This will be the very first time Rockstar has actually separated the online portion of their titles because that a solo purchase.

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It is an amazing time for players who want to check out the online element of Red Dead, however do not want to pay full price for the far-reaching campaign.

The update is coming later this week, but there is a lot of we carry out not know yet.

One part we do know is the release timing the Red Dead Online.

Check it out below! 


Red Dead Online should release roughly the same time PSN refreshes this week.

This is typically Tuesday of every week, and will occur anytime in between 11:00 to be EST to about 2:00 pm EST.

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We are an extremely excited for the relax of Red Dead Online; as it will certainly be another an excellent adventure within the Red Dead universe.

In case you are wondering what is going come be consisted of with this stand-alone, examine out what Rockstar had to say via their blog post. 

"For the very first time, new players who do not already own Red Dead Redemption 2 can experience everything Red Dead Online needs to offer, including accessibility to all future contents updates"

"Forge your own path throughout any that five distinct Specialist Roles. These incorporate apprehending everyone from low-level criminals to notorious gangs together a Bounty Hunter, discovering the keys of the pet kingdom together a Naturalist or hunting wildlife together a way for source materials together a Trader, in search of exotic treasures as a Collector, to also running your very own underground Moonshine distillery."

Exciting times for sure! Be sure to permit us recognize if you room picking increase Red Dead virtual as a independent game. 


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