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Quadeca - Red dot tacoemojishirt.comRed Dot, camera much better get that head shot you dead wrong, if friend think that I might press pause I"m like stop, they like nah They prefer "let"s watch" Red Dot, camera aiming in ~ my head pop Red period I just wanna be one of them, among them Yeah ns been below so long four months ~ above a song simply to throw that shit every away Been prefer that all along
Migos - Slippery come "Slippery" song by Migos: popular music a perky just to start up (pop it, pop it pop it) two cups the purple simply to heat up (two cups, d...
Shakewell - Leglock tacoemojishirt.comRed drop, ns quit poppin" sticks and sippin" red drop twin Glock, bitch friend ain"t a thug, girlfriend ain"t in gen popular music Red dot, I"ma save on stompin" "till his neck popular music Feds rock, i can"t be recorded slippin" so the feds hot Red drop, i quit poppin" sticks and also sippin" red fall AR pistol, ooh ns love how it hold Glock clips
Notorious B.I.G. - Warning tacoemojishirt.comIt"s my nigga popular music from the barbershop ... So say thanks to Fame because that warning me "cause now I"m warning friend I got the Mac nigga phone call me what you gonna do." ... "Oh shit, you got a red period on your head too!" "Oh shit!" send Corrections. Thanks to jarulesbabe66 for including these
Migos - Slippery tacoemojishirt.comPop a perky simply to start up (pop it, pop it pop it) / 2 cups the purple just to warm up (two cups, drank) / i heard your bitch ... Dead shot (brrt), AK make your head rock (brrt) Red dot, retro 8, Jordan lock in stock skinny on rocks (Act) Perkys, mollies, xannies, rocks (roxies) Oxycontin (oxyies) Takeoff I"m your med doc (Takeoff!) foot lock (leg)
Quadeca - Red period tacoemojishirt.comYeah, think they gonna usage me Why go God have actually to determined me? That"s exactly how I feel sometimes Swear they all wanna lose me Swear mine life is a to mark reel Swear mine life is a movie Red dot on mine forehead placed that every on the new me yeah I"m too late Y"all acquisition shit too much Had come drive back in a cab the end ...
Casanova - Red dot tacoemojishirt.comI hit that in the leg, i should"ve offered a nigga head shot! ns should"ve gave that young a head shot (boo-,boo-,boom!) Red dot, nigga, red dot i should"ve provided that young a head shooting (boo-,boo-,boom!) Red dot, nigga, red dot currently I gotta break-up your damn block (skkrt) make him red hot, nigga, red hot Now i gotta break-up your cursed block (skkrt)
Red cafe - I"m ill to "I"m Ill" track by Red Cafe: RAH, I"m Ill, I"m Ill, I"m Ill, RAH, RAH, I"m Ill, (I"m Ill) I"m Ill, I"m Ill, I"m Ill, ... Red Cafe> popular music deuce spot, boy latch off, still rep white, the Ash Roth the uncut, the sushi, I"m too G, that"s Gucci (WHAT ELSE!) ... Red period on ya head"s the best tattoo you obtained RAH! Jay-Z - green Light tacoemojishirt.comYeah I acquired it, come and get it, eco-friendly light go (go) Red period I protect against ya, yellow niggaz move slow Red period I obtained "em, tell that nigga relocate slow Head shots popular music "em as soon as I permit the uz" go He done told fool.. Dunn think Dunn loc"in once a pistol smokin tell Dunn ns been gun-totin he don"t recognize he facin death Hockey mask on Jason"s step
Asap mob - stunner Brazy tacoemojishirt.comYou acquired guns but won"t popular music "em i send niggas to the medical professional I don"t care Sandman tan money bag, drag, cut bag guy Baghdad land speak back, get ago slapped v a back hand black man, black color hand side Anti everything since Yams died In evade van through NY No who, what, where, why, when I obtained a lot of on mine head Gucci rag bound on mine head put a red dot ...
Gudda Gudda - new Born tacoemojishirt.comI acquire head in every city, my bitches obtained ass and titties I got dimes that"s mine work, cause I"m fly like a bird Stickin dive my hands on chickens, I might fly em till you curve once I spit it"s favor a pistol v a red dot Lyrical homicide, red rum, headshot Ok, I"m fresher 보다 a brand-new born All black color shades ~ above Polo T snapback, fresh ...
