This assignment involves a record up come 5 pages long (Times brand-new Roman, 12 font, double spaced). For the topic of the essay, you have two options: walking Providence OR participating in the waterfire event. The essay is intended to be based on your very own experience the the city in either situation (please describe the longer summary below). Photographs or other pictures may companion your paper if relevant. Limited amount the library research study is encouraged. Friend are particularly invited to exploit various principles discussed in class throughout the semester.

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Due Friday November 6, 2009, tough copy through 5 pm.

1. Providence: The lengthy poem the walking

Michel de Certeau"s thing "Walking in the city" in his publication The exercise of day-to-day life, speaks of walking together a spatial practice, a space-producing practice, an everyday performance the our vulnerable bodies in the agitated streets of cities. Follow to De Certeau, the walkers that the city actualize the possibilities that spaces and places, transform every spatial signifier into something else. Influenced by our discussion on his work, this assignment entails taking a long and also leisurely walk v the city that Providence (or any other city you might happen to be these days), and also experiencing together spatial exercise on her own. You room asked to keep a written/pictorial log of her walkabout, through a an especially archaeological eye that traces the residues, imprints, inscriptions, i.e. The urban cloth of day-to-day human practices in city spaces, know places, observe and live encounters. Take into consideration the file both an empirical or poetic account of her walk and a solution to De Certeau"s text. Please perform your walk when the weather is heat enough.

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De Certeau, Michel; 1984. “Walking in the city” in The exercise of everyday life. S. Rendall (trans.), university of California Press: Berkeley, 91-110.

2. Waterfire Providence: a festival

Festivals are big scale social events that take up the urban space and transform it right into a website of collectivity, creativity, performance and feasting. Providence has a major public festival the takes ar every other week on Saturdays during the summer and early autumn months because 1994 follow me its waterways: Waterfire. This assignment asks you come write around this social occasion from the allude of view of a participant, in the light of our discussions the the concept of festival in class. Friend are encouraged to carry out research on the history and significance of this undertaking in Providence, however your paper should rely on your observations and also interpretations of the event. Follow to the waterfire website, there is a booked waterfire on October 31.

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Waterfire website



Falassi, Alessandro; 1967. “Festival: meaning and morphology” with time out of time: essays top top the festival. A. Falassi (ed.). Albuquerque: university of new Mexico Press, 1-10.Bergman, Bettina; 1999. “Introduction: the art of old spectacle,” in The art of old spectacle. B Bergmann and C Kondoleon (eds,). Washington : nationwide Gallery of art ; London : Yale University press , 9-36.