In the grim darkness the the much future, there are just these great user mods for this iconic Warhammer 40K RTS


How to download Dawn of battle mods

Dawn that War might be freely accessible on Steam, yet SEGA and also Relic never saw right to include in steam Workshop support, the seems. That means you have to go old school. Both Nexus and ModDB have actually libraries because that Dawn that War, yet the latter has the much better and most active mod scene it seems.

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Installing mode is, by and also large, a reasonably simple affair. You frequently just need to dump any installation records in the main install directory. Depending on the mode you can use the game’s native video game Manager to then launch the one friend want. Make certain you review the installation instructions very closely to make certain you’re no making any kind of mistakes.

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One vital thing to note for Dawn of war is making certain you’re using and also modding the appropriate version. Most of the well-known mods around today room for Soulstorm, the critical Dawn of War development to be exit (though it’s a stand-alone game). Some will certainly be for Dark Crusade specifically. It’s rarely you see mods because that the original game or Winter Assault, because those are greatly just about the solo campaigns.

Soulstorm has all of the officially supportedraces consisted of by default, therefore that’s where the modding community have focused their attention. Over there is an official Mod Manager mode for Dawn the War, if you want some additional help with your regulating your mods.


3rd Generation (Dark Crusade)

The only Nexus contribution to this guide, third Generation is a mode for Dark Crusade the adds four new races (including Tyranids), brand-new units for existing races, and also a bunch of various other stuff like new maps, brand-new map modes, even Titans!

What’s especially an excellent about this mod is the it’s maintaining up to day with what’s happening in the tabletop world (mostly). It hasn’t been updated with the new-era Primaris units, for example, however generally more recent units from throughout the tabletop line have been included. It also included the initial Dawn that War campaign as skirmish missions, and even enhanced the AI as well.


Ultimate Apocalypse (Soulstorm)

This is the most popular, and also quite frankly, the most ridiculous mod on ModDB. Ultimate Apocalypse is all around scale, and also getting the most bang for your bang-bucks. It adds brand-new units, brand-new races, brand-new buildings, new abilities, Titans, and also then generally permits you to have actually ‘more’ that everything. Make certain you monitor the instructions very closely as there space some added standalone race mods you’ll require (and the some other mods on this list likewise need) come source.

It’s likewise worth noting that the final update for this mod was exit in Summer 2020, and also the team are currently embarking on one overhaul task to create a new, much better version the the mod. The existing version need to still it is in fine in the meantime, though.


Titanium wars (Dark Crusade & Soulstorm)

This is an old mod, reportedly the very first mod to encompass Titans right into Dawn that War. That again offers brand-new content in the kind of new units, ability etc. And it’s also one of the couple of mods the offers specialized content and support because that the campaign. Usually, mods overlook this component in favour that skirmish gameplay. You deserve to read an ext about the in the official mod FAQ.

There room two version of this mod, one because that Soulstorm, and also one because that Dark Crusade, therefore make sure you seize the best one.


Unification (Soulstorm)

As the location suggests, this mod is around unifying a bunch of different individual mods into a cohesive whole. Over there are an ext than a couple of new race mods, as well as mods that look at the vanilla races, the campaign and also a whole bunch that other facets of the game. Unification looks for to unify them every in a way that enables them to work-related together. And yes, there are additionally Titans. There are always Titans.

It’s a modular development though – you deserve to chop and change what friend want across the assorted submods (one of which being Strongholds, discussed below.) Make sure you review the instructions closely for this one – there’s a bunch of points you have to keep one eye on, particularly if you’ve not obtained much device memory come play roughly with.


DOWPro (Soulstorm)

This is a multiplayer concentrated mod that intends to market a balanced, meaningful experience while also promoting unit diversity and longevity. That includes new units and graphics because that every race, allowing wargear for devices in multiplayer and also skirmishes, and it additionally sportsgreat documentation.

If you’re into competitive multiplayer in this game, climate this mode is a must.


Strongholds (Soulstorm)

This is a much more simple mod v a simple purpose – in the meta-campaigns presented in both Dark Crusade and Soulstorm, every race/faction was designed a distinct ‘stronghold’ map that stood for their last line of defence. Loss a faction on this map, and also they to be knocked the end of the video game for good.

Dark Crusade had seven the these varieties of maps, when Soulstorm had actually nine, and this mode unlocks all of them because that play in the skirmish mode. It’s continuously adding in support for the miscellaneous stand-alone race mods that have been released, but it’s also included in the marriage mod, mentioned above.


HD Dawn of war (Soulstorm)

Despite its promisingly share title, this mode is actually just for the sister of Battle and Imperial Guard in ~ the moment. It also doesn’t look like it’s been operated on much for 2017, yet we encompass it anyway since it does do those 2 factions look yes, really pretty. Add to it introduces a female royal Guard model, if the interests you at all.

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Dawn of war 2: upstream Mod

This is a bonus entry covering Dawn of battle II: Retribution, since for part reason civilization still prefer playing that game.At least it’s not as negative as Dawn of war III, i guess. This is another competitive/multiplayer concentrated mod because that the Dawn of battle sequel the adds in a brand-new faction – the Grey Knights – and also offering too many of new abilities, units and balance tweaks.

We’ll save updating this perform as more interesting mod jobs surface, yet in the meantime, enjoy!