Here's exactly how to beat Ricdifficult the hypnotist in the side mission Cult of Personality in Deus Ex Mankind Divided on PS4, Xbox One, and also COMPUTER.

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In this Deus Ex Mantype Divided walkthrough we"ll be offering you a complete guide to the Cult of Personality side mission. Follow our tips and you"ll have actually no trouble beating Rictough the hypnotist.

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Deus Ex Mansort Divided - The Cult of Personality Walkthrough

Right exterior the Zelen apartment building out the entrance by the stairs to your apartment is a manhole that eventually leads to a really confused male named Viznik and also a headache-inducing room at the mercy of the godlike number Rictough. Here"s how you beat Rictough and also cost-free his wards from his aug-enchanced hypnotism.

After your initially confrontation through Richard falls short in the challenge of exactly how good you"re required to think he is, head up the ladder to the right. There"s a turret guarding the location, so run to the red corridor to the right and follow it until you find a locked door. Pick up the crumpled poster in front of it, which will certainly then prompt you to head earlier to Čistá Čtvrť (Cista Ctvrt) to uncover Richard"s old partner Liborio. Be mindful that Richard"s hypnotism stays clear of you from taking any kind of aggressive action, so you can"t dispatch the turrets yourself.


Head to the magic shop and also speak through Liborio to learn Richard"s backstory and the resource of his powers. After being reluctant to any type of course of action that would certainly hurt Rictough, Liborio gives you 3 scrambling gadgets to put on Richard"s hypnotic emitters and also dampen his host on the room. Head ago to Richard"s doprimary and go upstairs again. One of the emitters is on the wall at the beginning of the hallmethod through the second turret, an additional is underneath the second turret, and also the third is at the dead end across from Richard"s room.

After attaching all the emitters, go downstairs and also talk to Ricdifficult through the microphone in the center of the room. Try to be somewhat sympathetic and pragmatic in your answers – the Mitigate and also Pity responses definitely work right here. Don"t forget to loot Richard"s room after the mission is complete. The turrets will not react to you anymore, so you do not have to be mindful.

If you do not want to bother via finding Liborio and convincing Ricdifficult, you have the right to head to the door of Richard"s room and also goad the turret right into shooting his door, inevitably destroying it. Then all you have to do is subdue Ricdifficult and also collect the spoils.

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