Dark Souls 3 keeps crashing on your computer? This is fairly frustrating, however you’re not the just one. The an excellent news is, you can fix Dark Souls 3 crashing quite easily. This short article puts together the possible solutions because that you.

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How to solve Dark Souls 3 crashing

Here are options to settle Dark Souls 3 crashing ~ above PC. Girlfriend shouldn’t have actually to try them all; simply work your means down the list till everything’s functioning again.

Fix 1: Disable overlays for your game

If over there is any kind of overlay software application running when you pat Dark Souls 3, the may cause game crashing top top startup or freezing. It’s common to use overlays for heavy steam games, however some games can be incompatible v overlay software.

Try disabling overlays because that Dark Souls 3 and see if your video game stops crashing.

Fix 2: run in Windowed mode

If friend play Dark Souls 3 in Fullscreen mode, it may crash to your desktop. In this case, you deserve to fix your game crashing difficulty by switching to Windowed mode.


You can go come the game choices and readjust to Windowed mode, then re-launch your game to check out if it works.

If, unfortunately, girlfriend can’t access the game options, shot modify the setups in the GraphicsConfig file.

1) On her keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R in ~ the very same time to open the operation box.

2) type %appdata% and also press Enter.

3) open DarkSouls3 folder.

4) open up GraphicsConfig.xml through notepad. Then adjust FULLSCREEN come WINDOWED

5) conserve your adjust and restart your game.

Your trouble still persists, don’t worry. Over there are other solutions.

Fix 3: upgrade your video driver

Many players have actually reported that the graphics map driver may be the culprit to the crashing issue, and also updating the graphic driver helps fix the problem. Therefore you must update her graphics map driver to the latest version.

You can update her graphics card driver by navigating to graphics manufacturer website, uncover the latest version for your video clip card, climate download and install it. This requires time and computer skills.

If you don’t have the time or patience, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy.

Driver easy will instantly recognize her system and find the correct motorists for it. Friend don’t must know specifically what mechanism your computer system is running, girlfriend don’t should risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and also you don’t must worry around making a mistake when installing.

You deserve to update your drivers immediately with either the complimentary or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks:

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) operation Driver Easy and also click the Scan Now button. Driver easy will then scan your computer and also detect any problem drivers.


3) Click Update All to immediately download and also install the correct variation of every the chauffeurs that are absent or the end of date on your device (this needs the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade as soon as you click Update All).


4) when your driver has actually been updated, restart her computer.

Now start Dark Souls 3 and see if the works.

Fix 4: set game options to LOW

If your game alternatives are set High, this calls for much an ext system resources and also so Dark Souls 3 may crash. In the case, you should set game choices to LOW so as to stop your game crashing.

Be sure to collection the resolution come the same resolution of her monitor. Also collection Effects quality, Shadow quality, and also Light quality to LOW.


If girlfriend can’t accessibility the in-game settings, try this:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo design key and R in ~ the very same time to open the operation box.

2) kind %appdata% and press Enter.

3) open up DarkSouls3 folder.

4) open up GraphicsConfig.xml with notepad.

5) change the game impact settings to Low, specifically for Effects quality, Shadow quality, and also Light quality.


6) conserve your paper changes and restart her game.

Then pat your game to watch if it functions properly.

Still no luck? Don’t offer up hope. There’s one an ext thing to try.

Fix 5: Verify truth of game Files

You can try verifying verity of game files in steam app if gamings crash. Here’s exactly how to execute it:

1) Open vapor in your computer, and also log right into your heavy steam account.

2) Click Library > Games.


3) Right click on Dark Souls 3, and also click Properties.


4) Click the Local files tab, and also click Verify truth Of game Files.


5) steam will inspect your game files and fix any type of detected problems. Follow the on-screen accuse to complete the process.

6) Restart Steam, and open Dark Souls 3 to play.

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There you go. Hope this write-up comes in comfortable if Dark Souls 3 crashes on your computer. Must you have any questions, feel free to leave united state a comment below.