Here is our finish guide to below Lies The Abyss in Dragon Age: Inquisition, so friend can get the ideal outcome.

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Dragon age Inquisition - here Lies The Abyss pursuit Walkthrough

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is the longest, biggest Dragon period installment come date. That method that several of the quests are agonizingly lengthy to finish and need to it is in completed over multiple playthroughs. To aid you acquire through the main quest, "Here Lies The Abyss," as painlessly together possible, we've assembled this nifty guide.

Dragon age Inquisition - Skyhold key hall as watched from the Battlements
When you very first reach Skyhold, you'll be loaded up v brand brand-new tasks prefer decorating, exploring, meeting new recruits come the cause, and also more. To proceed to development through the main story, however, simply follow the needle in the pursuit "From The Ashes." It suggests you need to talk come Josephine and Varric and tells you wherein to uncover them (since you most likely haven't memorized the layout the your brand-new castle yet).

To begin "Here Lies The Abyss," find and also speak come Varric.

Dragon-Age-Inquisition female-elven-Inquisitor-meeting-female-Hawke
when you regulate to track under Varric, you'll be treated through a surprise - the knew whereby Hawke was all this time and has invite them to accomplish the Inquisition. You'll acquire a opportunity to customize her Hawke's confront to enhance the personality you had in Dragon age 2 (or do something brand-new - totally up to you) before entering the conversation through them.

Hawke walk on to tell you around a link they have actually in the Grey Wardens the will have the ability to give you information around Corypheus' next move and why the Grey Wardens have all gone missing, mysteriously.

Dragon age Inquisition - find the Warden battle Table Operation, Completed
To reach Hawke's connection, you'll need to unlock the map called "Crestwood." It's ~ above your war table together an operation referred to as "Find the Warden" and also costs 8 Power.

when you get in the map, girlfriend have a long trek southeast come look forward to. You'll happen Crestwood village and Caer Bronach. Girlfriend can select to overlook them and prioritize the key quest or gain sidetracked.

The village of Crestwood (Optional)

Dragon period Inquisition - The town of Crestwood at night
if nothing in Caer Bronach has an influence on this quest, your decision in the town of Crestwood might. Once you enter the village it's being attacked by Undead and you'll be able to help save the townspeople. Among the civilization fighting is a pair the Grey Wardens protecting a little elven girl. The girl is called Jana.

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If girlfriend look for her again after ~ the fight, she'll it is in in a quaint little house more up the roadway from the Village. Jana tells you that she to be amazed through the Grey Wardens and also wants to end up being one herself. You can either assistance her (result: she i do not care a Grey Warden) or dissuade she (result: she i do not care an certified dealer of the Inquisition).

The Smuggler's Den

continue to press on come the east edge the the map - there, you'll uncover a cavern where Hawke's Warden friend is hiding.

The identification of the Warden relies on the player's options in Dragon Age: Origins:

The Warden Is Alistair: if Alistair didn't die or come to be King. The Warden Is Loghain: if Alistair died or ended up being King and also Loghain was spared and also wasn't eliminated by recording the Archdemon's soul. The Warden Is Stroud: if Alistair passed away or ended up being King and Loghain to be killed, one means or the other.

Your brand-new Warden pal reveals the the Grey Wardens think they deserve to use blood magic to finish the Blights once and also for all, however that your Warden friend thinks that Corypheus has a hand in this plan. Once he protested, he to be kicked out and also called a traitor. He also reveals that he thinks the Corypheus has actually survived the strike at Haven.

The Warden allied reveals the the Grey Wardens are all collection at a tower in the western Approach, therefore you'll need to return to Skyhold and also complete another war table operation - "Investigate the west Approach," costing 8 Power - to unlock the new map.

Like Father choose Son (Optional)

as soon as you go back to Skyhold after talk to the Warden in Crestwood but prior to journeying the end to The western Approach, your Warden buddy will certainly hang out about Skyhold. This is so that you have the right to ask castle extra questions but it's especially far-ranging if girlfriend performed Morrigan's Dark Ritual in ~ the end of Dragon Age: Origins.

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There's a chance that Loghain or Alistair, whoever fathered Morrigan's son, Kieran, will go to the Skyhold Garden and talk to them. because that this come occur, girlfriend must have completed angry Eyes and also Wicked understanding (it's unclear whether you must have actually completed it before meeting the Warden at all or simply prior to you walk off come the western Approach).

acquiring the timing best will knife you a distinct interaction in between Morrigan, Kieran, and also Loghain or Alistair that will stick in her memory for all times.

Finding The routine Tower

This time, top top entering the new map, you'll want to head southwest. You're in for one more long walk. At the end of it, though, is the routine Tower, where Hawke and your Warden pal room waiting.

when you go inside, you'll uncover the Wardens being led by a Venatori magister indigenous Tevinter, called Livius Erimond. He doesn't work hard to hide the reality that he's working for Corypheus and explains the the Grey Wardens have actually been manipulated - with the synthetic "Calling" and blood magic - to willingly do the ritual.

