also the Correspondence - brand-new Language paper and then go into the uni-sex restroom come open another loot container, as well as find the Multimedia - Brian"s Movie Cen Ep. 3 recording in one of the stalls.

Exit the lobby and check the room on the left the the defense checkpoint to find a loot container and also the Case records - Movie Camera Supplement and also then head increase the stairs and also grab the Correspondence - change Account Pt. 3 indigenous the manage panel before entering the Firebreak.

You deserve to now head with the Firebreak to achieve the Hotline - out of Options blog post from Marshall and then communicate with the etching on the various other side to complete the ritual.

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Unfortunately, when you shot to departure the Astral aircraft the area will start to collapse and the exit will vanish. Revolve around and head come the left to discover another suggest that you can communicate with and also then make your way across the bridge and also Levitate as much as the communication to reach one more exit allude and complete this chapter.