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I have already done some comparison write-ups between the assorted flanker version to these fragrances. However, I never ever got about to law the comparison post between the original ideal sellers. Chanel vs Dior, their top EDT product. Which is better? bleu de Chanel vs Sauvage EDT? i m sorry lasts longer? i beg your pardon is the height buy?

Tale that the Tape: smoke de Chanel vs. Sauvage

Sauvage EDT

Notes include: Bergamot, Ambroxan, Sichuan Pepper, lavender, pink pepper, and also more

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Bleu de Chanel EDT

Notes include: lemon, grapefruit, ginger, mint, pink pepper, incense, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, jasmine, and also more

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The opening of Sauvage is a sharp and also somewhat spicy blend of Sichuan pepper and bergamot. The citrus note deserve to be pretty intense when blended with the spice the the pepper. This is later calmed through the emergence of the common ambroxan note, also as, lavender.

Bleu de Chanel EDT also opens up v its citrus ingredients. In this case, lemon and grapefruit. For spice, you obtain in the opening a mix of: ginger, mint, and also pink pepper.

To my nose, the ginger is the largest contributor to the composition. No to mention, the consist of of smoky incense. Though, increase top, that isn’t all that powerful.

Which is better? I’ve never ever been a pan of how Sauvage EDT beginning off. No that I dislike it, simply not my cup that tea. Bleu de Chanel go a much far better job the being more balanced. Plus, I just think that the aroma smells an ext attractive.

Edge: Bleu


For me, Sauvage EDT starts turn off pretty bland strong. The sillage will produce a pretty perimeter roughly you, yet it does come to be a more moderate scent, during the remainder of the wear.

Bleu EDT? because that me, that is a middle sillaged fragrance, because that the entirety. It never ever feels like it would certainly take over a room, but it isn’t weak, either. Subtlety with some limited range. Sauvage is the more powerful of the two. 

Edge: Sauvage


Sauvage EDT lasts almost everywhere from 7-9 hours, on my skin. The precise time, will certainly be dependence on the details climate conditions that day. 

BdC will certainly go in the 5-7 hour range, usually. It can be equal to Sauvage, at times, yet ultimately doesn’t have the very same level of staying power.

Edge: Sauvage


Bleu de Chanel is just one of the many versatile fragrances the end there. It can go native the office, to a date, to nightlife, to formal, and also anywhere in between. The smells nice, is attractive, and doesn’t ever before really feel out of place.

With Sauvage, it does have great versatility also. However, it have the right to have a more youthful vibe than the Chanel, and also doesn’t fit right into office or formal wear practically to the same extent.

Climate wise, this strike the exact same chord. Both are far better in warmer weather, yet can walk year round.

Edge: Bleu

Overall Scent

So, in terms of the category presented, these 2 colognes have actually been pretty evenly split. Though, which one is ultimately a much better wear?

Sauvage has become an insanely renowned option because that guys, even more so than BdC, when it to be released years earlier. I’m no a good fan of how this fragrance starts off, but it does obtain better, in my mind.

The lavender and also ambroxan calm things down. Particularly, the ambroxan, and also the pepper gets less intense. V a more quiet bergamot and also ambroxan pairing, Sauvage is a quite wear. You get really great performance and a wide selection of potential scenarios in which to wear it.

However, ns think bleu de Chanel smells better. Between, these two EDT’s that’s my pick. Personally, ns think the EDP versions of each, are much better than one of two people of these two. Although, the EDT versions room the finest sellers.

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Bleu de Chanel is an extremely fresh and clean, with a lover ginger note, and also a nice extr smokiness. Then after that in the composition, cedar and also vetiver, offer it an addition boost that smooth freshness/woodiness. It is the sort of fragrance that might potentially be, the only one a man wears. Overall, it is simply superior to Sauvage.