The actual ritual is designed to tie demons to Wardens, producing a massive military for Corypheus. The final large piece of news revealed in this conversation is the the Inquisitor's mark is a means to overcome the Veil and enter the Fade physically and also safely. After ~ a confrontation, Erimond will certainly flee and the Inquisitor will certainly be left to resolve the demons and also Wardens quiet on the scene.

her Warden buddy speak you that he think Erimond would have gone come a surrounding abandoned Grey Warden station dubbed Adamant Fortress. Return come your war table in Skyhold come activate the key section the this quest: "Here Lies the Abyss," which costs 20 Power.

Note that, if girlfriend haven't excellent the quest to recruitment Blackwall yet, you won't be able to complete the after this.

because of the nature the this quest, you might want to take one or more of the complying with characters, due to the fact that they have actually extra dialogue:

Solas Cole Blackwall Cassandra

Lower Bailey and also Main Bailey

Upon reaching Adamant Fortress, you're instantly thrown right into a substantial battle. Defeat the Shades and Warden Spellbinder, then talk to Cullen. He'll tell friend that your forces on the battlements need support. You'll have to face several demons and also Grey Wardens as you press onwards.

as soon as you with the key Bailey, you'll see that a couple of Grey Wardens room fighting among themselves because several of them have actually refused to it is in sacrificed. After helping them out, you have the right to tell lock what they have to do:

If girlfriend tell them come retreat come safety, they'll leave the battle. If you tell them come surrender to you, they'll fight you. If you continue to be silent and Blackwall is in her party, he'll to convince them to help out the Inquisition.

~ that's done, pass with the door to the south and also up the stairs onto the battlements. When you gain up come the Battlements, an optional target is added to the quest: clear 3 Siege Points. perfect it has no impact on the quest however will return extra experience, power, and influence.

Siege point 1

The an initial siege point is come your appropriate after arriving on the battlements, guarded by a fury Demon. Either kill it or push past it. Either way, the route forward is clean (since it's the only option various other than leaving the Battlements by the means you came).

Siege point 2

At the second Siege Point, Hawke will aid you out. Her enemies incorporate a Despair Demon, a pride Demon, and also a couple of Warden Spellbinders. If you pick to take it this Siege Point, you'll be able to talk to Hawke and also let them recognize where lock should help out - either by securing the battlements or fighting by your side.

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If girlfriend don't care around securing the critical Siege Point, take it the adjacent stairs here instead of proceeding along the battlements.

Siege Pont 3

If you select to take the last Siege Point, you'll just need to fight off part Shades and a pride Demon. Once done, revolve around and also go ago to the 2nd Siege Point.

Confronting Erimond

The stairs by Siege suggest 2 will take you under to soil level. Head west, earlier into the main Bailey. Here, Inquisition soldiers will certainly be fighting a fury Demon. If friend didn't ask hawk to stay with the party, they'll be top the soldiers.

You'll get a cutscene after ~ the fight, in i m sorry you'll finally be able to confront Clareel and also Erimond. Erimond is binding a demon come Clareel making use of a 3rd person together a sacrifice. If friend told Jana to sign up with the Grey Wardens (way earlier when), she'll it is in the sacrifice. Simply after the sacrifice is killed, the Inquisitor bursts through the doors.

Here, you obtain a opportunity to talk sense into the Grey Wardens. you can shot to describe that they're being manipulated by Corypheus. The complying with qualifications unlock distinct dialogue options that may convince at the very least some the the Grey Wardens come doubt Erimond and readjust sides:

If you didn't kill the Wardens friend encountered earlier (just prior to the battlements) and also instead called them to retreat (this seems to be the many convincing option). If Blackwall is in your party. If you have the history Knowledge Perk.

Your native are enough to guide Clarel, in ~ least. When Erimond strikes you with Corypheus' dragon, Clarel's suspicions are confirmed and she order the Wardens to assist you.

nevertheless of just how successful you were at convincing them, you'll constantly fight at the very least a couple of Wardens - the Spellbinders, that (as Erimond pointed out previously) are not as in control of themselves due to their link to the Fade.

Chasing Erimond

when the fight is over, press forward (west) across the battlements - being wary of assaults from the Dragon who is still flying around over your head. Once you with Clarel and also Erimond, they room dueling. Right once Clarel is about to succeed, she's assaulted by the dragon.

