Yesterday i encountered a unique trouble that ns couldn't seem come fix, also though there were countless posts online explaining exactly how to "fix" it.

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I queued v a team of 5 and also we spoke briefly around what us were going come do. Mine mic functioned fine and also everyone could hear me. I gone into the match and also nobody could hear me in ~ all. My name proved up on the bottom left any time I held the button to speak yet nobody heard anything.

I tried plenty of things like verifying cache, ensuring my key was set correctly, etc. Still not working.

Using a Logitech G930 Headset



ensure your mic is properly plugged in

ensure you have actually audio drivers installed on her computer

ensure her audio volume is good. In home windows 7, ideal click the speaker icon in the reduced right of the taskbar > record devices.

are your headphones/mic detected?

set them together default and also then choose properties.

test sound, set your mic come loopback and also make sure you have the right to hear you yourself talking. Does your mic choose up any type of sounds?

ensure your heavy steam settings room good. Steam > settings > voice

ensure you video game settings are correct. Csgo > choices > audio options

I had the same problem with my G930 revolve them off and also turn lock on that usually helps a lot. And also make sure the irradiate on the mic is turn off cause if the on it is muted.

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I've had actually the same issue. Supplied my friend G930s to view if there was a difference, however same thing. The weird thing is there to be a time I can ptt in game and it actually worked. Ns seriously debating law a clean download of windows. No mic sucks, cuz strats

Once I was in the middle of writing an essay to SteelSeries support exactly how my mic fucked itself up with the night. I wrote an extremely carefully explaining the I know they can't rely on me promising i didn't do anything wrong v the microphone but I treat this headset prefer a prince due to the fact that I in reality won them on HLTV and it looks choose a brand brand-new just placed out indigenous a manufacturing facility box. And it suddenly just stopped working, like somebody would take every the electronics out from it. Then i realized i muted the mic the night before because of discussion with mine gf and also I had actually never provided the move beforehand. Ns laughed and actually created what just happened in the support ticket to probably make part random SteelSeries support guy laugh a little. The funny point is we kept sending emails come each various other that they can replace the headset or look in ~ it and see whats wrong if I sent it come them and I to be replying the it to be a misunderstanding and everything is fine. I actually had actually to stop responding since it looked prefer they want their headset back like it was still theirs.