Don Brumfield is taking care of the autumn of another cheating scandal on black color Ink Crew: Chicago

Last week on black color Ink Crew: Chicago, we learned that Don did it again. After wife Ashley discovered out the her husband to be still the end creeping around she lastly left the and, this time, it looks choose she’s gone because that good.

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The drama went down after a Snapchat video clip surfaced through Don and another woman. The details the the video clip are nice graphic and despite Don’s claims that that was only with the girl one time, we need to ask…really?

In the shocking Snapchat video, Don is seen on the receiving end of a sex act, however that’s not all. It looks like Don and the various other woman room pretty comfortable through each other. Comfortable enough that she has actually her hands tied behind her back for the recorded tryst.

Lilly discovered the video and decided to share it with the remainder of the black color Ink Crew: Chicago cast. If Don has actually a history of cheating on Ashley, the crew appeared pretty shocked that he did that again and also that he put it top top film.

In a VH1 sneak peek, Jen deserve to be seen saying, “Ashley is going to reduced that d*** off!”

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It turns out that isn’t what Ashley does. Instead, she decides it’s ultimately time to leave Don, that is complete of apologies and denials but there’s no denying what anyone saw.

Now, Don’s apology come Ashley from ago in February is making more sense. The would have been right about the time that these scenes to be filmed and also around the very same time she uncovered out around Don’s dirty dog ways.


It’s really not clear however if Ashley ever before did forgive Don. The last appearance she make on his Instagram to be for Valentine’s Day, just two weeks after ~ the above apology. Likewise, Don hasn’t made any appearances ~ above Ashley’s Instagram due to the fact that January. After ~ the cheating incident, she even dropped his critical name.

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It yes, really doesn’t look like Ashley is interested in giving Don an additional chance to cheat again. After ~ all, it’s not like this is the an initial or also the second time he’s do a silly of her since they began filming black color Ink Crew: Chicago.

Can you really blame Ashley for being done, though? In the super trailer, Ashley can be seen confronting one more woman who insurance claims to be pregnant. The is seen prior to we also see Ashley confronting Don about it. Is there another mystery baby top top the way?