Despite gift free-to-play, Destiny 2: new Light proceeds to need PlayStation to add if you want to group up v others online.

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Destiny 2 has just been through perhaps its biggest change ever: offering a no-bullshit free-to-play version dubbed new Light. New Light released alongside Shadowkeep ~ above Tuesday, and includes a generous amount of content for free.

This new version has usually been well-received, but PS4 players instantly noticed the the game continues to need an active PlayStation to add subscription because that non-solo activities. Destiny has constantly required Plus, the course, however the vast majority of free-to-play games on Sony"s console carry out not.

Fortnite, Apex Legends - and also chiefly Warframe, possibly Destiny 2"s biggest challenger today in the prey shooter world, deserve to all be delighted in without a add to subscription. The game"s web page on the UK playstations Store even makes it clear the a Plus member is required.

This also doesn"t show up to it is in some kind of strange mishap, given Destiny 2"s background as a payment game. The video game is noted as free-to-play ~ above the store, and everything rather you have the right to purchase - such as expansions and in-game money - are detailed as add-ons. In some cases, payment PS4 games offer complimentary trials that have to be especially selected ~ above the store page, whereas Destiny 2 in this situation is a distinctive application.

We"ve asked Bungie to clarify if this is intentional and will upgrade this story when we listen back.

If you"re enjoying Shadowkeep, friend should give our updated guides because that the Lectern of Enchantment and also Nightmare significance Cleansing a watch to totally understand the brand-new systems presented in the expansion.


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