This TVB royal residence drama is a sequel come the extremely popular past The realm Of Conscience which was aired earlier in 2009. So, that is close come a decade prior to we obtained to check out the sequel. The course, it has a different cast now yet Deep In The kingdom of Conscience (宮心計2:深宮計) remains within the general theme of power struggles and palace intrigues. The review below will try to flesh the end if this drama is as good as the 2009 manufacturing or otherwise v all the huge stars being roped in and also the big budget allocated.

Type: Costume Episodes: 36 relax Date: may 2018 pictures Credit: TVB

The actors Of Deep In The realm of Conscience

Nancy Wu Ting Yan as Wang JunSteven Ma Chun Wai as Li Longji/Emperor XuanzongAnnie Liu Xin You as Yuen YuetKenneth Ma Kwok Ming as general Yam Sam ShuEdwin Siu Ching Nam together Ho LeiJacqueline Wong amount Wing together Kam Yeuk ChinAlice Chan Wai as Princess TaipingChrissie Chau Sau Na as Concubine Cheng ShunheiLee Lung Kei together Emperor RuizongSusan Tse Suet Sam together Lady CheungMary Hon Ma Lei together Consort Dowager Chou Yu Yin

Main Characters


Wang Jun

Wang Jun is the mam of Li Longji. She damaged off with basic Yam Sam Shu when she found out the she has actually been liked to be the prince’s wife. As soon as her stepmother planned to send her half-sister come the palace instead, Wang Jun disfigured she by secretly including poison to her food. Her half-sister finished up committing suicide. In the palace, Wang Jun maintains a kind and generous facade. However, in yes, really fact, she is a manipulative wife who would protect against at nothing come ensure that her husband gets his throne and she can come to be the Empress.

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Li Longji

Li Longji is the boy of Emperor Ruizong. He has an older brother however he manages to to convince the last to offer up his pursuit to be the crown prince. Li Longji’s ambitious is to inherit the throne. His setup is to provide the masses peace and prosperity yet being an ambitious prince, the would also ignore his conscience on certain matters to get what he wants. He has actually a supportive wife in Wang Jun and they did have actually a loving partnership in the early stages.

Yuen Yuet

Yuen Yuet is a palace maid. She decided to job-related in the palace because she want to uncover out the whereabouts of she elder sister that was sold right into the palace once they were young. Yuen Yuet is a courageous and upright person. She is not afraid come voice out her opinion as soon as she sees a wrong-doing. Together a result, she ended up as a servant to Wang Jun. However, your working partnership deteriorated as soon as Yuen Yuet started to gain close to Concubine Cheng Shunhei. Eventually, Yuen Yuet became the foster daughter of Emperor Ruizong. She likewise fell in love v Ho Lei.

General Yam Sam Shu

General Yam Sam Shu is the ex-boyfriend that Wang Jun. ~ they broke off, the still brought a torch because that her. The is Li Longji’s trusted lieutenant and his loyalty to the prince ensured that he preserved his emotions in check. Eventually, he dropped in love with Kam Yeuk Chin. As a general, he is tasked to inspection various cases in the palace and began to see the angry schemes that Wang Jun plotted. General Yam’s character is loyal, reserved, and honest.

Ho Lei

Ho Lei prospered up in one orphanage. That schemed to obtain into the palace as an imperial guard come avenge because that a massacre that happened there. However, it was every a misunderstanding. In the process, that struck increase a close relationship with basic Yam and also Li Longji. Ho Lei is also a loyal human being who is upright and capable. His love interest is Yuen Yuet in the drama.

Kam Yeuk Chin

Kam Yeuk Chin is a royal residence maid and also became an excellent friends through Yuen Yuet and later Concubine Cheng Shunhei. She dropped in love with general Yam Sam Shu and also used various means to gain him come take an alert of her.

Princess Taiping

Princess Taiping is the sister that Emperor Ruizong. They have actually a an excellent relationship i beg your pardon emboldens her to try to broaden her power and reach. Together a result, she ended up being Li Longji’s rival and also this bitterness rivalry came to be the backbone of this totality drama. Princess Taiping is constantly scheming to get the upper hand over she nephew. Her setup is to have actually someone that she can control to take over the throne. Her character is portrayed as evil and manipulative.

Concubine Cheng Shunhei

Concubine Cheng Shunhei is the niece of Princess Taiping’s an initial husband. She was motivated by the princess to be Li Longji’s concubine. Princess Taiping’s aim to be to get intelligence on Li Longji via Shunhei. However, Shunhei loves she husband and that arrangement failed. In fact, Shunhei is a naive lady who is no well-versed in royal residence in-fightings and power struggles. She has actually 2 an excellent friends in Yuen Yuet and also Yeuk Chin.

