The twenty-first yearly Cycle NC mountains To shore ride will run indigenous Blowing absent to Atlantic beach on September 28 come October 5, 2019. Virtually 1,000 bicyclists are expected to get involved in this distinct ride.

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Weekend Schedule because that Cycle NC

Blowing Rock will welcome the riders with true hill hospitality! Participants have the right to expect rides follow me beautiful hill roads, a Welcome Party, add to some recurring late summer events:

Friday, September 27Cone Life & collections Exhibits in ~ Blowing Rock arts & history MuseumMusic top top the Lawn at Ragged GardensBonfire & Live Music at Chetola ResortLive music at city Tavern, Twigs, Woodlands BBQ, and also Green Park InnOyster Roast in ~ Blowing Rock industry on key StreetGhost Train at Tweetsie Railroad

Saturday, September 28Cone Life & collection Exhibits at Blowing Rock art & background MuseumUpstairs tourism of level Top Manor in ~ Moses Cone Memorial ParkCycle NC Expo by Rhoddie bicycle Outfitters– at Davant field 10am-6pmWelcome Party at Davant Field- local brews and live music by The next-door neighbors & brews from Appalachian hill Brewery, Boonshine Brewery, & Blowing absent Brewing! 4-7pm. Pig Pickin’ at Blowing Rock sector on main StreetBonfire & Live Music in ~ Chetola ResortLive music in ~ Twigs, Woodlands BBQ, and also Green Park Inn Ghost Train at Tweetsie rail Karaoke Night at town Tavern

Sunday, September 29Route opens at 7:30am. Have actually a good ride!Excursions because that non-riders start at 8:30am.

Can’t-miss location: Rhoddie bicycle Outfitters is her base for info on the finest local rides, equipment questions, and also outfitting. Plus, they have Blue Ridge Parkway jerseys! The shop is on Sunset Drive, just a brief walk (or ride!) indigenous the CNC Campsite.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shot out several of our significant restaurants! from delicious, down-home fare to an innovative culinary delights, Blowing absent has selection of cooking on offer. A walkable downtown will invite you to step right into our regional shops, galleries, and also boutiques. And also if you’d like to to the right in a little bargain shopping, check out Tanger Outlets.Multiple hotels in blowing Rock will be hosting some participants, most within walking distance of the celebrations and also downtown attractions. Camping attendees will gain camping close to downtown in the pop-up campsite with traveling amenities.

See the route Announcement video clip Here!

Cycling in blow Rock

Blowing absent is situated right top top the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoys direct access to every points in the High Country. This means that challenging circuits and also routes are straightforward to plan and enjoy on neighborhood roads. The city of Blowing rock welcomes cyclists often, many of whom come to enjoy the views follow me a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. With plenty of eateries and also a selection of overnight accommodations, our city is a natural selection for cyclists looking for a getaway talk experience.


Businesses choose Rhoddie bicycle Outfitters and Footsloggers room trusted resources for cycling and outdoor equipment, respectively. Plus, Rhoddie helps cyclists setup the appropriate route, whether difficulty or visit is the goal.

More about Cycle NC’s mountains To shore Ride

Riders will bike an typical of 60 miles per day over the course of the week. Hickory, Spencer, Siler City, Clayton, Greenville and new Bern are the stops on the route in between Blowing Rock and Atlantic Beach. The bicycle NC “Mountains to Coast” tourism is the state’s only cross-state, fully-supported ride. It was produced in 1999 through the N.C. Department of Tourism, funding Broadcasting Company, the N.C. Department of Transportation and also North Carolina Amateur sporting activities as founding partners. Bike NC promotes north Carolina’s scenic beauty, legacy tourism, visitor attractions, historical sites, state parks, fitness, healthy and balanced lifestyles and also the benefits of bicycling come individuals and our state. Throughout the previous 20 years, Cycle phibìc Carolina has stopped overnight in much more than 100 north Carolina towns and also visited end 700 north Carolina communities.

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Register in ~ Cycle phibìc Carolina is capping it is registered at 1,100 riders. So, interested riders must register early to enjoy the to mark of the year because that bicycling in north Carolina!

Cycle phibìc Carolina is presented by retiree NC. Partner institutions of Cycle phibìc Carolina include: Powerade, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of phibìc Carolina, BB&T, Capitol transfer Company, Harris Teeter, Morningstar law Group, the N.C. Room of Transportation and also Cycling spoken Here.