“on the snowiest job ever, once we were walking through the abandoned hospital”

In the Valentine’s job video, Phil recalls several of the moment he and Dan had together. The very first one that talks about is walking through an exit hospital top top “the snowiest work ever”.

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Dan visited visit Phil from December 22 come December 24. This is as soon as they shooting the Christmas Adventure because that Phil’s channel. There was a huge snowstorm that week.

“Inside Rossendale Hospital” video clip from UrbanExploreUK This is the exit hospital in concern (the footage over doesn’t encompass Dan and also Phil, it’s just a random video found ~ above YouTube for those curious as to what that looks like)

“Interactive Christmas Adventure” video from AmazingPhil Some that the scenes space shot outside and you deserve to see exactly how much eye there is.

“ZOMG RED PANDA!!?” video clip from AmazingPhil He talks around the snowstorm.

Tweets indigenous AmazingPhil ~ above December 22, 2009 at mid-day.Driving come Manchester to pick Dan up at the train station.


Tweet native AmazingPhil on December 24, 2009Filming the Christmas Adventure.


Screenshots comparisonNotice the similar clothing.

Phil’s drawing from the Valentine’s work video



“endless coffee in starbucks, caramel macchiato”

Dan and also Phil walk to Starbucks often. In the Valentine’s job video, Phil mentions caramel macchiatos especially as your drink that choice.

“happy dancake day" liveshow indigenous Dan Howell

At roughly 52:30, Dan mentions the caramel macchiato is his favourite Starbucks drink.

“enlightenment with dan” liveshow native Dan Howell

At 9:50, Dan claims his favourite Starbucks drink is caramel macchiato.

“A day in the Life that Phil and also Dan!” video from AmazingPhil

When Dan gets his caramel macchiato, Phil calls that “the best". Girlfriend can also see later on that they both have actually caramel macchiatos.

“Terrifying baby woman” video from LessAmazingPhil

Phil movies his drink, i m sorry is a caramel macchiato, and says “om nom nom.“

Tweet native AmazingPhil ~ above October 19, 2009

This was less than an hour after castle had first met in genuine life (see this article for details on the day)


“the mainly we invested together in my house”

In the Valentine’s job video, Phil tells Dan, “the mainly we spent together in my residence was amazing, ns think that’s when I properly fell in love v you.”

Formspring answer native Dan (likely indigenous the finish of December 2009, provided the wording of the question)

Because that the


December 1, 2009

Phil got out the bed pretty so late :D


I’m assuming this is about a video game.


December 2, 2009

The exact date is unknown, yet at some point after December 2nd, Dan adjusted his MySpace standing from “single" come “in a relationship". It still is this way, but, to it is in fair, he hasn’t logged in years. Much more on the MySpace point here(phantastico note: page“dan prev rel” lost).

They go to check out Paranormal Activity.


Probably steering Dan ago to the train terminal in Manchester, together Dan post a dailybooth from home later that day.


December 6, 2009

Dailybooth indigenous Phil: “I had actually the finest week ever last week.”


“all the cuddles in bed, and also three-hour breakfasts”

In the Valentine’s job video, Phil talks around cuddling in bed and having three-hour breakfasts.

Tweet from AmazingPhil top top February 27


Tweet from AmazingPhil on January 24, 2010

Dan was at Phil’s house for the weekend(over the next couple of months we saw…), and also this to be the critical day they would see each for almost a month, together Dan was around to leave for India.


“funny time in my bed (omg so much cherry everywhere)”

In the Valentine’s work video, once Phil talks about “funny times in my bed", text appears on the display screen that states “omg so lot cherry everywhere".

This is among the many obscure references in the video, and also one that I have a really hard time believing lock would incorporate if the video was supposed to it is in a prank.

The “cherry" he’s talking about is a flavour the lube. Yup.

Formspring answers indigenous Dan

From November 25, 2009


Tweet indigenous deathcabforqt top top October 7, 2009

The accompanying photograph is Durex pat lubes, pinacolada and also cherry flavours.


Videos from maea05

Includes footage of Dan and also Phil.


John StressedTech’s video (part 2, here), in ~ 5:07

“we went and also got part food and also sat ~ above the fountain”


“when us can’t it is in together”

In the Valentine’s day video, Phil talks about he and Dan Skyping once they couldn’t it is in together.

Until September 2010 once Dan began university in Manchester, Dan and also Phil lived in different cities. Dan resided in Wokingham, near Reading, and also Phil in Rossendale, near Manchester . That took around 3 and a half hours by train to travel in between the 2 cities.

They still managed to see each other a lot (over the next few months we..), and also talked on skype often, however they still periodically posted about missing each other.

Tweet native AmazingPhil and also danisnotonfire’s reply

From October 11, 2009


Tweet from AmazingPhil on November 24, 2009

Dan to be coming over to spend a week at Phil’s home on the 29th.


Tweet from danisnotonfire ~ above December 5, 2009


Tweet native danisnotonfire on December 18, 2009

The day after the previous tweet.


At 3:11 PM


Tweet native AmazingPhil top top January 12, 2010


Tweet from danisnotonfire top top February 14, 2010

The morning after Phil posted the Valentine’s day video. Dan was in India(you had to walk to bedleaving…) through his family members at the time.


“the hundreds of hrs of skype calls the we’vehad”

In the Valentine’s work video, Phil claims that as soon as he and also Dan couldn’t be together, they would spend hrs together ~ above Skype.

Tweet native danisnotonfire on October 18, 2009


At midnight:


Tweet indigenous danisnotonfire on November 25, 2009


Formspring answer indigenous Dan

From November 26, 2009.

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Posted at 3:01 AM, meaning he’d to be on Skype through Phil since approximately 9 PM.