Kim M. Ferry putting peanut butter top top Steve Carell's hair and touching increase Kate Flannery's prosthetics on collection of "The Office."Credit: photos courtesy the Kim M. Ferry

Superfans the The Office should recognize the name Kim M. Ferry.

Ferry is one of the good celebrity hair stylists in the entertain industry, and for eight periods she operated as a member the The Office"s hair and makeup crew. She"s the woman who perfected Pam"s signature curls, the human being who had the respect of massaging peanut butter anywhere Steve Carell’s head in Season 4"s "Night Out" episode, the mastermind behind the wigs you observed throughout the series, and so much more.

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Since Ferry booked a job on the science fiction collection Babylon 5 in 1994, she"s gone on to work as a hairstylist for a selection of movies and television shows, including Pretty small Liars, grounding in the Middle, ER, Bunheads, Veronica Mars, and also more. End the decades, Ferry has operated with plenty of different casts and crews, however to today she considers The Office her "best task ever." spoke v Ferry around her time on The Office, together with some of the most memorable hair moments from the series. We also chatted around how she"s using her Instagram account,
In a call interview, Ferry explained that she was still functioning on Veronica Mars as soon as executive producer Kent Zbornak got to out and also asked if she wanted to work on a present called The Office. "I"d operated with the on one or two mirrors I think prior to that, and we had actually a pretty an excellent relationship. For this reason that"s type of how I gained invited," Ferry said. "I have to say that the an initial six illustration ns did not do. Ns wasn"t part of those. However Season 2, definitely."

When Ferry join the display for Season 2 she was excited to make a couple of changes. "I satellite down with all the actors and talked to them around their looks. Friend know, "What carry out you desire to move forward with? What do you desire to change? exactly how do you feel?" That kind of thing," she said. Those moral conversations resulted in one the the show"s biggest glow ups: Michael Scott"s new hair.

Goodbye, Gordon Gekko. Hello, Michael Scott.

"Season 1 to be a various hair department head, so ns didn"t have any control the that. But when ns knew the I had actually the job they sent out me some tapes that the show, and also when ns watched the tapes i was like, "Oof."" Ferry said. "I felt prefer it was a very severe look at on . I want to talk to about it, and that"s the an initial thing ns did. He was like, "Yeah, I certainly want to change it.""


Steve Carell in Season 1, episode 3 vs. Season 2, illustration 8.Credit: composite: NBC via getty images

As for why Carell"s hair looked for this reason noticeably various in Season 1, Ferry states the style was excellent intentionally. "What i was called was that his character in the first six illustration — usually they to be going for prefer a Gordon Gekko . They want it to be slick. However I felt prefer it made the too, i don"t desire to speak creepy, yet it wasn"t flattering," she explained. Ferry currently knew and also loved Carell, because they had actually just functioned together ~ above the 2003 comedy, Bruce Almighty, for this reason she wanted to make Michael Scott "a little more likeable."

" a an excellent looking guy. I wanted to showcase that… and also really make him watch well-groomed and also a little much more put together," Ferry continued. She further elaborates top top Carell"s monumental hair shift in Andy Greene"s oral history of The Office, yet essentially, she re-styled it, did part blow drying, and added a tiny lift to create the lot softer image of Michael Scott the fans know and love today.

The saga of man Krasinski"s wig

Fixing Michael Scott"s hair wasn"t the just lasting influence Ferry had on the present or that cast. During Season 3 the The Office, john Krasinski asked come wear a wig once filming the last 6 episodes so the he can star together George Clooney in the 2008 football film, Leatherheads. The Leatherheads function required Krasinski to reduced his hair, i beg your pardon Office showrunner Greg Daniels wasn"t onboard with, so he shut under Krasinski"s request. Fairly than turning down the role, Krasinski saw Ferry for help, and the two teamed up because that a top-secret wig operation.

Ferry recalls Krasinski comes to her through his dilemma, and though she feel she was placing her project on the line, she stated yes. "He paid for the wig — a human being hair wig do by a friend of mine, Natascha Ladek, who"s the ideal wig device in town," Ferry said. "She came in to carry out a mystery little fitting for him, she do the wig, we gained it, and it looked amazing. came in a tiny later the day, and I had the wig covert in a little secret spot ready for him. As soon as it was simply him and I, I put it ~ above him, and then that went out and also filmed."

Instead of adhering to the setup — which to be to wait until the next morning to reveal the Halpert hairpiece — a wig-wearing Krasinski drove straight to Daniels" office after ~ shooting and also made his situation for starring in Leatherheads again.

"I really crazily and also nervously got hold of my bag and jumped in my car," Ferry recalled, explaining the she adhered to Krasinski come Daniels" office as shortly as she learned he"d left. When she arrived, the door to be closed, and she was told the Krasinski was already chatting with Daniels and also Zbornak. When she nervously waited for an update, B.J. Novak walked over to her and said, "Hey Kim, is this about John"s wig?" Ferry to be terrified that Novak and the rest of authors knew about the stunt she and also Krasinski had actually pulled, but before she could come clean, Novak said, "Well, I"ve gotta tell you... I simply saw John and I feel prefer we"re gonna understand if it"s a wig or not."