Fun Lovin" criminal - Warning tacoemojishirt.comIt"s mine BLEEP, Pop, native the barbershop said me he remained in the gambling spot and heard the detailed plot of BLEEP wanna pole me favor flypaper, neighbor slow down love, please chill, fall the caper Remember castle BLEEP from the hill increase in Brownsville that you rolling dice with, acting blunts and also got nice with? Yeah mine BLEEP Fame increase in Prospect
Flatbush zombie - Ascension tacoemojishirt.comThat bites us, red dot, head shot absent rocks or bite dust don"t like us then shot us Your family get bound up your wifey she bound up cause she fucked the both us s o lot swear that most likely use that gun ~ above yo" holster and bang yourself currently you know cancel you"re end Chip off the ol" block, chip on my shoulders watch pain in mine eyes, load on ...
A$AP lot - stunner BRAZY tacoemojishirt.comI got a lot on mine head Gucci rag bound on mine head put a red dot on her head I put that guap on your head Don"t be talking to me crazy Don"t be talking to me crazy Don"t be talk to me stunner Don"t be talk to me crazy I got a lot on my mind I put that guap on my mind I gained a lot on mine mind I put that nine to her mind Don"t talk to me brazy
6obby - make It dual tacoemojishirt.comHit "em on the head, red dot in the jungle capture me walkin" slow, pockets racked, it do me stumble I"m gon" acquire the guap and also I"ll do it v no struggle <6obby:> Flexin" large racks, i will never ever be the same Yes, ns pop one more Xan, fall a band all on mine chain, yes She stay textin" me, she don"t message you, you a lame
Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, girls Girls i love you.. Ns love all y"all Hehehe, hehehe, f"real ns love girls, girls, girls, girls Girls, I execute adore Yo placed your number top top this document cause I would love to date ya Holla at ya when I come off tour, yeah I got this Spanish chica, she don"t favor me come roam
Freddie Dredd & Genshin - Murder"s that I perform ...Creeping in your fucking head, I can see what you just said much better watch her fucking mouth prior to the Dredd come take it you out Red, dot, fiendin" for an additional fucking kill, pop a pill and lose a invoice All I need is fucking skill, phonk in my head, then i pump, then you"re dead If you try, come run, it"d be method too fun
Slim Jesus - Drill Time (Remix) tacoemojishirt.comThat red dot will pop a nigga top and leave a nigga dead laying top top his back Pull as much as the cemetery reason that"s wherein all the opps at Ride about with a bad bitch smoking cigarettes opp pack and also she want to match Take a nigga through no gun he a right lick I need that these hands grip big knots Thirty pop make my hand hot
MAC müller - RED dot MUSIC tacoemojishirt.comMac müller - Red period Music Feat. Action Bronson Think I can see a f*cking halo about to fulfill my device Brought a twin cup of Drano Some
Red period Music (feat. Activity Bronson) - Mac müller feat ...Mac miller feat. Action Bronson - Red period Music (feat. Activity Bronson) Think I can see a fucking halo around to meet my an equipment Brought a twin cup of Drano part Soda for the smell uncontrollable habits With so
R. Kelly - eco-friendly Light tacoemojishirt.comRed dot I protect against ya, yellow niggaz move slow. Red dot I acquired "em, tell that nigga relocate slow Head shots popular music "em when I permit the uz" walk He excellent told fool Dunn think Dunn loc"in once a pistol smokin. Tell Dunn i been gun-totin that don"t know he facin fatality Hockey mask top top Jason"s step Don"t make me pop previous your Raisinette you niggaz cow-ass
Mac fearbut - Red period Music come "Red dot Music" track by Mac Miller: Think I can see a fucking halo about to meet my device Brought a twin cup the Drano part soda for th...
Trippie Redd - revolt tacoemojishirt.comYeah, I"m from Hell where it"s red lightning fuck nigga walk "head and try shit I"ma take your lil" bitch favor a Vicodine, yeah, yeah take that tiny bitch on a ride again, yeah, yeah What, girlfriend tough? friend wanna" fight and shit? yeah, yeah Pull v a choppa, obtained a knife ~ above it, yeah, yes Uh, forsho, forsho, 1400 nigga runnin" "fore you know
LL Cool J - kings Is to "Queens Is" tune by LL Cool J: Hit the nigga, man, ... Mine crew popular music they iron from ?HTM? come the peaks of mountain Zion I"m all set for the showdown ... It"s the together nigga period com, dot hot lead red period on your head, Be and also the rappers girlfriend idolized, that idolized me i walk in the spot, niggas part like the Red Sea ...
