I have done the Arden’s Garden 2 work Detox 2 times before and also plan to do it again in ~ the end of this week.

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The gallon jug says shed weight and rejuvenate. Arden’s Garden is a local agency here in Atlanta that distributes their commodities to stores prefer Fresh Market and Whole Foods. I purchased mine gallons the juice from entirety Foods because it is nearby to whereby I work.

Here is just how the setup goes:

You purchase two gallons of pre-mixed juice (or you might make her own following the directions on your website here). Girlfriend drink one gallon a day through as lot water as you would like. You continue this for 2 days and at the end, they say you will shed weight and also rejuvenate your body.

The mix is made the end of grapefruit juice, lemon juice, and orange juice blended with distilled water. I chose to provide this a try to see if it works prior to the end of my weight loss competition. Below is what i found:

First the all, the taste, not so great. Tastes a bit like unsweetened grapefruit juice. An extremely sour! that does grow on friend after the an initial day.

The very first day is the hardest. You will certainly be fatigued and tired and have not much energy. You might want to take it an afternoon nap. The food cravings are on an individual basis. Ns didn’t yes, really crave food too lot while ns was top top the 2 work detox yet my stomach go growl at times. As soon as that would certainly happen, i would simply chug one more glass that juice and it would go away shortly.

The second day, it to be a breeze. Ns don’t know if it was because I was on the downhill steep or my human body just changed but that was an extremely easy.

Now, that was the very first round the juicing.

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The second round was the Wednesday and Thursday after Christmas. I had not consumed so well over Christmas break and thought it would jump begin my weight loss together I came to the finish of the competition. I had a destructive headache both days. The first day to be the worst. I likewise had to use the restroom A LOT!!!! ns guess depending upon how badly i ate the job leading as much as the detox are exactly how badly the side results are. Articles online said that you would sleep more tough than ever before the nights you space juicing. This to be true during the an initial fast. Ns slept great both nights. The second fast, my sleep was not as good.

Overall, I would certainly recommend this product to anyone who has “fallen turn off the wagon” and also just needs a rise to healthy and balanced eating and also weight loss. After the detox is over, I had a reduced appetite because that a couple of days, I had actually lost at least 4 pounds and I was prepared to achieve my load loss purposes once again. If you are considering that or have any questions, the employee at the Arden’s Garden locations are supervisor friendly and will answer any questions you have about the product!