So I'm a full noob in ~ the game and I have actually no idea how to construct my character, i tried trying to find a build online but all of them seem outdated and I have no idea whereby to find one


Here you go. If people disagree with any type of of this, I'd be eager to hear your thoughts.

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So you desire to backstab all the things all the time.

If you walk rogue, her dagger's (or daggers') damage score is king. The whole gear device is choose that, come an extent, and it's especially true with weapons. Base level way more base damage, and also that's insanely important. Love that awesome epos dagger from last level? Well, as well bad, it's rubbish now. Walk shopping again.

(Note the your offhand weapon suffers a permanent 50% damages penalty. Always. It never ever gets better. This way that if you're dual-wielding, maintaining your main Hand dagger approximately snuff is vastly an ext important. Your offhand dagger could be a decent stat stick, if the stats top top it room perfect, for a bit longer.)

Scoundrel and Warfare should at some point be maxed; it's difficult to to speak which one is better to pump first, prevent 2 point out in both for this reason that most of their skills are unlocked indigenous the start.

(I would certainly pay close attention to job notes. The community feels strong that warfare is an concern for a most builds, and so points may change there.)

If you acquire gear with miscellaneous skill school points top top them, or decide no to maximize your damage, various other schools (plus school hybrids) do have some cool abilities. Necro has actually a couple of physical damages skills. Pyro has two buffs - Haste and Clear mental - that room really good. Hydro has Magic Armor buffs. Geo has Physical Armor buffs. Huntsman 2 has actually a better teleport, due to the fact that it hastes you because that your following turn. Aero has Teleport and also Nether Swap and Uncanny Evasion. Plymorph has fun stuff, however most of the is gimmicky, and requires physics Armor to it is in shredded anyway, which means it's no better than the CC girlfriend can gain from warfare - who invested points will likewise get you much more passive damage. Recall what ns said about the community viewing that together a problem.

(Once yellow is no longer an issue, don't be afraid to learn skills that you can not always have access to. Gear upgrades will transition your skill institution profile quite significantly. No preventing it, really. The extra armor every base level point is too an excellent to pass up in 95% of cases.)

Not all 5% damage boosts are produced equal. As a really glib guide, 1 allude in warfare or Scoundrel (for a backstab-only rogue) > Finesse > dual Wield (or Single-Handed, if you go dagger-and-shield.)

Finesse Finesse Finesse. Wits because that a Scoundrel backstabber is essentially useless, uneven you really require her to go first. Honestly, you're probably far better off with a wizard walk first, since they'll actually obtain a advantage from the crit chance Wits offers you. Backstabs = autocrits. Girlfriend cannot gain a "Backstab and likewise a crit." They're the very same thing. They carry out not stack.

The Pawn talent is exceptional for extra movement, however some folks like Executioner instead and compensate by offering their rogue an ext teleportation or charge-like motion abilities. Opportunist is amazing. Parry grasp is decent if you've obtained nothing left come take. Duck Duck Goose is not as great as girlfriend think. You have the right to circle-strafe around a solitary enemy without eat an strike of chance from it. Teleports need to take treatment of the rest.

DO no TAKE GUERRILLA. It expenses 4 AP come Sneak in combat, and also that's only when the vision cones let you. The talent right currently is a complete and utter waste. It required to be patched 6 months ago, prior to release.

Do not worry at all about magic damage, consisting of poison damage. Your damage is physical, unless you're not really playing a rogue and also are playing a grenade-tosser or everything instead. Scoundrel does have a couple of abilities that destroy magic armor and apply magic-armor-resisted effects, however to be honest... Eh. The function of a rogue is come deal substantial physical damage. It's hard to justification those gimmick an abilities past the very beginning of the video game if you've got something else competing for that ability slot.

You must always, always have the adhering to Scoundrel an abilities on your bar, once you have access to them: Backstab, Cloak and also Dagger (solely since it's a teleport,) Adrenaline, Rupture Tendons. The remainder are negotiable. Whirlwind indigenous Warfare, IMO, is mandatory. It deserve to actually backstab if the mob placing is correct. If you go dagger + shield, Bouncing Shield is mandatory. It's simply too an excellent to pass up.

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If you dual Wield, the Flurry capacity is simply a way to burn 3 AP rather of 2 (which is useful.) the will perform the exact same damage, proportional to its AP cost. It has actually no other special bonuses, in ~ all.