Shreddy California dark synthwave duo Dance with the Dead space bonafide veterans now. Loved come Death, which come out previously this month, is their eighth studio album since the band burst ~ above the nascent dark synthwave step in 2013. Their combination of vintage analog synth tones, hooky steel riffs, shreddy guitars and over-the-top nostalgic nerdery have endured them come synthwave fans across the globe, and their live shows have become bonafide events.Dance with the Dead’s latest, Loved come Death, keeps true through the band’s M.O. By striking just the best balance that synth pop and also balls to the wall metal. Tracks prefer “Into the Shadows” (with an help from mountain Diego venue Brick by Brick owner Nick Hipa, who likewise toured v the band dealing with sound and visuals) go difficult in the paint with chugged riffs from start to finish and blazing leads sprinkled throughout, while “Portraits” slows points down a touch right into dreamy ballad region (by dark synthwave standards, anyway), using an undulating base synth backbone to store things relocating along. “Salem” manages to do both in ~ once, through synths both steering the melody and also creating the atmosphere but with distorted guitars ever-present for a little extra oomph throughout. “War” is just flat out nasty electronica, deep and also dark, choose something that would fit right into a GosT set. In various other words: it’s a Dance through the Dead album! It’s whatever you and also I both love about dark synthwave, and also it’s fucking great.Check out Loved come Death below and also order that via Bandcamp.

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