You hurl a 4-inch-diameter round of power at a biology that you have the right to see in ~ range. You choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or thunder because that the type of orb you create, and then make a ranged assignment attack versus the target. If the attack hits, the creature takes 3d8 damage of the form you chose.

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Arcane Focus.

An arcane emphasis is a one-of-a-kind item — an orb, a crystal, a rod, a specially created staff, a wand like length of wood, or some similar item — designed to channel the power of arcane spells. A sorcerer, warlock, or wizard can use such an item as a spellcasting focus, as explained in chapter 10.

As a diamond is a crystal, have the right to the 50 gp diamond for Chromatic Orb be provided as an Arcane focus for various other spells?

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Not by RAW

Something have the right to be provided as a spellcasting emphasis if that is designated choose that.

For example arcane foci native the devices section the you cited. Various other examples incorporate the bard who have the right to use a music instrument as focus or the magic item ruby the the war mage.

Nowhere does it say, that any type of diamond can be offered as emphasis or that it is

designed to channel the strength of arcane spells

however, a diamond is still a crystal, so it fits through the instances of things that deserve to be design that way and the is much much more expensive than those, therefore I view no reason, either in flavor or in balance why a GM must not allow this.

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The diamond offered in Chromatic Orb and also a crystal provided as an arcane emphasis are allowed, by RAW, to it is in the very same thing. "Crystal" is a wide category that objects, which consists of diamond. Supposing that the diamond/crystal is worth at least 50gp, that is enabled to be both.

RAW - Yes, through some limitations.

The relavent rules space cited in the question, so i won"t repeat castle here.

Chromatic Orb calls for a diamond worth at the very least 50 gp. So any kind of diamond precious at least 50 gp will job-related as a spell component.

A decision "designed for the purpose of arcane spells" have the right to be one arcane focus.

These 2 things room not discrete: if you have a diamond worth at least 50 gp that has been particularly designed because that this purpose, then it usable both together an arcane focus and the product component for Chromatic Orb.

Notably, this doesn"t typical that any decision worth 50 gp may be one arcane focus. It need to be design for that use.

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An arcane focus is a special item ... designed come channel the strength of arcane spells.

A diamond is simply a diamond.

Of course, you have the right to make an arcane focus from a diamond but then the an arcane focus, not a diamond. In the same means that a auto is no a $20,000 piece of steel.

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