DERRY — A local movie theatre has actually ceased to operate and new owners room hoping to find homes for much more than 2,000 cinema seats.

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The Derry 5 Star Cinema off Ashleigh Drive, closed for more than a year, has now been marketed to a Nashua-based developer hoping to redevelop the site right into various other uses.

The brand-new owner is Allen J. Mello, co-owner and also Vice president of Allen Mello Chrysler dodge Jeep lamb in Nashua.

Mello purchase the 10-acre cinema property last month from Toronto, Ontario-based Slate heritage Management. 

According come Derry Planning manager George Sioras, the new property owner is still working on to plan on how to redevelop the property, with much more details on planning to come prior to town boards later on this spring.

And as component of the plan, Sioras said there are much more than 2,000 theatre seats needing to find a new home and that Mello hoped to discover them a appropriate spot because that future use.

"He claimed he to be looking come donate come a non-profit or a theatre group," Sioras said. "He doesn"t desire them thrown away."

The Five-Star Cinema closed over a year ago, and due come COVID-19 comes to wasn"t opened again for business.

The new sale will give the property methods to be used for assorted other retail or development plans, Sioras said, with much more information on plans and also design come come before planners later this year.

Sioras claimed Derry has seen brand-new business comes to town, including new prospects because that the previous Nestle toy fee House service on crystal Avenue and brand-new restaurants hope to contact Derry home.

"We are remaining steady," Sioras said, including that organization continues on as usual, however without the person-to-person, in person meetings and opportunities that were welcome pre-COVID-19.

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