I have actually a strange tiny habit. A minor obsession, if girlfriend will. I enjoy staring in ~ couples. If you and your key squeeze find an brief average elevation Black woman on a bus or train, eyeing you up not too subtly, it’s probably me checking you out. And I’m most likely thinking: ‘Wow, those 2 look alike. Ns wonder if they’ve i found it it?’

You’ve heard about how married couples begin to resemble each other over the years. But have you ever before met a pair who looked therefore alike, that made you do a dual take?

Exhibit A: us actor Eddie Cibrian and also his wife, singer LeAnn Rimes. SAME specific FACE!


Lifestyle businessman Sophie LeBrozec and also her hubby Ben.Sophie says: ‘It has actually fascinated me since my very first young love at age 17, together several civilization told united state we looked alike. Interestingly my only real “loves” to be the two world I many resembled – my very first love and now Ben!’

Writer Bibi and also her man, Yegwa.

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My cousin Ngozi that wrote around her lessons native a 12 year marital relationship to husband Jon. ‘I tho don’t check out it!’ states Ngozi.Often, friend don’t spot a couple’s similarity at first. Then you satisfy one of their parents, or an additional close relative, and also it’s staring girlfriend in the face.

My cousin Kem usually married ours maternal grandfather. Never mind the my granddad to be from Owerri, Nigeria and her husband is native Boise, Idaho. As soon as you watch that Kem’s dad likewise bears a striking same to ours Papa, climate it every starts to autumn into place.

Or go it?

What exactly is this all about — Oedipal complex? Narcissism? Is there any kind of actual proof to earlier up my claims? and also what room the services of same face partnerships?

Are Lookalike Couples True spirit Mates?

Turns out, it’s not simply in mine head. Or what mine auntie would refer to as: ‘Uju has come again with her madness’.

There have actually been actual science papers written around this, peeps. A 1970s research in the newspaper of society and personal Relationships finish that: ‘the observation of face resemblance among couples shows up to reflect a real phenomenon.’

The scientific term is ‘assortative mating’. This means we choose romantic partner based on similar facial characteristics, and also skills, talents and other traits. The idea is that on a subconscious level, we desire to pass on our attributes to our kids. So we discover mates who space basically an additional version that ourselves!

Here are Jo and also Gavin again, in your youth. Uncanny!An Indonesian speak — “kalau jodoh, mukanya mirip” — indicates that your far-reaching other will certainly most most likely be your soulmate if your encounters show comparable features.

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Of course, looking favor someone is no insurance of attraction or even longevity in a relationship. Over there are way too many factors that get in hooking up: indigenous pure chance, come timing, come those pesky pheromones. Yet I’m fascinated through the pull in the direction of the familiar, particularly when friend don’t even realise it’s happening.

When i told blogger Hatty that she looks prefer her partner, her first reaction was: ‘Huh?!’ after ~ she spent some time going with their photos, she said: ‘Now all I have the right to see is united state looking alike. This is a revelation!’

Despite my fixation, I’d never ever noticed lot similarity v my husband. Then I verified our 12-year-old that selfie of us (top image), and his very first response was ‘you guys look alike’. When I looked again, I witnessed it instantly. That course, ago when ns was falling head over footsies in love with Abiye, I had actually no idea.

And there’s definitely a family members connection. I mutual an old photograph of my head grandmother through my mother-in-law, Helen and she stared in amazement. ‘Look at she face,’ said Helen, ‘now look in ~ mine. I have actually goosebumps.’