So I’ve seen that fairly a few people have actually been having some troubles with few of the puzzles transparent the game, so I’m walk to shot and translate in a list of every the people I have the right to find and also the solutions for them.

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Act #1

Braccus indigenous Puzzle

So this puzzle is all around giving every word in the particular sentences a symbolic letter. You discover this note from talking to the rat right exterior the room.

Word #1


BRACCUS: B (bloody), R (rotten), A (thieving), C (very), C (very), U (awful), S (fellow)CUR: very, awful, rotten

Word #2


SOURCE: S (scourge), O (devil), U (misery), R (blight), C (hex), E (curse)CURE: hex, misery, blight, curse

Braccus Tower

This place has a few different “puzzles” within of them, therefore I’ll just conveniently list them all of and what the solutions are.

Closed door by frosting (Past the Undead)

You’ll need to flip the bar that is surprise in one more room ~ above the other side of the major room.


You can access this by clicking on the sewer-grate spring door (and the easiest means to gain to that is just by utilizing a run skill rather of messing through the door and also fireballs).



For the well, you just need to give it part water. The easiest means to do this is if you have the rain spell. Just cast it end the well and also it will certainly fill up.



Coffin Room Barrier

For this, you just need to have a source point top top you and also infuse it into the ‘Mysterious Tech’ that’s right alongside the barrier.


The Historian

To cure the historian of his debuff, you should put that on a blood surface and also then cast the Bless assignment on the blood. You can do this conveniently if you have the Rain Blood (or every little thing it’s called) spell. Alternatively, you deserve to use flesh Sacrifice a pair times and then teleport the historian onto the blood. Lastly, you can additionally attack a teammate right beside the Historian and then teleport him onto the blood.



The Cursed bar (Where you save Gareth)

All you need to do because that this is bless the lever. As much as i know, there is not way to conserve the soldier.



Act #1: Lady Vengeance

I chose to put this in a different category due to the fact that it’s much more of a transitionary suggest between plot 1 and also Act 2. So, to obtain the ship to run we require 3 components: the expression book, the strange gem indigenous Alexander, and the song publication from Dallis’ room.

Phrase publication (Fortitude)

You can find this exterior on the deck (I think that’s the appropriate word?) the the ship. It’s top top a body near the former of the ship.


Strange Gem

You can find this on Alexander by clicking on him and analyzing the body.


Song Book

This have the right to be discovered after you have the phrase and also strange gem to open the door to Dallis’ room on the 2nd floor the the ship.


Act #2

The Graveyard (Ryker’s Area)

The Petrified Tomb

To booty the coffin, you just need to actors Armour that Frost ~ above yourself and also then prey up. To totally free Qanna and also talk or death her, cast the buff on her.


The burn Chest

There room a couple of requirements because that this one: you should be a lizard and know the ancient language. Ns think you learn this from analysis Hewbert’s Encyclopedia the Lizards or his encycolpedia the Salamanders. As soon as you recognize the language, go speak to the salamander in Ryker’s house (where you satisfy him originally). As soon as you find out the password, go earlier to the burn chest and also cast rain ~ above both sides of the flaming lizard heads. I think that’s enough, yet if not try blessing the water. Climate you should have the ability to talk to the chest without the flames gift “in the way.”

Chest Location:


Salamander Location:


Environment I could Talk to Chest In:


Johanna’s Tomb

The first thing you must do when in right here is find the 2 buttons that enable you to open up the wall to the really coffin.

Button #1:


Button #2:


Once you execute this, put a piece of equipment (I used a pot in the photo but use a item of gear instead, it won’t acquire hurt) ~ above the substantial button in the farthest room. After ~ this, use spirit Vision to permit yourself to view the levers ~ above the wall. As soon as you have the right to see them, the combination to reveal the flower is the center lever, climate the left lever, climate the right lever.





Mordus’ residence Elemental Puzzle

This one is pretty simple. The base line is the you need to use heart Vision to watch the solution (that appears at the peak of the block of squares).

Spirit Vision:


Placement Solution:


Burning Prophet Statue

This one is pretty easy. You just need to light all of the braziers at the exact same time using Ignite or Fireball or something.

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Act #3

Lucian’s Coffin

This one has actually a caveat to it that I’ll explain. Nice much all of the info will it is in in the picture, but I encountered a pest in mine where the blood would certainly not become blessed as soon as travelling with the blessed fire. To fix this, if you have at least 2 the the teleportation pyramids, you can throw one outside of the blue barrier. Teleport come it and also then use a jump ability to go under to the finish of the blood tubing and manually bless it. This works also for lone wolf as over there is just 1 component the end of the 3 that is no blessed.