The Dreaming City is one of the most feature-rich destinations in Destiny 2. A three-week bike controls this destination's secret chests, blind Well enemies, and current Ascendant Challenge.

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Ascendant challenges are particularly unique due to the fact that there are six difficulties in total. Completing these difficulties can give random Dreaming City gear and the Starlight Shell, a Ghost Shell necessary for the Cursebreaker title. Even if it is you're chasing booty or titles, these obstacles are worth enduring for yourself. Let's walk over what you'll need to attempt this challenges, where all six are located, and how to complete every Ascendant challenge present top top the Dreaming City.

Updated respectable 7th, 2021, through Charles Burgar: Completing Ascendant obstacles has become worthwhile through the return of random-rolled Dreaming City gear. For those looking to obtain a perfect Dreaming City weapon, you'll desire to complete at least one Ascendant an obstacle each week. We've update this guide with clearer info on each Ascendant Challenge. Tips have also been added to most obstacles to do Ascendant Knights and challenge bosses much simpler to transaction with.

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Ascendant challenge Prerequisites

Destiny 2 Dreaming City Gear via Bungie
prior to you attempt any type of Ascendant Challenge, you'll need:

A Tincture of Queensfoil understand the place of the Ascendant challenge Petra's weekly Ascendant difficulty bounty This is optional, however it offers you added loot for something you'll it is in doing anyway.

A Tincture that Queensfoil is a consumable item that grants the "Ascendance" buff for 30 minutes, enabling you to enter these weekly Ascendant Challenges. You can discover Tinctures from activities and chests scattered transparent the Dreaming City. Tinctures can likewise be purchased from Huginn, an Ahamkara skull inside Harbinger's Seclude.

If you plan to complete the challenges each week, it's a great idea to visit Petra Venj. She selling a weekly bounty the asks you to complete an Ascendant Challenge, approving Dreaming City equipment if completed.

Note: You get one life in every Ascendant Challenge. If you die, you'll respawn at the portal come the challenge. The portal will open after a couple of seconds, enabling you to attempt the challenge once more. Ascendant difficulties are detailed in order of release, not curse strength.

Destiny 2 Aphelion
LocationAphelion's Rest lost Sector
ChallengeDestroy taken Blights to expose crystals
Curse StrengthStrongest
friend can discover this an obstacle in the Aphelion's Rest shed Sector, situated in The Strand. The portal will be floating over a ramp in the direction of the final boss arena.

completing this difficulty is a two-step process:

Destroy 4 Taken Blights, situated in each corner of the arena. Destroy every crystal in the facility of the arena.

You'll spawn at the facility of the arena, sandwiched between multiple Ascendant Knights. These opponents are fairly tough so keep your distance. Over there are four Taken Blights you must destroy, one for each corner of the arena. Rotate clockwise around the arena, destroying each Blight friend come across. Adversaries will spawn when you obtain near a Blight, although friend can conveniently avoid them. A single Anarchy bolt is sufficient to destroy a Blight.

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as soon as all 4 Blights space destroyed, a article stating "An opportunity" will appear. Every decision will currently be breakable to damage. Damage the crystals in ~ the center of the arena to complete the challenge. Be careful, as the Ascendant Knights will begin to fee you throughout this part. Distance yourself indigenous the Knights as lot as possible.

Destiny 2 Dreaming City Garden
LocationGardens that Esila
ChallengeDeposit orbs, then death Ascendant Knights
Curse StrengthWeak
This week's difficulty is located at the Garden of Esila, the southern-most section of The Strand. The portal can be found on the southeast edge of the zone, just after the first group that Hive Acolytes.

perfect this difficulty will call for the following:

Deposit 3 orbs come the center of the arena. Kill the Ascendant Knights.

every orb have the right to be discovered in the outskirts of the area. They'll be a UI indicator for whereby the orbs are, therefore they have to be reasonably easy come find. Take the orb and also escort it come the center to dunk them. You have the right to melee with these orbs to construct some momentum.

After friend deposit 3 orbs, a pool of irradiate will generate beneath you. This pool will give you unlimited Super energy. You'll it is in rushed native all angles by Ascendant Knights. Use your newfound strength to turn these opponents into dust. Kill every one of the Knights to end up the challenge.

