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About the Song

Released in November 1991, “It Only damages When ns Cry” is among the songs that defined Dwight Yoakam‘s job in the 1990s, and paved the means to wherein he is now. The track was in reality co-written by Yoakam together with his friend, American singer-songwriter and also actor Roger Miller. To note, this tune was one of the last songs written by Miller prior to his death in 1992. Originally, Yoakam recorded the song earlier that year but it to be only later on when it was released. In addition, American music producer and guitarist Pete Anderson created the tune under the Reprise Records. This two-minute tune was the fourth solitary from Yoakam’s fourth album, If There was a Way.

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It Only damages When i Cry” gone into the music charts for 2 consecutive years, 1991 and also 1992. Interestingly, it regulated to notch the 7th clues on the Billboard Hot nation Songs. Meanwhile, it put no.4 top top the Canadian RPM nation Tracks. ~ above the other hand, it additionally paved its way to the year-end charts in 1992. It got to no. 73 top top the Billboard nation Songs while no. 61 on the Canadian RPM nation Tracks.

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Indeed, through this song, Yoakam shows that that is plainly one the the best country artists of his time. The is definitely original which plainly reflects his hits and works. His voice is his instrument, and also his songs space his masterpieces. His musical style is distinct and also no one can argue and also deny the he lives on as a tradition to nation music. Long live Dwight, and also may God bless your heart!

Here’ are the an initial two stanzas of the tune and shot to song along:

The only time i feel the painIs in the sunshine or the rainAnd i don’t feel no hurt in ~ allUnless you count once teardrops fallI phone call the reality ‘cept as soon as I lieAnd it only harms me as soon as I cry

You couldn’t tell the by this smileBut my recovery take it a whileI functioned for days and nights on endJust to walk and also talk againYou can’t think the time the takesTo heal a heart once it breaks

Watch Dwight Yoakam’s 1991 hit “It Only damages When i Cry” music video clip below:

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