In an attempt to carry out one last good thing through her life, Clarel casts a spell in an effort to take the end the dragon (and herself, through it). However, the structure she's top top is decimated in the blast and also you and your party start to fall. You conserve everyone in the nick of time by using your brand-new knowledge around the Anchor to open up a gateway to the Fade.

as soon as you and your party, to add the Warden ally and Hawke, every wake up in the Fade, her number one score is come figure a means out. However, together you progression forwards and also up the stairway ahead, you'll fulfill a Spirit. It appears to it is in the spirit of magnificent Justinia V, the woman that was killed in Dragon Age: Inquisition's opening moments.

It's revealed the you've fallen into the domain the the Nightmare, a demon who is just one of Corypheus' generals. The Nightmare is actually the reason that you can't psychic what happened at the temple of sacred Ashes before the explosion.

Memory Wraiths

press forward and also fight 4 Wraiths that appear and also attack you. After lock die, castle release among your storage that you deserve to now collect. Once you have all four, you'll know the reality of things: the Inquisitor go in on Corypheus' ritual and also tried to save the Divine. However, when they touched Corypheus' orb in the process, they got their mark - the Anchor - the Corypheus to be trying to give himself.

once you push forward, in ~ the spirit/Divine Justinia's request, you and also your party begin to it is in taunted through the Nightmare. You'll need to fight "Fearlings" - demons that take the kind of her greatest are afraid (for the Inquisitor, that's spiders). There's a route east and a route north - while the course north will carry out loot, it's a dead end. Go eastern to conference the heart again.

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You'll repeat the process of fighting Wraiths and getting her memories back, i beg your pardon reveals that the Divine, not Andraste, conserved you in the Breach. She died so that you could escape.

The Fade branches turn off in 2 directions walk forward. Both paths cause the same place, they just have different loot. Circle back and travel down both sides if you're looking to get whatever or finish the side pursuits for this area.

Whichever path you take, you'll reach the Divine and need to fight off several waves the demons. Once that's over, she tells you to go back to the physical world and close the rift behind you. Once you shot to perform that, however, you're protest by the Nightmare, taking a creepy, spider-like form. To give you a possibility of getting by, the divine weakens it for you.

She sacrifices herself because that your security yet again, only asking the you carry a post to Leliana in return. No able to challenge you itself, the Nightmare phone call an aspect of the Nightmare come fight you, instead. This deserve to be a hard boss fight, so below are a couple of tips to make it much easier on yourself:

since it is hovering, chisels occasionally aren't effective weapons versus it. It'll activate a magical shield for itself quite often so save an eye out for that. that is vulnerable to electric and spirit attacks, however is immune to all various other effects. Twice during the struggle (when you've taken out 30 percent that its health, climate 60 percent of its health) the element summons demons to assist it and also becomes invisible - you may spot it teleporting approximately the arena but it's useless to pursue it; it'll end up being material again when all the demons have been killed.

Who To leaving Behind

having actually killed the Aspect, you rush to escape with the Rift - and also are blocked by the Nightmare spider one more time. Both Hawke and your Warden ally will certainly volunteer to remain behind and keep it busy while girlfriend leave. You must choose who stays and who escapes. despite unconfirmed, it's assumed that whoever remains will die.

At long last, girlfriend escape the Fade and return come Adamant Fortress, wherein the Inquisition has encountered the remaining demons, Grey Warden opponents, and also Erimond.

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There's one last critical choice come make. The Grey Wardens should leave Orlais because of the horrible things that have actually happened, but what will certainly they do? You deserve to tell the Orlesian Wardens that they are exiled, or that they should join the Inquisition and rebuild.

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160 influence 256 XP

Western Approach

242 XP 80 influence

Adamant Fortress

150 affect 2 power

Clearing The Siege Points

200 influence 967 XP 2 strength

The Fade

200 influence 2 strength

Return come Adamant Fortress

If you exiled the Grey Wardens:

Orlais is left without Warden presence. wherein the Wardens go is unknown. battle Table Operation called "Investigate Val Gamord" is unlocked. Blackwall will certainly ask to remain with the Inquisition - you can enable him to remain or exile that too. If Loghain or Alistair is alive and also fathered Kieran, that asks the Inquisitor to pass on a message. Blackwall, Dorian, iron Bull, Varric (if girlfriend left the Warden behind), and also Sera every disapprove to some degree. Cassandra, Cole, Solas, Varric (if you left hawke behind), and Vivienne every approve to some degree.

If the Grey Wardens sign up with the Inquisition:

The Grey Wardens join your forces at Skyhold. The Grey Wardens work to rebuild their order. battle Table procedure called "Protect Val Gamord native Darkspawn" is unlocked. Warden allied or Hawke choose to go to Weisshaupt to tell the Wardens there about what was happened. Blackwall, Varric (if you left the Warden behind), Dorian, iron Bull, and Sera every approve to part degree. Cassandra, Cole, Solas, Varric (if friend left hawke behind), and also Vivienne all disapprove to some degree.

Return to Skyhold

3,2000 influence 9,875 XP 4 strength Bloodwake (Staff)

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