Emperor Ruizong

Emperor Ruizong is the dad of Li Longji and also elder brother of Princess Taiping. In ~ times, the is captured in in between the 2 of them. He has a couple of wives whom he abandoned and left for dead as soon as he had actually no strength to face the then Empress Dowager that ordered your punishment years ago. So, as soon as he ended up being the Emperor, that tried to atone for his sins.

Lady Cheung

Lady Cheung is the head of the royal residence proceedings. She monitor Lady Tsui, Nam-Kung, Wong, and also Luk who, in turn, is in fee of the Jewellery, Furnishing, Food, and Attire department respectively. Because of palace in-fightings, Lady Cheung often has to tread carefully so as not to offend anyone in the imperial household.

Consort Dowager Chou Yu Yin

Consort Dowager Chou Yu Yin was abandoned by Emperor Ruizong years ago. They have actually a princess that later died while life a harsh life ~ escaping indigenous the palace. She was invite to become the consort dowager by Emperor Ruizong as soon as she came back to the palace after his ascension come the throne. Her motive is revenge for the abandonment years earlier.


The drama starts with the death of Empress Dowager Wei (guest figure by Michelle Yim) by Li Longji and also Princess Taiping. Empress Dowager Wei has obtained too an effective in the imperial court and both nephew and aunt staged a fightback. After she death, Emperor Ruizong was preferred to sit ~ above the throne.

Emperor Ruizong has actually 2 sons. Princess Taiping desired the elder child to it is in the crown prince together he is no as bright and easier come control. This would have ensured her power in court affairs might remain intact. However, he decreased in donate of his younger brother, Li Longji, that is much much more cunning and ambitious. This began the rivalry in between Li Longji and also Princess Taiping to gain control of the court system. Helping Li Longji in his search to succeed Emperor Ruizong is his wife, Wang Jun, and General Yam Sam Shu. Later, that was likewise aided by Ho Lei, an imperial guard.

While a power struggle was happening in ~ the top, a royal residence maid called Yuen Yuet was looking for her elder sister that was take away in to work-related at the royal residence at a young age. During her stint as a maid, she befriended Kam Yeuk Chin. After part trials and tribulations, she finished up together a foster daughter of Emperor Ruizong and good friend of Concubine Cheng Shunhei.

So, did Li Longji regulate to loss Princess Taiping to inherit the throne? What function did Wang Jun pat to help her husband? walk Yuen Yuet manage to uncover her sister? These are the key plots behind the drama Deep In The kingdom Of Conscience.

Deep In The realm Of Conscience finishing (Spoilers Alert!)


Li Longji vs Princess Taiping

In the last episode of Deep In The kingdom Of Conscience, Li Longji did obtain his throne after ~ all. Princess Taiping want to seize power by making use of Ho Lei however was tricked instead. She was caught red-handed and was required to go suicide. She hung it s her to death in she room.

Nevertheless, Li Longji came to be a lonely Emperor. Everybody alongside him left either on their own picking or has actually died. He defeated Princess Taiping and also got what that wanted but it come at the price of loneliness.

Who Is Ho Lei?

Ho Lei is in reality the boy of Emperor Ruizong. After providing birth come him, his mommy requested Lady Cheung come smuggle him the end of the palace before she died. That was why Ho Lei ended up in an orphanage. Princess Taiping assumed she might use Ho Lei as soon as she uncovered out the he is also a prince. This would certainly threaten Li Longji’s insurance claim to the throne. Regrettably for her, Ho Lei has actually no interest to end up being the Emperor. He ongoing to be faithful to Li Longji and helped the to catch Princess Taiping instead. In the end, he left the royal residence with Yuen Yuet. He decided to hide his true identification from Emperor Ruizong.

Did Yuen Yuet uncover Her Sister?

Her sister has already died. Her sister to be last checked out bringing some soup to Princess Taiping by Lady Wong. However, she maintained it a secret from Yuen Yuet as she didn’t want to produce unnecessary trouble. Towards the end, Li Longji instructed Lady Wong to tell Yuen Yuet the Princess Taiping to be the one who eliminated her sister. In yes, really fact, Li Longji to be the one who eliminated her. Princess Taiping was just the one that ordered she sister to it is in locked up.

This truth remained unrevealed to Yuen Yuet till the end. She mistakenly believed Princess Taiping to it is in the killer and also this is just how the drama ended. Obviously, Li Longji essential to keep this secret. Otherwise, Ho Lei will end up together his adversary as Yuen Yuet is his lover.

What occurred To Wang Jun?

Wang Jun endured a miscarriage earlier in the drama. As a result, she ended up being infertile. The is like karma because that the angry deed the she has actually done to her half-sister. While her relationship with Li Longji was loving and they would occupational together come fight off Princess Taiping, the truth that she is unable to be afflicted with an heir brought about him to be pressured to take it on a concubine. So, Concubine Cheng Shunhei came right into the picture.

