I understand that Dark Souls in general has to be very great with make stylized yet functional armor (the Knight set on the an ext mundane end and also the Catarina set on the more ridiculous end). The imperial Soldier collection is among my favorite, visually, and so i wonder: is it practical?


The helmet's visor would need to be bigger because that the wearer come have much better visibility, because there's no fucking means anyone might see the end of that together - is.

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Assuming the the piece on the former of your torso is complete metal, and the rest being leather and chainmail, the pauldrons and the vambraces (because surprise, the gauntlet component is actually the "glove" part, not the whole thing that covers her arm) being metal, all you really need is to do the pauldrons a little much more snug fitting (cuz the last thing you desire is your foe being may be to have actually something come grab girlfriend with), and also you'll get yourself a relatively decent collection of armor.

I've some reasoning to ago it up:

Looking at the image listed by wikidot that the set, you can see on the ago it is fastened by the belting over what looked like one more layer, therefore I'm suspect the peak layer the is simply beneath the steel chestplate is likely some form of gambeson, that is a thick, protective jacket regularly worn in conjunction v plate/chainmail armor. While the layer underneath could be anything, indigenous the method the armor is structured ns feel it is in reality worn end the mail shirt the you have the right to see that made up for lot of the armor (the greyish parts, basing on the structure I deserve to see ns assume it's mail) to administer cushioning.

And beneath the fabric that hangs about your waist, you have the right to kind of check out a simple chainmail fauld, i beg your pardon is basically an elaborate word for a cool ass knightly loincloth to defend your hips + top thighs.

The back of the royal soldier leggings indicate that the is chainmail leggings, i m sorry is likewise not uncommon, worn end leather boots to provide further protection, and then finished v steel greaves bound on by leather.

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Chainmail historically is thickly woven native tiny small links the steel, developing very good protection versus slashing attacks, despite albeit weak versus thrusting attacks (remember the mailbreaker? That's used to pierce chainmail armor). The royal soldier set combines key (weak versus bludgeoning, strong against thrust) and mail (moderate against bludgeoning, weak versus thrust and strong against slash), v some gambeson added, so I'd offer it around a 7/10 helpful rating, on the condition that the pauldrons are pressed under a little flatter come fit an ext snugly versus your shoulders.