Karen Pryor’s clear and also entertaining explanation of behavioral training methods made nothing Shoot the Dog a bestselling standard with revolutionary insights into animal—and human—behavior.In her groundbreaking approach to boosting behavior, behavior biologist Karen Pryor says, “Whatever the task, whether keeping a four-year-old quiet in public, housebreaking a puppy, coaching a team, or memorizing a poem, it will certainly go fast, and also better, and also be much more fun, if girlfriend know just how to usage reinforcement.” now Pryor plainly explains the underlying principles of behavioral training and also reveals just how this art deserve to be used to virtually any kind of common situation. And also best that all, she tells how to execute it without yelling threats, force, punishment, guilt trips—or shooting the dog. Native the eight methods for placing an finish to every kinds that undesirable behavior to the ten legislations of “shaping” behavior, Pryor helps you combat your very own addictions and resolve such an overwhelming problems as a moody spouse, an difficult teen, or an age parent. Plus, there’s likewise incredibly advantageous information on residence training the dog, enhancing your tennis game, maintaining the cat off the table, and also much more! “In the course of becoming a renowned dolphin trainer, Karen Pryor learned that confident reinforcement…is even more potent the prior clinical work had actually suggested…Don’t shoot the Dog looks favor the an extremely best ~ above the subject—a full-scale mind-changer” (The Coevolution Quarterly). Discover why pet owner rave, “This book readjusted our lives!” and how this pioneering techniques deserve to work because that you, too.

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Karen Pryor

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Karen Pryor is abehavioral biologistwith an global reputation in maritime mammal biology and behavioral psychology. Sheis a founder and also leading proponent that “clicker training,” a training system based on operant air conditioning (isolate wanted behaviors and also ignore the unwanted) and also the all-positive methods arisen by maritime mammal trainers. Pryor is the CEO that KCPT/Sunshine Books, Inc., a publishing, cultivate product, and online company. In addition to her bestselling Don’t shoot the Dog, Pryor wrote Nursing her Baby (more than 2 million copies in print) in addition to several other books and also many clinical papers and also popular articles on learning and also behavior. She has three get an impression children and lives in Boston v two clicker-trained dogs and a clicker-trained cat.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (December 3, 2019) Length: 240 pages ISBN13: 9781982106461

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