Dose of colors Marvelous Mauves is a long-term eye palette that retails because that $32.00 and contains 0.3 oz.

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The palette has a mini dual ended eyeshadow brush. The perfect palette for developing a range of sultry smokey to day-to-day neutral eye looks.

The Good: simple To apply (3), Easy-to-Use (3), Buttery (2), Long-wearing (2), good Gift (2), great Value (2), Travel-friendly (2)

The In-Between: Buildable (2), extremely Pigmented (2)

The Bad: Powdery (1), autumn Out (1)

By Liane Heidemann 12 month ago.

I really choose the colors in this palette, it is impressive how pigmented lock are!

By Shannon 4 year ago.

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I"m surprised this hasn"t been reviewed yet! i bought this color pension on a whim with Ulta points and fell in love through it immediately. The structure of the formula is fairly soft so that does kick up flour in the pan, however it doesn"t develop fallout once I apply it to my eyes. The pigmentation is beautiful and consistent. Ns don"t think I have EVER found an eyeshadow formula that blends out and also the DOC matte formula. Ns can develop a smokey watch with just this palette quite effortlessly, in much much less time than with various other eyeshadows. I finished up liking Marvelous Mauves so much that I additionally purchased the new Blushing berries palette and it bag beautifully through the Mauves! I find the color selection of Marvelous Mauves rather versatile - it works as a neutral palette and as a much more pinky palette. I favor that it"s kind of a neutral mauve so girlfriend could construct a much more cool or much more warm look on it depending upon what you have actually in mind. I save pulling this palette out to usage it, much more than countless others I"ve to be excited about lately. Ns think that"s the note of a truly great staple palette. The size of the color board is very compact so the travels fine too. The stay time is great, I"ve worn it numerous times because that 8+ hrs without creasing or fading.