If you're struggling to kill the Knights, consider the adhering to Supers:

Hunter: Golden Gun and also Shadowshot are great for this challenge. Spam gold Gun shots, or tether all of the Knights with each other to clear them the end quickly. Warlock: Chaos reach is wonderful for killing the Knights. Titan: Thundercrash works finest for this, also without Cuirass of the falling Star.

Destiny 2 Spine the Keres Shore
LocationSpine of Keres
ChallengeClimb a tower, then kill a boss.
Curse StrengthGrowing
once you reach the Spine that Keres, head in the direction of the shore. You'll see a portal floating follow me the path.

This challenge is rather straightforward:

Ascend a tower Kill the boss

The tower is littered v traps and levitating platforms you'll have to hop between. Completing this platforming ar shouldn't take an ext than a couple of minutes, but feel totally free to take it it slow. At the apex the the tower is a Cabal Phalanx. Be careful not to acquire hit through the Phalanx's shield, as it can quickly launch you come the bottom the the tower. Kill the ceo to end up the challenge.

Destiny 2 Harbinger
LocationHarbinger's Seclude
ChallengeUse a Hive knife to kill 2 Ascendant Knights
Curse StrengthStrongest
travel to the northern end of Harbinger's Seclude. You'll enter a spacious room v an Awoken statue at the northern tip of the room. Use a Tincture that Queensfoil to expose a hidden path next to the statue. Monitor the route to get in the portal.

friend only have one objective here:

Kill two Ascendant Knights with a Hive Sword.

do your method to the arena by jumping throughout rock platforms. The center of the arena will have a Hive Sword safeguarded by countless Hive. They'll be 2 Knights close to the sword that room impervious come damage. Kill every various other Hive in the area to usage the Sword.

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You'll have actually ten minute to kill both Knights with the Sword. Use heavy attacks and also the Sword's Super attack to output as much damages as possible. As soon as both Knights room defeated, monitor the Toland wisp external the arena to with the chest. You'll have multiple bring away enemies try to kill you during this part. Feel totally free to drop the knife to shooting them from a distance.

Destiny 2 bay Of drowned Wishes
LocationBay of drowning Wishes lost Sector
ChallengeKill two Taken Wizards
Curse WeekWeak
indigenous the Divalian Mists, rotate around and also run right into the only of drowning Wishes shed Sector. The portal is just before the entrance to the boss arena.

main 5's challenge is straightforward:

Follow Toland's wisp through a platforming section. Defeat a pair of taken Wizards.

Toland will guide you through a lengthy platforming section. Run to his orb to reveal the following platform. Follow Toland until you reach the arena at the very bottom. Alternatively, you can use your motion abilities and also Super to do your method to the arena.

as soon as you reach the bottom, run to Toland's orb to spawn the final boss. You'll should kill two Taken Wizards while preventing Taken Blights and also Thrall.

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these Wizards are fairly weak, therefore this shouldn't it is in a an overwhelming encounter. Carry a knife if you want to death the Wizards quickly. The an obstacle ends when both Wizards space slain.

LocationChamber of Starlight shed Sector
ChallengeKill an Ascendant Knight
Curse StrengthGrowing
The chamber of Starlight is situated at the southern end of Rheasilvia. You'll uncover the portal straight behind the lost Sector chest.

In essence, this difficulty is a gauntlet. You'll require to:

Push with a myriad that enemies and also traps. Defeat an Ascendant items boss.

getting to the ceo is a long ordeal, filled through traps that can push you turn off the map. Hobgoblins and also Shriekers period the course to the boss. If you desire to play the safe, stay back and death these enemies before you continue onward.

together for the final fight, you'll be facing off against an Ascendant article in a cramped arena. A Shrieker will spew projectiles in ~ you during this part, therefore it's recommended that you kill it very first before facing the boss. Every time the boss loses 25% of its total health, it'll vanish because that a couple of seconds and spawn bring away Thrall. The knight will become enraged as soon as it loser 75% the its health, denoted by the lose of its helmet. To explode the Knight under as rapid as you can to complete the challenge. The Lament, Anarchy, Deathbringer, and also most Rocket Launchers must take the Knight under quickly.

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