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Get it, acquire itHit the society (tell 'em)(Go for it)They're trying to beat friend downThey desire you on the groundThey leave you lying in ~ the doorDon't make a soundNo one will an alert themThey turn and also laugh againThey do youMake from us is it spins nobody noticed themJust when you think it's every overKnow whom realizes what you're gonna doEvery shot fired indigenous executionSo what, what have you got to loseWe obtained nothing to lose so infant babyLet's walk for itGo for itWe got nothing to lose so infant babyLet's walk for itGo for itYou gotta reach for the skyAin't no troubles to hideGo because that itNo we're no gonna stopUntil us reach the topGo because that it, go for it
Well mine's the tallest shoeSet to abolish youAnd you'll obtain beaten 'till they become poor newsSo yeah this againThey complement your name v shameThey go and also laugh in ~ you yet nobody knows your nameNow and again i feel beatenDon't have actually the stamin to carry onIt comes down to love and also devotionA fight faced it's miscellaneous that ns cannot loseWe got nothing to lose so baby babyLet's go for itGo for itWe gained nothing to lose so baby babyLet's go for itGo because that itI first step right into the clubAnd begin tearing the upGo because that itDon't obtain me the end on the floorI'll make you beg for some moreGo for it, walk for it

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Kitty kittyI'm about to end up it and lie through itHit the club (He stated it Snoop)I said this girl, present me love (Come on give it to me now)Kitty kittyI'm around to complete it and also lie through itHit the club (He claimed it Snoop)I claimed this girl, display me love (Come on give it to me now)Kitty kittyCause every I want you to do is workToo lot in the skirt (skrrt)All she gonna perform is twerkAll i wanna carry out is partyI've to be drinking in my cupThere is kush in my lung (let's execute it man) role at us'Cause if it is permit me tell girlfriend from the jumpGive it upWe gon' blaze, we gon' blazeGo because that itYeah, i gotta go for oneGo because that itGo for itKitty kittyAll she gonna execute is twerkHit the clubTear it up (go because that it)Kitty kittyAll she gonna execute is twerk(I get it out on the floor now)Hit the clubTell 'emGo for it (down on the floor now)