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Victory Tischler-Blue
7 October 2004
110 minutes
3.41 / 5.0 0.5 native 13 ratings

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MarsHottentot Jun 10 2018 4.50 stars
This is, as far as I have the right to recall, the best rock doc I've seen. Sure, it's got the typical tropes - sex, drugs, crash and burn - yet these things take top top a much different definition when applied to a team of teenaged girls in the mid 1970's.Edgeplay, directed by latter day Runaway, Vicki Tishler-Blue, is a relatively unflinching, warts and also all look at the legendary glam punk phenom from the point when Cherie Currie joined on command vocals to the beforehand 80's dissolution and solo carreers (mostly because that Joan Jett and also Lita Ford).It gets ugly. Pretty much every negative thing a parent can fear happening to their little girl in together a case does - and also often. The Runaways had tiny autonomy, to be preyed upon by the adult men about them ("dating" aka statutory rape abounded, in addition to just straight up rape) and also none much more than music mogul, Kim Fowley. Fowley, in his last years together this film was being made, is exposed as having raped bassist Jackie Fuchs (Fox) - in front of the band and also their peers at a party. This isn't encountered as it's clearly a shock come Blue, that doesn't seem to know how to procedure the info so she simply let it lay (it go on to become a large story in the music press).Despite this, the non-participation through Jett and also general animus through Lita Ford (Ford is really "who fuckin' cares' around much of the darker events in the Runaways past), the film really gives a deep look at the old method of band promotion and five kids who really believed they to be gonna with the stars. The interviews with Currie, Sandy West and Fuchs are well rounded and also clear (most bands can barely remember the 90's, much much less the 70's). What really surprised me was exactly how much that a fangirl Joan Jett to be - She was, essentially, a Suzi Quattro clone and also that's that she wanted to be - lot to Ford's dismay (and Quattro's - Suzi says a word or two around having to it is in careful around "some" mrs fans! lol). That's right, the wasn't medicine or sex-related assualt that damaged up the Runaways - it was the punk vs metal divide wthin the band!Highly recommended!

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