Josh A & Iamjakehill - Red period"Red Dot" If you acquired a problem, much better shoot and leave no witness in my crew and if you traction that create boi, you understand you"ll have to pay your dues I watch trouble, i see fatality See the red dots on my head watch the reaper by mine bed Bout to take my last breath, yuh Father please forgive me, for every one of my sins I understand I"m not heaven sent
NAV - The man tacoemojishirt.comShe understand I"m the man, she acquired no money she acquired no to plan Designer Pants, putting up fours and given the end xans this niggas lab careers is dead, yes Mad reason I"m the man, yes They wanna feeding me lead, yeah far better aim for my head, yeah also if i don"t live, yeah mine shooters gonna leave you dead, yeah Rolling turn off of meds, yes His bitch gave me ...
G Herbo - guy Now tacoemojishirt.comI"m the male now, to be the male then I have my way with a bitch I"m the guy now, was the man then I put some ice on my wrist, anywhere I pop the end is dancin" ns hit the crowd through some shit, quickly as ns walk the end they standin" I had actually to it is in patient for this I"m the man now, to be the male then I have my method with a bitch I"m the man now, was the guy then
Gyptian - Non prevent tacoemojishirt.comWhen me examine the time 6:30 "pon the period She a wheel hi, one a invoice hi, me seh style she a pop now reach the short article now a absent she a rock baby yuh should just tell me wa yo perform to the head Meck me wan" operation left me self just how yo dweet so dread, yo meck me feeling so red Me wan" dweet again listen to you me pledge mi, for this reason me naw goa no agin" baby
YSN flow - shoes Tied tacoemojishirt.comAnd this cannon gained a red period Pay because that headshots cut his dreadlocks hope he acquired his ID, "cuz his ass can get his head popped better not, obtained a bread knot from the med fall Young yet I be trappin" to those fiends who need them meds popped Young however I be trappin to those fiends who require them meds popped
EARTHGANG - Swivel Nigga, store your head top top a swivel trouble lurkin" "round the corner Run up on you any minute, you"ll be unable to do I know niggas dead the end of desperation RIP mine nigga Allen Dem, ns wish you would"ve remained at residence Learned to do the finest out that shitty situation No complaining, no more Xan, i leave the medicine alone
Mozzy - that Want difficulties tacoemojishirt.comAnother headshot, dude a dead body junky Ayy word come mama, much more than thirty on my llama nigga Shooters shootin" shooters, real shottas nigga Shooters shootin" shooters, actual shottas nigga We most likely pop girlfriend "bout a problem, that want difficulties with us? Ayy word to mama, much more than thirty on my llama nigga ... Red beam, scribble utensils and leave ...
Comethazine - HERO tacoemojishirt.comDon"t you step on mine Gucci slippers or ima" have to pop her shit Red dot warm boy shit, poppin" shit, us be droppin" shit mine bitch head disgustin", lets fuck the bitch on some sloppy shit huge choppa, bullets drip increase his gush, ima" execute him sloppy bitch every my niggas eatin", us feastin" choose it"s Red Lobster
UB40 - Red Red alcohol tacoemojishirt.comRed red wine, you do me feeling so grand I feeling a million dollars when you"re just in my hand Red red wine, you do me feeling so sad any type of time I watch you go, it provides me feel poor Red red wine, you make me feel so good Monkey earlier and ease up ~ above the sweet attributed Red red wine, you provide me totality heap the zing entirety heap the zing, you do me carry out my very own ...
Cypress Hill - feet In The Head come "Hole In The Head" tune by Cypress Hill: Gangster Red, whassup yo? It"s a people thang Madman gonna acquire cha, quick with the cuente view a g...

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XXXTENTACION - CAME2KILL tacoemojishirt.comHead bust, fucking head bust her head open up She gon" bust she legs broad open, pussy broken, uh ~ above yo" block, every up ~ above yo" block, all I check out is smokin", ayy uh Wait, uh, huh, ayy, my prick in my glock, ayy My blade dark favor cops, ayy What"s that? What"s that? Red period (bop, bop, bop, BOP!) Grrra! Gratata, ayy Shoot at pussy guys Can"t fuck through ...

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