Heyo! I'm 40 hrs in-game and probably encountered hotk over 10 time at least. I've only gained close to death him when where i tried a really tanky build with survive at 20+ however I did so small damage and also ended up dice after a while.

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Now I just finished an additional run v two gold bows (crossbow and longbow) and two crossbow turrets and tactics at 25 or something. Ns literally had no an obstacle getting to him, ns one-shotted everything including elites. I eliminated the assassin in less than 5 seconds, yet as quickly as I accomplish the hotk ns just acquired absolutley smashed... Again.

So ns was just wondering if girlfriend guys had any great advices or build that functions really fine to kill him, thanks :)



Try Brutality-Grenade builds, like cluster+fire grenades (cluster with +100% dmg ~ above fire): friend spam both grenades every ~4 seconds and roll over the place taking no damages (shield have the right to be helpful in challenging situations, key weapon is not an extremely important, basically for brutality stat and for killing some trash mobs), also try stacking -dmg% (fire grenade, shield, amulet is enough for 75% cap). This functions for me atleast, didn't try anything else however :) edit: omg, thx for silver on that old post :D

Wow I simply beat him using brutality-grenade build and also I just used 1 potion as well, It was so easy contrasted to any other develop I've tried! i was for this reason tanky however at the very same time dealt large amounts that damage! I provided fire grenade and also freeze grenade v the pair daggers that had 100% damages on burning enemies! I additionally had full of 60% less dmg taken through the grenades and amulet! give thanks to you so much! :D

I had actually 2 Infantry Grenades and also like 70% cooldown so they were 1 sec each. Had around 18 Brutality so they struggle super hard yet I still kinda gained rekt. I think the problem was i took too much dmg in the castle.

Was still funny though

What mutations execute you indicate with that? Sadism, Fireworks Technition, Dead within ?

Emergency heal seems favor it could be precious it as well.

Bows room incredibly poor vs him since he deserve to block arrows fairly often. However he hes a harder time handling turrets for this reason plop few of those down and also they do pretty quick work the him.

Another vital thing come think around is that he has an border on exactly how much damage he deserve to take per hit (5% of full hp ns believe). This means cheesy strats choose freeze+ hunters bow with the bonus damage on freezing will finish up act a whopping 5% in ~ most. Therefore its an excellent to usage weapons the hit rapid or use dots the chip far at his health conveniently instead that biggly.

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Most importantly dont gain hit, gl.

I'm always wit Tactical or Vitality but after reading this, imma go wit brutality, thx for the pointer Shad