I"ve been play Minecraft for a if - in ~ first, you could only ar it ~ above sand nearby to water, yet then there to be the option to prosper it ~ above dirt. I had actually read and constantly believed the sugarcane can grow on both, however would grow faster on sand. I have actually experienced this double in Minecraft, as soon as in the computer version and also one in pocket Edition. Recently, though, I check out that they flourish the very same speed, and also that several people have proven it to be that way.

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I"m really perplexed now - could someone clear it up for me? many thanks ;)


The base block does not change the price at i beg your pardon sugarcane grows. Players have even checked the password responsible because that the growth- it just checks the block above for air and the blocks listed below to examine it isn"t currently 3 blocks. Over there is nothing which could reason a difference between the two.

Source: Minecraft Wiki: street Cane speak Page

Contrary to renowned belief, the speed of expansion of street cane is the same, regardless of the block it is put on. - Minecraft Wiki



YouTuber xisumavoid has actually actually extended this in his "Minecraft legend Busting" collection (you can find the video clip here if you"re interested).

Xisuma concludes, using science and also a examine of the video game code, the it provides no distinction what block the is planted on. For this reason no, it doesn"t make any type of difference whatsoever what block you plant it on.


My brother and also I ran some tests - we timed exactly how long the sugarcane take away to thrive on sand, dirt, grass and farmland.

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Our results proved sugarcane cultivation faster ~ above sand.


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