Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 23rd January 2017 written Episode, Written upgrade on tacoemojishirt.com

Priyanka speak Saachi the maasa/Sarita prepared food for her, she have to try. Saachi speak Sarita that she was eager to have her ready food. Aryan comes. Sarita asks to sit and have food. Aryan states he is no hungry and also walks come his room. Sarita feeling bad. Priyanka take away Saachi’s food to her room and also leaves questioning to contact her if needed. Aryan asks Saachi to have actually food together she demands to recover. She asks what about him, why is the ignoring maasa. She reminds him how maasa drank his ready tea made with salt instead of sugar. He says everything maasa did was wrong, she was trying to gain him married to another woman. She claims her way was wrong, but intention to be right, she desires him to view happy.

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Saachi proceeds her ethical gyaan and also tells Aryan that a great person told life’s enjoyment is in do salty thing sweet and also says if the does not talk come maasa, she will certainly not speak to him. He claims no no..he is ready to overeat and also eats food, climate feeds Saachi. Saachi says let united state go and also have ice cream. He claims doc told she must rest. She claims she is no that unwell and also insists. The agrees.

Aryan take away Saachi in auto for ice cream cream. Lock both prevent at a roadside shop and also cross road. A masking driver speeds auto towards them. Aryan sees the on time and pushes himself and Saachi aside. That scolds driver if that is blind that he can not see. Driver reverses car and also speeds in the direction of them again. Nikita come in her car and also asks Aryan to acquire into vehicle soon. Castle both gain in. Masked human speeds his vehicle away. Nikita asks who was the person, if that is fine. Saachi looks at Aryan. Aryan tells Nikita the they must leave. Nikita cd driver car. Saachi many thanks her. Nikita states she was expecting thanks from who else, Aryan, however it is okay. She asks that was that person. Aryan says Kabeer and inspector told Kabeer is not yet caught. Saachi worriedly asks why did not he educate her. Nikita claims they should be careful and drops lock home, states she will certainly go residence now and her driver will certainly drop their auto tomorrow. Saachi invites Nikita for lunch tomorrow. Nikita says she has actually doc’s appointment. Saachi asks Aryan to invite her. Aryan asks to come if she can cancel doc’s appointment. Saachi claims what possible and insists come come. Nikita claims okay and also says goodnight. Lock both to walk holding each other and also Nikita looks through sad eyes. Diwakar phone call Aryan. Aryan it s okay tensed. Castle both to walk in and get much more tensed seeing whole family waiting for them.

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Precap: who calls Saachi and also tells she knows where Kabeer is. She asks where. Aryan enters, sees chandelier falling on Saachi and alerts her.