Destiny"s rise of Iron growth introduces a brand brand-new collection of Exotic weapons and also armour that will keep any type of guardian busy, whether you"re a new player or long time veteran. We have the return that every fans favourite rocket launcher, a new SIVA themed pulse rifle and also a RoboCop sidearm incarnation referred to as the Trespasser.In this post I"ll cover every one of the brand-new exotic weapons: giving insight into their unique abilities and perks in addition to details explaining just how to gain each of them.

Gjallarhorn (Year 3)

A new addition come the Exotic sword range, "The Young Wolfs Howl" is a solar damage sword through an amazing special attack. Like other swords, the is most effective at blocking polar opposite damages types, in this case Void and Arc damage.PerksThe Exotic perk because that this sword is called "Howling Flames" - it releases a fiery solar eruption the weakens enemies and deals damages over time.How to obtain itPlayers will have actually to complete the associated Exotic quest before this weapon is unlocked. An ext details to follow shortly.

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Khvostov 7G-0X

An exotic variation of the Khvostov has been a dream for most vanilla Destiny fans. The original Khvostov was the first weapon to elegant the game, help players fight v the beforehand quests top top their means to unlocking the Tower social space. Only being accessible in white form, the Khvostov was irreplaceable once you started levelling up to green and also blue drops. In climb of Iron, the brand-new exotic Khvostov AR rifle comes through a range of exclusive right that put it steady in the same course as the MIDA multitool. It"s an ext than an all rounder though with most fans introduce to it together a Swiss army knife!Players can easily switch between solitary shot, pulse or rapid fire modes. In fact, there room over 100 various combinations native the perk tree, allowing players to fine song the weapon to their specific needs. PerksScopeClassic scope - The original Khvostov scope. Optimized for range and stabilityModernized border - Grants additional zoom and target acquisitionFiring ModeAutomatic - set firing habits to completely automatic burst Fire - sets firing actions to burstSemi Auto - sets firing behavior to semi-automatic with greater muzzle velocityFrame OptionsHammer forged - Improved selection and accuracyRifled Barrel - boosted range; slow reloadBraced frame - raised stability; reduced magazine sizeExtrasExtended Mag - A larger magazineCounterbalance - This weapon has increased stabilityRangefinder - Aiming this weapon boosts its efficient rangeRPM450 RPM - set firing actions to 450 RPM. Grants bonus variety 900 RPM - sets firing habits to 900 RPM. Sponsor bonus stabilityHow to obtain itThe exotic Khvostov is obtainable v an exotic search that takes players ago to the games starting area, just exterior of the cities wall. It"s a nostalgia trip ago to the first playable area in Destiny yet obviously things have adjusted significantly in climb of Iron.Similar come the Sleeper Simulation quest, players will periodically find Khvostov weapon parts as they check out the new Plaguelands zone. These weapon components are randomly surprise in chests or as rewards because that participating in the Archon"s create arena.You only need to uncover one of these weapon components to kick-start the search - just return it to one of the climb of Iron pursuit givers come activate the quest and also start the new mission come retrieve the upgraded Khvostov. Alternatively, girlfriend can gain Khvostov weapon parts by dismantling your original Khvostov (an alt personality is a simple means to obtain hold the one quickly).Quest StepsCollect Pages and PartsManual Pages x 10Khvostov components x 3Talk to ShiroA Khvostov climbing (complete mission "A Khvostov Rising" in the Plaguelands)Talk come Shiro

Nemesis Star

Reminiscent of a futuristic "RoboCop" format gun, the Trespasser exotic weapon has burst fire (3 shots) and primary Arc damage. It"s exotic perk is exceptionally OP, allowing players to reel off a to explode of 6 bullets through reloading following a successful kill. In crucible, this exotic perk promotes a vast TTK difference.PerksKills with this weapon grant magnified motion tracker resolution because that a short timeThis weapon fires to explode of bullets with deadly accuracyExotic - Reloading after a kill causes the next burst to be a longer, more powerful super burstHow to get itWrath the the Machine, RnG, Xur, Nightfall, Trials, majesties Fall.

Outbreak prime (SIVA pulse rifle)

Coming through a unique exotic perk called Virulence, this SIVA themed weapon blossoms the end a cloud the SIVA seek nanites complying with a successive precision kill. This is the "Raid" exotic weapon but like Necrochasm indigenous The Dark Below. This time around, the weapon is covert behind a series of Easter Egg actions that need to be resolved in a team of players, of varying classes.How to acquire itTo case the Outbreak prime exotic weapon friend must complete a series of measures for a concealed Exotic quest. It"s complicated, therefore I recommend complying with a an excellent Destiny player such as Datto for his complete YouTube walkthrough. To kickstart the quest, a Raid group must revisit the Wrath the the an equipment to activate a certain number of monitors, then keep in mind down a sequence of binary numbers that show up on the key monitors. Every player must later on use the converted binary number to decimal to complete the "Engine Synchronized" step.At this point a new quest appears in your inventory referred to as "Channeling the Corruption" which calls for players to finish a series of measures ranging native Nightfall, Crucible, Patrol, Archon"s Forge and Plaguelands.

Other returning exotics

The understand of PvP because that so long, the mandrel exotic weapon is do a lot welcomed return in climb of Iron. Choose the Gjallarhorn and Khvostov, thorn is also part of an exotic search that players have to unlock and complete prior to the Year 3 version of this standard hand cannon is rewarded.Thorn"s an enig lies that it"s exotic perk that reasons damage over time, permitting players come fire turn off shots, then duck and cover whilst the adversary curses them as they continuously take damage. This effect only applies on the first hit yet given the tight margins in PvP the exotic impact is many welcome.How to get itUnlocked with an exotic quest line dubbed "A light in the Dark". The usual way to get exotic pursuits still uses in RoI. Simply complete bounties and also trade them in upon completion (e.g.

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Come Shiro). If you"re lucky, the thorn Exotic bounty will certainly be available at some point.Quest Steps
Echoes that Darkness (defeat Kovic)Harvest the the Lesser (defeat 500 x Fallen)Feast upon the light (125 x Void death in Crucible)Cleansed through the irradiate (consume 5 x Motes of Light)Where It began (find skeleton vital and open up the horde in ~ the finish of "The Abomination Heist" Strike)