For 15 continually years, Don’t call Me Francis tape was poll ‘Best band in south Jersey’.

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DCMF is a high energy, acquire up and also jam type of band. Among the biggest in the business.

Don’t speak to Me Francis

Ventnor Summer beach Jam

Friday July 9, 6p-9p(Rain day Sun July 11)

Ventnor Ski Beach along the bay in ~ Dorset and also Burke Ave in Ventnor.

SOMEBODY SCREAM! nothing be tardy, the time to party!

Francis Orsini to be the founder & command singer that the Don’t contact Me Francis Band.

In march of 2015, cancer take it his life, ~ a long hard fight. That is deep missed, but his tradition lives on.

Founder: candid Orsini

Frank was a dedicated father, brother, family members man, and friend. One entertainer, a band leader, a musician, a businessman, an irreplaceable presence, an inspiration to many, a relentless fighter, and a important unforgettable person.

In 1991, Frank formed the Don’t contact Me Francis band.

Frank was known as Mr. Excitement. That’s no an exaggeration. Open minded mesmerized his audience v every show, attract his signature piece- a fedora.

Frank would certainly play his trumpet, twirl that around and sing the songs that would get the group going. He would certainly hang indigenous rafters and also jump turn off the stage. That captivated the crowd.

Frank treasured his lovely daughter Adriana, that is now taking one active role in the band together a soprano vocalist.

Archive video clip from 2012 >

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