The battery life is low. Her Galaxy S8 keeps crashing or i will not ~ charge.

In this fix guide, we display you just how to replace the defective battery of your Samsung Galaxy S8 on your own. This repair can aid if your smartphone crashes during heavy use since the voltage temporary drops, you deserve to no much longer charge the or revolve it on, or the battery life is really low.

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switching off her device

Step 1

removed the back cover

Step 2

Disconnecting the fingerprint sensor

Step 3

removed the screws

Step 4

Getting began with the fix of your Galaxy S8

If you obtain stuck or have actually questions, you can article a comment. Wednesday be happy to help.

Shut down your Galaxy S8 by pushing the power switch until you see the option "Switch off".Now you deserve to confirm the shut under of the cell phone phone. Begin the following step as shortly as the display screen stays black.
currently you have to release the ago cover that the Galaxy S8. As this is glued, girlfriend will require a warmth gun or a continuous hairdryer. The heat will ease the glue, so the you have the right to remove the back cover more easily. In addition, you"ll need a flat, versatile tool favor the iPlastix or iFlex and several choose to remove the back cover all around.

Heat the back cover all about with a hair dryer to ease the glue. Carry out not put the hair dryer too much away, girlfriend will require it again and again in between. Place a suction cup top top the bottom that the back cover.Pull the suction cup on the vital ring upwards and shot to press a flat tool like the iPlastix or iFlex in between the back glass and the frame at the exact same time. You can constantly use the hair dryer to assist you perform this, so that the warmth will loosen the glue at this point.

The iPlastix is do of plastic, i m sorry protects the frame from scratches. However, the device is really soft and therefore complicated to insert.

The backcover is make of glass and also will break easily. For this reason, be really careful when removing the earlier cover. If necessary, use the hair dryer and the flat tool again and again. This step might take you an ext time 보다 you think - even experts need up to fifty percent an hour to eliminate the back cover. For this reason take some time to finish this action to make certain you don"t break anything.

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Once girlfriend have regulated to insert the flat tool in between the ago glass and also the frame, you currently insert a plectrum right into the gap. This method the void remains open and you have the right to take the end your device again.Repeat this along the whole edge. Traction the tool with the void to ease the glue bit by bit.In in between you can always reach because that a hair dryer. Re-heat the area you are working on. In this way, girlfriend will progressively insert the other picks.

On the reduced side the backcover is an ext strongly glued 보다 on the other places.

The fingerprint sensor is linked with a cable under the camera. Therefore, lift the back cover very slightly as soon as you have loosened the everywhere.
~ loosening the ago cover and also carefully lifting the up, disconnect the fingerprint sensor native the spudger.Now the back cover is completely detached - you deserve to lift it off and also put it aside.
14 × 3,6 mm Phillips Schraube Take the end the 14 screws that attach the midframe come the display.If you have problems since the screws get stuck, a tweezer will certainly help.

The cover of the NFC antenna is contempt glued. Take again the warm air an equipment or the hair dryer to warmth up the place.Now closely put a flat tool under the antenna to remove it. Keep in mind that the covering is hooked top top the housing.Take the end the center cover.
Battery Connector carefully disconnect the connector that the battery by using a spudger. Be sure to usage a plastic spudger to prevent a brief circuit.