Weekly Challenge: finish the Vault the Glass raid on normal or grasp difficulty.

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Rewards: You deserve to earn 4 Pinnacle equipment Drops native VoG

Master challenge and Rewards:

ChallengeTimelost WeaponCurtated PerksArmor focus (High-Stat)
Strangers gradually (Gatekeepers)Players should defeat the Praetorian and Wyvern at the very same time.
Found verdict (Timelost) ShotgunEarned by completing all Vault that Glass understand Challenges.
Overflow cluster BombTBA (Will upgrade ASAP)

Weekly Challenges:

RaidChallengeChallenge Requirement
Vault the GlassStrangers In time(Gatekeepers)Players should defeat the Praetorian and Wyvern atthe same time.
Deep rock CryptThe main point Four(Taniks step 2)Players should dunk all 4 cores before DPS phases.
Garden the SalvationA connect to the Chain (Spire Defense)Guardians must link at the exact same time. Note: Allplayers should receive the enlightened buff in ~ thesame time.
Last WishForever Fight(Morgeth)Do no kill the smaller sized Ogres.

NOTE: To gain raid banner or pick up the Last great Raid an obstacle bounty, visit Hawthorne in the Tower every week You do not must pick increase a bounty because that the Vault that Glass, Garden the Salvation or Deep rock Crypt raid challenges. For an ext info around the Vault that Glass raid, visit the VoG raid page.





1. Confluxes: Wait because that It… Every yellow-bar Wyvern have to be killed as they space sacrificing us to the confluxesPossible Rewards: uncovered Verdict, Vision of Confluence, Corrective Measure, Arms, course Item 2. Oracles: The only Oracle because that You players cannot damage the exact same oracle more than once.Possible Rewards: discovered Verdict, Vision that Confluence, Praedyth’s Revenge, Arms, legs 3. Templar: the end Of that Way Don’t allow Templar teleport.Possible Rewards: Fatebringer, Vision the Confluence, Corrective Measure, Arms, Chest Armor 4. Gatekeepers: Strangers In Time Players have to defeat the Praetorian and Wyvern at the very same time.Possible Rewards: uncovered Verdict, Fatebringer, Hezen Vengeance, Helmet, legs 5. Atheon: Ensemble’s Refrain each player teleported can only damage one oracle in each generate set.Possible Rewards: Praedyth’s Revenge, Corrective Measure, Hezen Vengeance, Helmet, Chest Armor to add Vex Mythoclast Exotic fusion Rifle has a low possibility to drop.

NOTES: The an obstacle requirements above are native r/RaidSecrets. Examine out the VoG page for an ext details.


DateChallengeTimelost WeaponCurated PerksHigh-Stat Armor Focus
August 10Gatekeepers – Strangers in TimeHezen VengenceOverflowCluster BombResilience
August 17Atheon – Ensemble’s RefrainCorrective MeasureDynamic SwayFireflyRecovery
August 24Confluxes – Wait for ItVision of ConfluenceStrength
August 31Oracles -The only Oracle for YouPraedyth’s RevengeMobility
September 7Templar – the end of its WayFatebringerDiscipline
September 14Gatekeepers – Strangers in TimeHezen Vegenence Intellect
September 21Atheon – Ensemble’s RefrainCorrective MeasureResilience

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Red Rover (1st Encounter/Crypt Security): all players need to be operator and also shoot the 2 panels on reduced level (This difficulty requires 3 phases).Copies of copies (2nd Encounter/Atraks-1): Do no send any kind of Debuffs into airlocks/space.Of every Trades (3rd Encounter/Taniks Ph. 1): Each guardian need to do all three duties (Operator, Scanner, and Suppressor). Note: football player must complete a complete phase through a buff for it to count.The Core four (4th Encounter/Taniks Ph. 2): Guardians should dunk all four cores before DPS phases.

NOTE: check out the Deep stone Crypt Raid page for more details and guides.

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To The peak (Third Encounter): Always deposit Ten (x10) motes at a time come summon the boss.A attach to the Chain (Second Encounter): All six fire team members must replenish enlightenment at the same time.Leftovers (First Encounter): Complete the first 2 rooms there is no killing particular Cyclopes.

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The Summoning ritual (Kalli): Activate every 9 plates, death all Knights, and kill every Ogres in the middle before doing damages to Kalli.Which Witch an obstacle (Shuro Chi): Do not get hit/take damages from Shuro Chi’s Arc Blast.Forever Fight (Morgeth): Do not kill the little Ogres.

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Keep Out (Vault): Unlock the vault and also keep can of Riven Knights out of the center room.

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