I recently came to be a DoorDash Driver below in the Houston, Texas suburbs. I want to assist you through the finding out curve in the beginning.

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Thinking about driving for DoorDash? Here's whatever you should know.

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If you need a paycheck fast, want to job-related on your very own schedule, or are trying to find a side-gig come supplement her income, you might be considering coming to be a DoorDash driver. I'm a teacher, and also my schedule is constantly changing, therefore DoorDash is the perfect side project for me. In this article, ns cover everything you need to recognize to end up being a Dasher because that DoorDash and make your very first delivery.


How execute I end up being a Driver because that DoorDash?Frequently Asked inquiries From brand-new DashersI simply Clicked Dash Now. Currently What?I've came down on the Drop-Off Location. Now What?

How carry out I become a Driver for DoorDash?

To become a driver because that DoorDash, you need to fill out a an easy application and also submit the information needed for a elevator check. In the DoorDash application (the same application that you would order distribution in), click on the profile symbol in the peak left-hand corner. Scroll under to the More section and also select Become a Dasher.

The lift Check

Once you have actually filled the end your simple information (there space no long, common job applications questions), you will certainly be asked come submit your social protection number because that a background check. The inspect typically comes back quickly.


While wait on your activation kit, you have the right to Dash! This display will pop up when you open the application to permit you come track your kit.

Activation Kit

The Activation Kit

You will certainly then receive a notification via email notifying you of your accept as a Dasher. The application will notify you that an activation kit will certainly be sent to her address.

I must have actually not checked out the fine publish that claimed I should do at least one Dash prior to the kit would certainly be sent, so ns sat around waiting on my kit and finally referred to as DoorDash to see as soon as to mean it. They notified me that ns would require to complete at the very least one Dash prior to my kit would certainly be sent to me.

The activation kit has a DoorDash debit card and also insulated bag. You can complete pre-paid orders without this kit.


The DoorDash Driver App

While though the Dasher application process takes place on the plain DoorDash app, when accepted, friend will have to download the DoorDash Driver app. This is the application you will use to accept deliveries.

"Being a DoorDash Driver allows me the versatility that my crazy schedule requires!"

Frequently Asked concerns From new Dashers

So, you have actually signed up and also downloaded the DoorDash Driver application . . . Currently what? In this section, we'll walk over the most typical questions brand-new Dashers have.

How execute I begin Dashing?

The first thing that you do after downloading and install the DoorDash app is come make certain your automobile is complete of gas and also your call is fully charged. You definitely need both. You never know just how much control you will actually desire or must do. You also will use your phone—a lot.

Every action of every shipment is done through the app. This helps DoorDash provide the information you need. That also allows DoorDash to upgrade the customer as needed about their delivery.

When you open the DoorDash Driver app, friend will view a map v a red switch at the bottom that claims Dash Now. Once you are prepared to start delivering, push this button.

Can i Stipulate an ending Time because that My Dashing Shift?

After girlfriend click the Dash Now button, you can carry out an approximate end time for her Dashing session. This time is by no way set in stone—you can always extend, pause, or end your Dashing session. This feature just enables you to administer a definite cut-off time if you need one. If her Dash time ends and you desire to continue, simply press Dash Now and also begin the procedure again.

How perform I expropriate Deliveries?

Once you've clicked Dash Now and listed your expected end time, simply wait for her phone come ding. When it does, it will current you v a message that watch something choose this: New Dash: McDonald's. You can then journey to the noted merchant and also pick increase the user's order.

How execute I Know exactly how Much I will Make native a Dash?

Your Dash will display at the bottom v a countdown timer. ~ above this screen, friend will check out your guaranteed minimum payment because that the Dash.

How perform I know How much the distribution Will be From wherein I Start?

When presented v a Dash, the as whole travel distance will be shown. There will be an Accept button and a Decline button for you to choose from.

Where can I check out the pointer Amount?

After you complete a delivery, a display screen will pop up and show you her base pay and tip amount. You might not obtain a reminder from every delivery. In ~ this time, you will also be able to see if the basic pay amount has actually increased native what was originally stated. That will never be less than i agreeed upon.

Tip because that Beginner Dashers

Have her phone to where you deserve to hear it. I use AirPods to help me hear the dings of brand-new Dashes and also to hear the navigation. These room not necessary, however they job-related well because that me.

I simply Clicked "Dash Now." currently What?

Open the app and also a Dash will display at the bottom with a countdown timer. Top top this screen, girlfriend will watch your guaranteed minimum payment amount for the Dash. Friend will likewise see the in its entirety travel distance. You will certainly be presented with an Accept button and also a Decline button.Click Accept. This will take you to the navigation screen, i m sorry will overview you come the stimulate pickup location. The will also give you an meant time of arrival. If the Dash is because that a single delivery, you will pick up one order in ~ one location. (Some Dashes may encompass multiple order if they are close in proximity.)The navigation screen will overview you to the pickup location. Once you arrive, on slide the Slide because that Arrival button. This will certainly pull up a display that lists the item you are picking up, the stimulate number, and also the name for the delivery.Wait for your order if it is not currently ready. Once the order is in her hand, click Confirm Pickup. This will pull increase a screen that provides directions to your delivery destination. You will certainly then have the ability to see as soon as your delivery is expected. I have never been late come a delivery. DoorDash usually provides you a reasonable quantity of time to obtain to the drop-off location.

I have Arrived in ~ the Drop-off Location. Currently What?

When you arrive at your destination, check your app screen and scroll down for drop-off instructions.If the recipient of the order has selected Leave in ~ Door, you will require to collection the shipment down and also then take a picture of the order v something identifiable to the customer in the elevator (e.g., a residence or apartment number, a doormat, décor, etc.).Click Complete Delivery.A screen will then pop up to display you her base pay and tip because that the order. Girlfriend will likewise be able to view if your payment amount has actually increased from what was originally stated. It will never ever be less than agreed upon.Your distribution is complete! You can now accept your next distribution order.

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Happy Dashing!

Dashing is a good way to make decent money ~ above your very own schedule. The more you Dash, the better you will acquire at it. Great luck!

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