Due come jealousy and also the feeling that her position can be threatened, she plotted to cause numerous problem to the concubine. Eventually, this caused Shunhei to suffer a miscarriage. After beating Princess Taiping and also securing his position, Li Longji banished Wang Jun to the cold palace. If she gained to be Empress, she was also abandoned through Li Longji.

Who died In The Drama?

Yeuk Chin was killed by Wang Jun once she overheard a conversation between two of her subordinates. She learned how Wang Jun had plotted versus Shunhei. Yeuk Chin was about to leave when she was struck by Wang Jun with a rock on the earlier of she head. After she death, her lover, basic Yam Sam Shu, requested Li Longji to provide him 2 wishes. Basic Yam wanted to leave the palace after he has helped Li Longji come secure the throne. He also wanted Wang Jun to it is in punished for her crimes. Li Longji agreed to both.

Yeuk Chin’s death likewise came quickly after Shunhei’s miscarriage. Shunhei also found out that Li Longji knew all along that Wang Jun to be the one who brought about her to lose her unborn child. But Li Longji retained quiet about it due to the are afraid that Princess Taiping could take the opportunity to create trouble. Shunhei feeling anguished as result of these miscellaneous events. Hence, she chose to poison herself and Wang Jun if pretending to serve her tea. Unfortunately, Wang Jun saw v her plot and also didn’t drink any type of of it. Just Shunhei died after drink the poisoned tea.

Deep In The realm Of Conscience testimonial – clock Or Skip?

Despite the star-studded cast, over there is nothing good about Deep In The realm Of Conscience. I deserve to see the they have actually thrown fairly a little of money into the sophisticated costumes. They carry out look beautiful yet you don’t clock a drama just since of the apparel that the personalities wear, right? The whole drama simply gets tiring because that me because the rivalry in between Li Longji and also Princess Taiping just keeps going ago and forth ideal until the end. Over there is little suspense in those tit-for-tat power plays the it i do not care a big bore. In fact, ns couldn’t store watching and had to prevent mid-way because that a 2-week break before continuing.

Unlike Princess silver- which has actually much an ext depth, Deep In The kingdom Of Conscience has a pretty shallow plot in comparison. Who are friends and who space foes are made clear upfront. So, over there is tiny element of surprise as the drama moves along. On height of that, the poetic conversations amongst the female personalities are means overdone. They can seem cute initially, however hearing them transparent the 36 illustration can become kind of stroked nerves to me. The far-ranging screen time that the females working under Lady Cheung also doesn’t really add to the main plot of the power struggle in the palace. Well, girlfriend would have pettiness in most palace dramas yet this one has actually plenty of it amongst the females as a filler which simply lengthens the drama unnecessarily.

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The Ending

There is a twisted in the ending involving Yuen Yuet’s sister. However it doesn’t provide you the satisfaction the you expect for. The article is Li Longji is no the great person the he tried to portray. I have the right to accept that however it also kind of make Yuen Yuet and Ho Lei’s characters a small naive.

All I have the right to say is the finishing is no happy no one sad. It has a feeling of indifference come me. Friend don’t feel for Li Longji due to the fact that the entirety drama lacks character development. He is portrayed as ambitious and also determined yet his inner turmoil is never ever really fleshed out for viewers to have actually a clearer understanding of and sympathy for him.

The acting

There is nothing good in this room either. I can’t view anyone being in their aspect for their function in this TVB drama except perhaps for Alice Chan Wai together Princess Taiping. She is may be to provide the personality the evilness and also arrogance forced through she eyes and facial expressions. Nancy Wu’s Wang Jun can not really complement Alice Chan Wai’s Princess Taiping in regards to aura and also screen presence.

Steven Ma falls short to give the Li Longji character more depth. Maybe it’s no his fault as soon as the script is as such. Kenneth Ma appears to be too wooden in Deep In The kingdom Of Conscience. Ns think costume drama is no really his forte as he often tends to execute much better in contemporary series such as big White Duel.

Annie Liu did sensibly well together Yuen Yuet. Some civilization might find her annoying with the method she talks. Yet I’m not as harsh in this regard. She provides the character a kind of liveliness that is simple to accept. Yet Chrissie Chau is a disappointment together Shunhei. She seems to be having actually trouble showing the right kind of expressions as she regurgitates she lines. I recognize it is not straightforward doing both for a costume drama however her exhilaration is a pains to clock throughout.

My Verdict

Given mine Deep In The realm Of Conscience evaluation above, mine verdict must be apparent – skip it. Girlfriend won’t miss out on anything given the shallow plot, average acting, and endless rivalry that goes back and soon without any interesting storyline development. Nowadays, friend are much better off the town hall mainland productions because that costume dramas. I don’t think TVB can complement those anymore. But it can still do well in legislation enforcement dramas choose The Defected and also Flying Tiger as well as other modern themes.

So, uneven you space a hardcore pan of any kind of of the stars in Deep In The kingdom Of Conscience, there is no must waste her time sitting through the entire 36 episodes. Her time is better spent watching something else.