Though no self-written, this Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip and also Kyle Fishman penned rocker is biographical. In ~ the chorus it becomes a love song.She"s mine with-me-to-the-end girl, my turn-it-up-to-10 girlShe have the right to have anybody the she wants or be everywhere she wants to beShe loves a tiny town boy choose meLynch said: "I prospered up in the tiny town of Tullahoma, Tennessee, and that city made me who I am. It"s what I lengthy to always go back to and also visit … my family members is quiet there. Therefore this track reminds me of mine hometown and what true love yes, really is - and also that"s gift in love through the actual in somebody and not the fake."

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Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip space lifelong friends who together with Dallas Davidson type the Peach Pickers. Kyle Fishman is a young writer in Nashville who works generally in structure audio tracks. Fishman is signed to a resolve Dallas Davidson, who presented him to his Peach Pickers colleagues hope they would click.
Dustin Lynch"s love attention in the video is played by Australian actress Claire Holt. She is ideal known because that her role of Rebekah Mikaelson ~ above The CW collection The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off series The Originals."She taught me a the majority of things about being top top cameras. We had a an excellent day. It was a one-day shoot out there - beautiful day... It"s all about being in the moment," Lynch the told reporters. "It"s all about that moment, it"s all around that feeling, just being through that person you important love and adore, and that"s why I dropped in love through the song."
As quickly as he"d heard the demo, Dustin Lynch chose to document the Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip and also Kyle Fishman penned tune. He recalled come reporters: "It"s a tune that i heard rolling under the roadway … i heard "Small city Boy" right after Thanksgiving or Christmas rest a pair years ago. I"ll say, ns heard the then due to the fact that Rhett, Ben and also Kyle wrote it on the Farm tourism - the Luke Bryan tourism - i m sorry is usually October-ish. So, probably, ns think it to be November they sent it to me.I was in reality going to deer hunt. Ns remember hearing it and then getting to my searching lease, and also the totality time I"m sitting in the tree stand, I"m like, "Man, i can"t wait to get earlier and hear to that song again." ~ above the method home, i was playing it over and over, and also I was like, "Man, this is really special and cool.""

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The tune was composed by Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip and also Kyle Fishman ~ above a day once they had hung the end in Knoxville until roughly four in the morning. Akins taped his demo vocals native the bunk. "I sang the vocal in one pass, and it to be terrible," the recalled to The Boot. "I called Kyle that once we got home, I would come ago in and do a real vocal. Before we had actually time to carry out that, though, the was currently pitched to Dustin."Producer Zach Crowell, favored the laid-back vocals, and also tried to gain Lynch come replicate the sound. "There to be something around that vocal he liked, even though I assumed it to be terrible," Akins said. "They actually made Dustin put on the couch. So, what girlfriend hear ~ above the radio is in reality him lying on the couch singing, trying to sound hungover.""They wanted it to be less perfect 보다 it could be: slow, laid-back and also Southern," the added. "He to be trying come sound no so perfect. I guess he was trying come sound like a small-town boy."