around Wind in ~ My wings

"Wind beneath My Wings" (sometimes title "The Wind in ~ My Wings" and "Hero") is a tune written in 1982 through Jeff Silbar and Larry Henley. The track was first recorded by Kamahl in 1982 because that a country and also western album he to be recording. Kamahl talked around being the first to document the song in an appearance on Australian TV show Spicks and also Specks yet stated the was no commercially released because it was felt that did not suit the country and western style. Instead, roger Whittaker videotaped the song, and Sheena Easton and Lee Greenwood. The song appeared shortly after that in charted version by Colleen Hewett (1982), Lou Rawls (1983), Gladys items & the Pips (1983), and Gary Morris (1983). The highest-charting variation of the tune to day was tape-recorded in 1988 by singer and actress Bette Midler because that the soundtrack to the film Beaches. This variation was released as a single in beforehand 1989, invested one week in ~ No. 1 on the Billboard hot 100 singles graph in June 1989, and won Grammy Awards for both record of the Year and Song of the Year in February 1990. ~ above October 24, 1991, Midler"s single was likewise certified Platinum by the Recording market Association the America for delivery of one million copies in the united States. In 2004 Midler"s variation finished in ~ No. 44 in AFI"s 100 Years...100 Songs survey of peak tunes in American cinema.more »

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Ohhhh, oh, oh, oh, ohhh.It must have actually been cold over there in my shadow,To never have sunlight on your face.You were contents to let me shine, that"s her way.You always walked a step behind.So ns was the one through all the glory,While you to be the one with all the strength.A beautiful confront without a surname for so long.A beautiful laugh to hide the pain.Did you ever know that you"re my hero,And whatever I would prefer to be?I have the right to fly greater than one eagle,For you space the wind beneath my wings.It could have showed up to walk unnoticed,But I"ve got it all below in mine heart.I want you to know I know the truth, of food I recognize it.I would be nothing there is no you.Did you ever know that you"re mine hero?You"re every little thing I great I could be.I could fly higher than one eagle,For you room the wind in ~ my wings.Did I ever tell friend you"re mine hero?You"re everything, whatever I great I could be.Oh, and I, I might fly greater than one eagle,For you are the wind beneath my wings,"cause you space the wind in ~ my wings.Oh, the wind in ~ my wings.You, you, you, you space the wind beneath my wings.Fly, fly, fly away. You let me fly so high.Oh, you, you, you, the wind in ~ my wings.Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings.Fly, fly, paris high against the sky,So high I virtually touch the sky.Thank you, thank you,Thank God for you, the wind in ~ my wings.

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Bette Midler Bette Midler (born December 1, 1945), likewise known by she informal stage name, The magnificent Miss M, is an American singer-songwriter, actress, comedian, producer and entrepreneur. In a career covering almost fifty percent a century, Midler has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards, and also won three Grammy Awards, four gold Globes, three Emmy Awards, and also a unique Tony Award.

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She has sold end 30 million albums worldwide. Much more »