What's the ideal Armour because that Knight Enchanter Mage? ns am planning to gain the remarkable Battlemaster Armor by removed the course requirement with Silvernite, is the the finest choice?


Yeah, fav looking is battlemaster armor, but my KE gets +X to STR and CON. I guess it's installation though.

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I'd just go through some robes that have actually mostly offense and also utility slots, personally. An ext damage= much more barrier generation, which worked pretty well for me.

Really depends. KE is a High defense, tool DPS course so you can overkill on defense through the Battlemaster. Or an increase DPS a small with keeper Robe or Battlemage Coat. However in any case I constantly have both to adjust of armors for any situation (ie.heavy armor is an ext "ideal" handle with obstacle Breaker, security Buster, and also Armor Piercer).

If you want look, walk with every little thing fits your asthetic. Stats wise, if you want a tank KE, then warrior armor will be your finest bet.

As someone that pays fist to aesthetics before stats.. I rocked the Warden battlemage armor once I got it.

as a KE friend pretty much do not require defense (since you should have obstacle on at every times) so go all the end on willpower and crit damage/chance (if you use fire spells due to the fact that of flashpoint) or attack

I wouldn't introduce willpower if you have actually a choice between that and also magic.

edit: I had some various other shit that ns realized to be wrong after ~ someone mentioned that Willpower rises attack, not mana. But I would certainly still pick magic, although the is a issue of preference.

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Both Magic and also Willpower provide the very same amount that attack. Willpower offers magic defense, conversely, magic gives barrier damage. Ns found obstacle damage pretty helpful especially against Demons, plenty of of which have actually a nasty habit that tossing up barriers. At the same time demons likewise do some of the greatest magic damage. I think the damage done toward barrier does count toward Fade Shield, therefore this extra offense does carry out some defense, return you will often uncover your obstacle capped. Finally, top top Nightmare, I've found that's it's usually more advantageous to burn a high damage enemies down (e.g., mage form enemies) quite than shot to resist their damage. So, ultimately I think I favor extra barrier damage, due to the fact that KE doesn't really lack for defensive abilities.