Star Trek: Deep an are Nine Rewatch

Star Trek: Deep room Nine Rewatch: “Let He that is there is no Sin…”

Keith R.A. DeCandido


Worf is having actually trouble taking care of Dax’s complimentary spirit and also he’s involved that she doesn’t take it the connection as seriously together he does. Yet then nobody takes points as seriously together he does…

Leeta and Bashir share a drink out of a bowl, which they climate shatter, if reciting a ritual, hence completing the Rite that Separation. Leeta then admits the she’s been thinking around another male for several months: Rom. Both Quark (who witnessed the breakup and also was very disappointed in just how civilized the was) and Bashir space appalled that she’s attractive to Rom, and Quark hands him a hor’gahn. “You require this an ext than i do.”

Worf walks in on Dax and also Arandis sculpting together. He assumes she’s cheating top top him v her, because he’s an idiot, and also goes ago to their quarters. The shatters the hor’gahn the Quark offered Dax, and then meets through Fullerton. Worf suggests that Fullerton increase his game by ruining the weather regulate systems.

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Dax, Quark, and Bashir room talking, wondering where Worf disappeared to, when it starts raining. Fullerton and Worf take credit for the sabotage. Fullerton states that the Federation needs to stop playing through toys, and also Worf claims that if Federation citizens can’t handle rain, they won’t have the ability to handle an invasion.

Dax confronts Worf about what he’s done. Worf do the efforts to point out Dax’s deficiencies by speak she isn’t choose a Klingon woman, but Dax points the end that Curzon spent an ext time through Klingons than he has. Worf is a example of Klingon honor and also virtue, yet he doesn’t have the enthusiasm for life that many Klingons have. However growing up surrounded by vulnerable humans, Worf had actually to pressure himself to present restraint. He is so concerned about losing manage that he’s afraid someone he cares around will obtain hurt.

Fullerton has taken Worf’s uplink and used it to disable the tectonic regulatacoemojishirt.coms, so now there room earthquakes. Worf and Dax face Fullerton and take the uplink. Fullerton tries to to convince Worf the he’s transforming his back on the Federation. As soon as Worf tries come leave, Fullerton take away him and backhands him, additional proof—if the whole plot wasn’t currently proof the that—that he is an idiot. Worf throw him across the room, announces he’s on vacation, and leaves v Dax and also the uplink.


Rules the Acquisition: The Ferengi language has 178 words because that rain. The weather after the net is sabotaged is glebbening. Over there is additionally no word for crisp.

No sex, please, we’re Starfleet: The Bajoran Rite that Separation is exciting mature. Meanwhile, Worf at one suggest compares Dax’s beauty, beauty to that of a an especially spectacular mainly phenomenon the encountered on the Defiant. Bashir likewise admits the the actual reason why he quit pursuing Dax is that she’s too much work.


Keep your ear open: “Do not hug me.”

Worf come Bashir after ~ Leeta surprises him with a hug, thus setup the tone because that the episode.

Welcome aboard: follow Masterson is ago as Leeta. Monte Markham plays Fullerton, open minded Kopyc dram the Bolian, and, of course, the huge guest (who to be advertised heavily in the previews because that the episode) is Vanessa Williams together Arandis.

Trivial matters: Risa’s weather-control mechanism was established ago in TNG’s “The Mind’s Eye.”

Captain Boday was formerly referenced in “The Maquis, component I.”

The referrals to a Borg threat foreshadows the Borg cube the invades the Alpha Quadrant in the movie First Contact, which would be released a couple of weeks ~ this episode aired.

Your humble rewatcher had a dramatization the Worf’s accidental killing that Mikel in the comic publication Perchance to Dream, and it was also seen during a mind-meld in between Worf and also Spock in The Brave and the Bold book 2. I additionally showed Curzon safety time top top Risa in The art of the Impossible.

Leeta’s attention in Rom was an initial hinted in ~ in “Bar Association.”

Walk through the Prophets: “I have gained to take it you ~ above vacation an ext often.” there is specifically one point I like about this episode, and I don’t just like it, i love the unreservedly: Worf’s confession come Dax of his accidentally leading to the fatality of a other child.

One of the great mysteries about Worf is why he is so stoic and restrained. He’s unlike any other Klingon we’ve met, something the was only spoken of directly in two conversations between Worf and also Guinan in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “Redemption,” yet the for it was never ever really explicated. That wasn’t exactly how the character to be conceived. If you read David Gerrold’s novelization that “Encounter in ~ Farpoint” (or, for the matter, his manuscript for “Blood and also Fire,” which was never developed as a TNG episode), you see a Worf who is much more like the various other Klingons we’ve checked out both before and since. (The out-of-the-box explanation was that Michael Dorn’s assembly in the an initial season would transition position if he readjusted his facial expressions as well much.)

In one scene, it’s all explained, and while it’s reasonably clichéd, it additionally snaps every one of Worf’s character right into focus. Dorn also delivers the explanation with the very same heartbreakingly matter-of-fact tone the he called Dax the his being made fun of by various other Klingons once he visited Qo’noS in “The sword of Kahless.”

Sadly, while that one step is magnificent, and deserves to be praised, it’s the only thing about this misbegotten catastrophe of an episode that deserves also a nice thing being said about it.

Well, okay, for those of us who appreciate such things, terry Farrell, follow Masterson, and Vanessa Williams every look really hot, and it’s very fitting the Curzon passed away the same way that Phil Esterhaus did, and the Rite the Separation is nice cool, but as whole this episode is simply dreadful. The Essentialists space straw enemies who space stupid and also easily proven idiotic, and also Worf is made to look much foolish 보다 usual in order to create artificial conflict by having actually him side with these doofuses.

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Warp aspect rating: 1

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