Queen Apailana"s costume will certainly be on screen in the traveling exhibit "Star Wars and the power of Costume" in ~ the Denver arts Museum. Courtesy.

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The Boba Fett costume will certainly be on screen in the traveling exhibit "Star Wars and also the strength of Costume" in ~ the Denver art Museum. Courtesy.

"Star Wars" founding father George Lucas and his costume designers and concept artist scoured the globe looking for inspiration.

They uncovered it in the eastern - eastern designs influenced plenty of of the imperial gowns in the famous science fiction franchise. They found it in the West - the gunslingers uncovered in American Western films sparked the idea for Han Solo"s costume. Lock combed with Art Deco styles and National geographic magazines, pored end Elizabethan portraits and also investigated women"s fashion in Mongolia and also Africa.

The Denver arts Museum is the an initial art museum to host "Star Wars and also the strength of Costume," a traveling exhibit developed by the Smithsonian institution Traveling Exhibition company in partnership v the Lucas Museum of narrative Art and in consultation v Lucasfilm Ltd. It opens Sunday and runs through April 2.

"So numerous of us have a an individual and nostalgic connection to the material," says Stefania valve Dyke, interpretive specialist in ~ DAM. "We prefer to tap right into those points with personal meaning for a the majority of people and also we"re hoping this exhibit can do that."

The exhibit features much more than 70 hand-crafted costumes from the very first seven "Star Wars" films and also 100 added pieces, numerous of which have never to be seen, indigenous Lucas" Skywalker Ranch.

It"s more than simply costumes, though. The exhibit will feature the an innovative and behind-the-scenes procedure of "Star Wars" costume development by taking viewers indigenous the art studio, wherein the artistic team produced the room opera"s world on paper, come the costume shop, where developers made the garment and figured out how it would look on both the person and screen. In the fitting room, the last stop in the process, gibbs stepped into their costumes and also brought them come life.

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"We asked lock (Lucas Museum of rigid Art) for cloth bolts or ancillary materials," van Dyke says. "They visited their warehouse and also dug v it and found totality crates of silk screens used to decorate costumes in the prequels. We have actually one of the silk screens never watched before and also fabric swatches. People interested in costumes and fashion will be fascinated through it."

The exhibit even features one long-lost frock that never ever made it come primetime. During Van Dyke"s study she kept stumbling on a dress worn through Natalie Portman"s personality Padmé in "Star Wars: illustration III - Revenge the the Sith." called the peacock and brown gown because of the method its colors shifted from teal come brown, the didn"t appear on the exhibit"s checklist that items. The director of archives at Skywalker Ranch told valve Dyke the step starring the gown was deleted from the film.

"It"s an interesting story about all the difficult work and also months that research and how it have the right to never check out the light of day," says Van Dyke. "I want to encompass it in the exhibit and also we uncovered all this ancillary product related come it like cloth swatches, embroidery tests and also they had actually a headdress. We can show the process of developing this one costume and show it in addition to the costume. It"s a gorgeous costume top top its own and also to check out the process along v it is exciting."