"I"m reasoning like, uh huh. That doesn"t understand John"s wearing ideal now," Ferry said. "So it made me feeling better. And also I was like, "Well, that"s interesting."" just then, the door opened and Ferry to be summoned into Daniels" office. "I literally turned to B.J. And also said, "It was nice working with you BJ," and I see Kent, and I view Greg sit at his desk, and John is sort of sitting next to him, and also I watch the wig off sitting best in prior of Greg," she said.


"The very first thing Greg stated was, "Wow. Friend guys have actually balls," and then goes, "but I need to say i didn"t check out that coming."" Ferry described that Krasinski had actually walked right into the office through the wig on and pitched every the reasons why Daniels must let him wear one top top the show. "Greg maintained saying, "No! ns would know if you"re put on a wig." So john leaned end the desk and said, "No ns don"t think friend would." That"s once he ripped the off and shut it down, and we acquired to do the wig."

"It to be worth it reason he really wanted to perform that movie and I didn"t want to disappoint him," Ferry said. "It to be nerve-wracking, yet it turned out OK. Thank god."

The most sophisticated hair moment on The Office

While Krasinski"s wig may have actually been Ferry"s many stressful hair moment from the show, her favorite hairstyle — and the one that required the most planning — was as soon as Meredith shave her head in "Lice," the tenth episode of Season 9.

"That was three weeks that prep for me, and I had to have the ability to figure every little thing out, because Greg Daniels want to cut her head. He really did. And also I just couldn"t permit it," Ferry explained. " was like, "I don"t desire to shave my head!" and I to be like, "I"m not gonna let the happen."" so Ferry called in a major reinforcement: Ed French, a assembly artist known as "The Godfather of fully Caps."

"It to be amazing having him carry out the pieces and also prosthetics… and also when had actually to be every bald he did that," Ferry said. "I go the pave of she hair underneath and also that"s yes, really tricky too, since Kate has so lot hair, so it was really tough to do it look favor a level skull. I also bought a bunch of person hair the matched hers, so as soon as she to be grabbing the hair and letting walk that"s what we were using."

Ferry likewise had come coordinate through the props department around which device Flannery would use to fake-shave she head. Dragging a real razor throughout the outright cap could have take it the prosthetic, so prop understand Phil Shea produced a clipper with a smooth piece in location of a blade. After several exercise takes, Flannery master the fake head shave. To this day, part people think that Flannery actually shaved her head because that the role, i m sorry delights Ferry.

Though Meredith was plainly the star of "Lice," the was likewise a huge hair illustration for personalities such as Pam, Angela, Pete, Erin, and Oscar — that wound up capturing lice and also having to slather your scalps in mayonnaise to suffocate the insects. Because that those wonder what it was like to sit for hrs on collection with a head covered in mayonnaise, Ferry revealed that the yellowish paste wasn"t in reality a condiment uncovered at grocery store stores.

"In beauty, beauty school, when we carry out scalp massages there"s something called Cholesterol, and also I understand it sounds bad, because "cholesterol," yet if you"re doing a scalp massage it has actually this really sweet scent to it," she explained. "It looks really much favor mayonnaise — simply a tint yellower maybe."

When Ferry witnessed the scene referred to as for mayo-covered scalps, she easily voiced her concerns and also searched because that an alternative. "I was like, look, if you"re going to have mayonnaise in your hair it"s going to reek. It"s gonna yes, really smell, and I don"t want to execute that come anybody," she said. " is a great product, and it"s conditioning, so the made their hair really soft and also nice. No one was freaking out."


Keeping The Office alive with Instagram show-and-tells

Though Ferry stated goodbye to The Office in 2013, the display remains too ~ to she heart and also a significant part of her Instagram presence. Ferry"s account is a space dedicated to sharing nostalgic mementos from the show and also stories from her time top top set. It"s every made possible by her an extremely own Office time capsule — a storage unit in California the holds the photos, call sheets, continually books, wigs, props, knickknacks, and gifts she"s conserved from previous television jobs.

"That's literally mine one in a million. It's the ideal job I've ever had."

Ferry couples open minded shots of her and also the actors with lengthy, descriptive captions that share she unique, behind-the-scenes allude of view. She"s common photos the Dwight’s wigs, Kevin’s well known toupee, Jim and also Pam’s wedding program, the Dundie Award that she was provided when the collection wrapped (every crew member acquired one,) and more. She even uses mannequin heads to offer tutorials on exactly how to develop popular hairstyles native the show, such together Angela"s braids and also Pam"s curls.

Since manufacturing of The Office ran over a couple of weeks and Ferry had an obligation to begin her following job ~ above Pretty small Liars, she unfortunately had actually to miss out on the final days the filming. But the years she spent doing hair because that a show about a paper company remain some of she favorites. Her Instagram account help her keep those memories alive, and gives pan of the show new behind-the-scenes stories and details to savor.

"We were yes, really lucky. We had this great, fun, dysfunctional family. It to be wonderful," Ferry said. "We every really chosen each other, and also the cast and also crew really gained along. We would have actually birthdays for each other. We would certainly go to each other"s houses. I would certainly hang out v Angela and Jenna. Lock threw me my baby shower… you know, it to be a family. Us really were every so close."

"I"m grateful for the whole experience," Ferry said. "There are many jobs, there are numerous people, yet there’s nothing favor The Office. That"s literally mine one in a million. It"s the finest job I"ve ever had."


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