Dewar’s dual Double 32 Year Old score 96.4 out of 100 points in ~ the 2020 international Whisky Competition. The annual event awards an Olympics-style Gold, Silver and Bronze in each spirits category, limiting the overall number of winners.

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Unlike various other spirits competitions, the IWC’s tasting dashboard is presented v one whisky in ~ a time (“to ensure every whisky gets the proper attention”) and notes space taken in ~ every action for review. The spirits room ranked on sight, nose, taste/mouthfeel and finish.

The Dewar’s dual Double 32 Year Old — which, together of push time, we could still discover on Drizly for under $200 — was one of 53 bottles that scored 90 point out or above. It also took residence the top blended Scotch honors, where two various other Dewar’s releases came in second and third. The exact same three bottles — a 32-, 27- and 25-year-old — also finished in the same order in the best Blended Scotch over 25 year Old category.

Dewar's twin Double 32 Year Old wins Whisky the the Year at the 2020 global Whisky Competition. #dewars #dewarsscotch #aberfeldy #bacardi #scotch #scotchwhisky #johndewarandsons #stephaniemacleod #whiskey #whisky #whiskyoftheday #whiskyoftheyear #internationalwhiskycompetition

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Blended variations account because that the greatest sales in the Scotch category; they’re a mix the malt and grain whiskies sourced from different distilleries. However they hardly ever offer the very same whisky-nerd appeal as a solitary malt, i beg your pardon hails from a solitary distillery, utilizes pot-still distillation and is do from a mash of malted barley.

to push the limits of what is expected from the whisky category and also have a long-standing commitment come innovation,” claims Stephanie MacLeod the Dewar’s, who also took house the IWC’s understand Blender that the Year award because that the second time (last year she to be the very first woman to win the honor).


As listed by whiskey-appreciation website Distiller, the win Dewar’s expression goes with a “four-stage aging process,” where solitary malts and solitary grains room aged independently at the very least 32 year then blended together and rested in exhausted casks a few different times before the last liquid is matured in ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

Casual drinkers who know Dewar’s from their best-selling (and quite inexpensive) White brand release or their an ext unusual and also recent publication that space finished in ex-rum and also mezcal casks may be surprised through the brand’s huge win. But because its begin in 1846, Dewar’s has won much more than 1,000 awards and also even touts that they’re The World’s most Awarded mixed Scotch Whisky.

As well, is anything really a surprised in the larger whisky/whiskey awards circuit? In different competitions (beyond IWC) over the past few years, we’ve watched a Canadian rye take peak honors, and also an inexpensive bottled-in-bond Tennessee whiskey, when a Japanese release freshly won World’s Best solitary Malt. See a Scotch native a brand with two century of legacy win is virtually a return to kind by those standards.

The other big winners indigenous this year’s IWC include …

Ardbeg: six variations top top this peaty Islay single malt landed in the peak 10 scores. They additionally won Distillery of the Year.

Ardbeg Distillery won Distillery the the Year at the 2020 global Whisky Competition. Ardbeg scored an average of 92.9 point out on their whole range. Congratulations come Mickey Heads, Dr. Invoice Lumsden, and also the entire team in ~ Ardbeg because that this incredible achievement. #ardbeg #islay #ardbegwhisky #ardbegdistillery #whisky #scotch #scotchwhisky #peatedwhisky #internationalwhiskycompetition #distillery #distilleryoftheyear #bestwhisky #whiskey

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Glenmorangie: as well as several solitary Malt wins, the distillery’s Dr. Bill Lumsden took residence Master Distiller that the Year honors.

Eagle Rare: The 10 Year Old relax won both American Whiskey and also Bourbon the the Year. It’s also pretty straightforward to find and also typically priced under $50.

Matt D’Arcy & Co. Ltd.: A 17 Year Old Rum Finished solitary Malt from this longstanding however only recently revitalized brand took house the finest Irish Whiskey that the Year.

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1792: This Sazerac-owned brand took residence a the majority of Silver medals however won finest Cask stamin and solitary Barrel American Whiskey awards.