If you to be up so late last night, then you would have heard the track, “These Days,” through Drake the leaked. Now, the main track through Babeo Baggins is here to hear to in every it’s glory.

Babeo version of the monitor is titled, “Things ns Forgot to Do,” and it is a covering of Nico‘s “These Days.” The smooth flowing single features Drake and also Babeo to sing a duet end the initial production. The monitor has been in the works for over a year according to Babeo’s tweet and was leaked early. Yet the leak isn’t stopping world from providing it great reviews!

The internet leaked a song been working on v drake because that over a year however if you desire to listen the perfect one https://t.co/sX2JLn8krM

— The Cowboy™ (

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BabeoBaggins) in march 29, 2016

“Things ns Forgot come Do” is a great introduction come Babeo if you room unfamiliar through her music and voice. Drake’s attribute is simply a plus and another factor to acquire excited for his upcoming Views from the 6.

“Things ns Forgot come Do” is on Babeo’s project, Love song for hard Guys, i m sorry is up on SoundCloud now. Love song for difficult Guys features 2 other covers through Babeo. Take a listen to “Things i Forgot come Do” below together with the remainder of Love song for difficult Guys and tell us what friend think.

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