Clearly reluctant to pull a "Who desires to be a Millionaire" and dip into the "Dancing v the Stars" well as well often, abc does the next best thing by spinning off "Dance War," a transparent six-week stop-gap measure.

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Clearly reluctant to traction a “Who wants to be a Millionaire” and dip right into the “Dancing through the Stars” well as well often, alphabet does the next finest thing through spinning turn off “Dance War,” a transparent six-week stop-gap measure. The two-hour premiere, though, experienced from a hodge-podge quality — a pinch the “So girlfriend Think You deserve to Dance” here, a dollop that “American Idol” there. “Dancing” judges Carrie Ann Inaba and also Bruno Tonioli pluck the familiar chords for every they’re worth, but inasmuch as everybody has actually seen these procedures before, this is a “War” with a flawed battle plan.

prefer “Dancing,” derived from a British layout (something called “DanceX,” what sounds a little bit like a laxative), the new show has actually the feeling of one old-time special, doing not have only Dean Martin and also the Golddiggers. However the actual “war” didn’t even start Monday, together Tonioli and Inaba went v the “Idol”-like routine of whittling under contestants in new York, L.A. And also Nashville to 30 and eventually 14, that performed — live! — before being separated into teams following week.

With performers who deserve to sing and also dance sought, the auditions gave in the customary thrills the victory and also agonies the defeat, a bit like a reality version the “A Chorus Line” minus the songs. In a shock, one overweight gal also captivated the judges momentarily, prior to they cleared up on an assortment that flat-bellied dimension 2s. Indeed, through so numerous initial contenders, the was simple to forget their names and also identify lock strictly by body parts.

Preliminary ratings because that “Dance War” were respectable if well brief of “Stars” region (the tag-team competition included BCS football and “American Gladiators”), but that could assist keep the lights on for ABC till the real thing arrives.

In that respect, the show’s a pretty great metaphor for whereby all the networks appear to it is in in terms of programming strategy throughout the writers strike — operation off a flimsy blueprint and also dancing simply as quick as lock can.


Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann

ABC, Mon. Jan. 7, 8 p.m.

Production:Broadcast live and produced by BBC Worldwide. Executive, management producer, man Hesling; co-executive producer, Moira Ross; supervising producer, Barry Egan; live series producer, Anna Meadows; director, Alan Carter.

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Crew:Production design, Steve Bass; casting, Joylynn Pierce. Running TIME: 120 MIN.Cast:Host: attracted Lachey. Featuring: Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba. Music By: