The Eye that The Shark is based on the initial Don Carlos mix from 1976. It attributes a Cameroon wrapper from the Meerapfel family members over binder and also filler native the Dominican Republic.

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In this article, friend will uncover the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye the The Shark as we testimonial it with these talk points:

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Brand: Arturo FuenteRange: Don CarlosWrapper: African CameroonBinder: Dominican RepublicFiller: Dominican RepublicFactory: Tabacalera Arturo Fuente, Dominican RepublicHandmade: YesBody: FullEstimated smoking Time: 130 Minutes

Arturo Fuente’s Don Carlos Eye that The Shark is an iconic cigar through a rather distinct shape and also vitola. A traditional, contempt rounded Belicoso head stretches towards a square foot in ~ the other end of the cigar. Its specific blend is not totally disclosed, however, it has actually been slightly altered from the initial Don Carlos blend, ago in the ’70s.


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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye the The Shark look & Feel


Wrapper Hue: Walnut brownRolling Consistency: EvenSpring: FirmAromas: Hazelnut, lemon peel, earth

Cameroon tobacco, obviously, is a rather breakable leaf and not constantly the most beautiful to look at. Its unique flavor profile thought truly sets that apart, hence one can definitely accept a couple of little rougher spots right here or there. In fact, the toothy texture is something I uncover quite interesting and also gorgeous to look at.

Other 보다 that, the aromas turn off of the wrapper and the foot room sweet, mineral, and also mellow. There’s a lively combination of lemon, baking spice, v a lover sugary, earthy undertone. The foot, in particular, is supplying an elegant mushroom note.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye the The Shark Review

All 4 cigars smoked because that this review had actually been kept in a closely monitored environment of 69% family member humidity in mine coolidor using Boveda packs.

Pre-Lighting Experience

Draw: Very good draw, slightly on the lighter sightAromas: Cinnamon, mushroom, cedar

The Don Carlos line in general, and also the Eye that The Shark in particular, beautifully conveys breakable nuances, complexity and also finesse. It’s a many elegant smoke, carried by a creaminess in mix with an ever so slim hint the musky aromas in the direction of the earlier of the tasting experience.

These various sensations are included in an all at once theme that woodiness, simply underlined by a specific minerality, including just a bit of salty zing. Furthermore, over there is a lively citrus connotation the elevates the whole profile and also counterbalances few of the dry, woody or sweet elements.

1st third Smoking Experience


Notes: Wood, baking spice, orange zest,Retrohale: bitterness cocoa

The very first third starts just as elegant and facility as the cold draw and also pre-light had actually promised. Over there is a rich, luring woodiness, there room succulent, mellow gourmet emotion that consistently enrich the palate perception, whilst the as whole strength sits snuggly at the tool mark.

I have the right to repeatedly detect class of baking spice, with a unique cinnamon whiff. Instantly though, the citrus freshness with lemon peel, candied orange, and also an all at once zesty high quality brings everything back to a fascinating balance and flavor equilibrium.

Towards the really end, bitter contents lead come a peppery finish and Szechuan pepper-like experience, the is both refreshing and also interesting, however never over-powering.

2nd 3rd Smoking Experience

Notes: Roasted oak, pink pepper, ethereal freshnessRetrohale: Prune

The cigar picks up a little more spice and also character throughout the second third. The body continues to stimulate the whole palate through full and also rich layers, primarily lugged by the roasted lumber character. Whilst the beginning and also cold draw showed more cedar, the woodiness progressively transforms into a roasted, at times even scorched oak.

On optimal of that, pepper spice, which has actually a fruity undertone, reminding me of pink berries, engages through the cigar’s citrusy freshness developing a breakable balance and also finesse. In the direction of the halfway mark of the cigar, ns detect dried fruits, oscillating between prunes, dates, and dried figs.

Overall, the cigar’s full-bodied depth offers a mouth-coating, long-lasting aftertaste without ever before losing its really elegant in its entirety profile. It’s practically like fine handwriting the nevertheless, brings lots of richness and layers of odor characteristics.

Final 3rd Smoking Experience


Notes: Citrus, frankincense, sweet cedar, pepper

Whilst every the vault notes space still really much over there in the final 3rd – the woodiness, the sweetness, the citrus, and also bitter cocoa – what I uncover most amazing is an ethereal high quality that I have the right to only define as a mix of celestial frankincense and myrrh.

In the many nuanced and elegant way, that somehow speaks to the all at once theme that the entire cigar: the grandness, finesse and elegance, woven into a facility smoke the is both rich and also delicate at the very same time.

This, in mine humble opinion, offer this blend and also this iconic cigar all the features of one all-time classic.

Overall Burn


Ash Backbone: SolidBurn Angle: Slightly wavy at timesTemperature: Cool and also etherealDraw: IdealFinal cigarette smoking Time: 130 Minutes

The high quality of construction and combustion is excellent. I’ve never had any major problems through Eye the the Shark cigars, even though the is such a challenging vitola to roll and concerning the burn, since of the soft box-press and also its square foot.

All the cigars i smoked for this review shed steadily yet a little wavy every now and also then. Together a issue of fact, I had to correct the burn through a few minor touch-ups, but nothing that would concern me in any kind of way, shape or form. The temperature that the smoke is cool, further enhancing the ethereal quality and perception.

It’s all decorated by pristine, off-white ash i beg your pardon is very stable and will only autumn off once tipped.

Overall Experience


The presentation, the look and also feel of the cigar are rather classic and an extremely much in line through Fuente’s as whole portfolio.

There’s the beautiful Don Carlos ring, proud wearing its black, gold, and red colors. Naught super an elaborate but a well-presented cigar and also box overall. In that sense, gift an all-time standard cigar, it perfectly resembles the smoking experience overall.

Of course, gift a more expensive cigar, it’s more than likely an occasional smoke for much more luxurious moments.

Pairing references With Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye of The Shark


A pairing I always find myself coming back to – with specific cigars clear – is pink grapefruit juice, because it delivers braided minerality, a refreshing zing and also just the appropriate amount the sweetness because that balance. Especially with together an ethereal acting that has actually plenty of timber spice, sweetness and also candied citrus peel, this makes for superb combination.

When it concerns alcoholic pairings, I’ve been fascinated by the cigar’s interplay through a glass that a well-aged, medium-bodied Amontillado Sherry. Again, it’s the delicate selection of wood, nuttiness and dried fruits, which room all combined in a traditional, mature and also elegant as whole profile.


Thus, a grasp of mixed nuts is a perfect finger food snack. If you’re looking for a heartier meal, and of course me gift Viennese, ns love come pair the Don Carlos Eye the The Shark through “Tafelspitz”. This quintessential Vienna standard combines boiled beef through the timeless sides that creamed spinach, chive sauce and also roasted potatoes.

Alternatively – and also probably a little an ext adventurous, candy floss can be a gorgeous accompaniment come the cigar as well.

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Closing Thoughts

Opulence, elegance and also finesse – the Eye of The Shark has it all. What sets the cigar personally from countless others is not only its perfect balance, but also how it gives such a huge finish, whilst in ~ the very same time giving you a perfect clean aftertaste, that makes you come back for more. At any time I put the cigar down, i feel just in the right mood to irradiate up one more one of this beauties.