Bernard the Artisan
Hyam HammerhandExileSet City: South-Westcrafting area
Maev the MagnificentThe Black HandPirate Ship: Crafter Area(86300, 95165, -7830)
Secas the smithVolcano: South of ‘Shrine of the Oracle"(8991, -189920, 44391)

Can you repair legendary weapons Conan exiles?

Legendary Weapon Repair Kits CANNOT repair an item that is completely broken. Legendary Weapon Repair Kits restore the item to 100% durability. Tempersmith T4 Blacksmith thralls can craft the Legendary Weapon Repair Kit at the Tinker’s Bench.

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What is the best bow in Conan exiles?

Reach of the Red Mother

How do you repair star metal tools?

Unlike the other star metal tools, the Pickaxe can be repaired with Advanced Repair Kits. Given that this item functions as both a pick and a hatchet, using the multi tool on surfaces that have different effects for each tool (such as trees or corpses) will result in it providing resources for each on each swing.

How do you make Star metal bars on Conan exiles?

This strange material is not as easy to work with as earthly metals, but those of esoteric skill have devised a way to smelt star metal ore, with a technique that employs brimstone and black ice, to create ingots.

How do you use the repair kit in Conan exiles?

You don’t press the repair button. Instead what you do is have both the item to be repaired and the kit in your inventory, then drag and drop the kit onto the item in your inventory. Master kits can repair everything short of legendary weapons, but only to about 90% of their max durability.

How do you get the repair hammer in Conan exiles?

The Repair Hammer is craftable once the player unlocks the Apprentice Stonemason crafting recipe, available starting at level 3. On top of that, the repair hammer costs 40 wood and 10 twine to craft. The repair hammer is extremely cheap for the value that it gives.

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How do you use armor patch kits?

How do you get weapon repair kits Witcher 3?

Simply drag the icon onto the weapon in need of repair in the inventory screen, or right-click on the kit and choose the item to be repaired. It can be purchased from the following merchants: Bram. Quartermaster at the Nilfgaardian Garrison.

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